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I owe the IRS $163K from "gains". long story short, I don't have it. Now what? I'm over the $50k threshold for the payment plan apparently.

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What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, April 18, 2022

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  1. Fwiw this is more about housing than cars. It will help break car dependence, but only indirectly. What I'd really like to see is a tax on unoccupied units, but that would probably require legislative action. This plan represents an executive action.

  2. I'd say it's more than indirect. Making billions in transportation funding depend on zoning changes that will lead to more walkable neighborhoods is huge. We bitch every day about how our cities are built, and this memo is huge and starts to help address a lot of the bullshit.

  3. Who the hell willingly drives to Seatac? Like I understand if you have literally no other option but there is a train and no less than 2 buses that drop you off directly at the airport in ways that allow you to pretty easily access departures. And that’s not including shuttles and whatnot if you’re a tourist in town staying at a hotel.

  4. My boss is a lazy fuck who bills his week of airport parking to our clients when we spend time onsite. Meanwhile, I pay for the light rail trip (both ways...).

  5. The best strategy for a cheap apartment is to walk around a neighborhood you like and look for the buildings that put phone numbers up with vacant signs. They often offer properties below the market rate and just want a good, solid local renter to live in their somewhat outdated building. Then you usually don't have to deal with any of the above bullshit.

  6. Huh, I bet it wouldn't be too hard to throw some batteries under it and hub motors on those wheels and have yourself a modern-day horseless buggy.

  7. Research and information brought by Mortgage Bankers of America?

  8. The parking at my apartment is underground so while it is using space, it’s not like they would’ve used it for housing otherwise. Also, if my employer would let everyone work from home full time I wouldn’t need a spot there instead of using a spot once a week.

  9. I hear you on the space, but the cost of developing underground parking is pretty damn high tho:

  10. I have heard that Giza/Cairo is pretty hellish in some ways from some friends who traveled there. Hot, bad car fumes, loud cars, lots of honking. Definitely some corruption...

  11. LPT: buy an ebike and transit pass instead of a car if you live in a city

  12. "car salesman tries to sell cars, back to you in the studio, Ken"

  13. Given that Microsoft can't change the supreme court this seems like a reasonable response on their part.

  14. There aren't enough newborn babies up for adoption to satisfy "demand."

  15. a shortage of healthy white babies, sure. But are you gonna adopt the others listed in the stats above??? goodnight again

  16. I found a bunch of stuff on Meetup when I first moved here and made friends. Mostly running groups, but anything that allows for play and movement should be solid.

  17. Is this common now a days? I found the love of my life really young around 14 we are in are late 20s now so we kinda skipped the whole dating experience since we found each other so young (thank god lol) so I’m curious if catfishing happens a lot in the Dating world? I mean why lie if your date is eventually going to see you in person? 🤔

  18. It is not common at all in my experience. Having been on more than 40 online dates during my single times and never having gotten catfished. There are obvious fake profiles if you avoid matching with people who look like boring and vacuous models then you'll be fine.

  19. So it costs $700,000 to let people use this housing for the test of this year.

  20. to pay for social workers, kitchen staff, utilities (water, sewer, electricity), psychologists, food, clothing... Yeah it'd be a lot for just rent, but obviously it's a lot more than that

  21. My parents are selling the house I grew up in so I got to inherit a few tchotchkes. Yesterday, I got a front table and put two of their old wind-up music box sculptures on it. It reminds me of home :)

  22. Going to meet up with some friends later today at the Arboretum for a walk and then dinner at my favorote vegetarian restaurant!!

  23. Probably some fucking idiot buying and selling the same fucking stock and not knowing about wash sales.

  24. Rice and beans yeah, but not fresh veggies... fucking $3 for a bag of romaine and that's got like 100 calories. I'd need 20 bags to get enough calories for the day.

  25. Lol, I have never been to the festival, but feel like I've seen every angle of every tulip from having been on/off dating apps over the past few years. Like 1 in every 3 hetero women has a picture of themselves at the tulip festival. So, get plenty of good pix of yourself for Tinder/Hinge I guess!

  26. So the chewing gum and energy drinks are bad buys, but the drone delivery is actually a positive, no? More resource/energy efficient than going to get it themselves or shipping.

  27. We'd definitely have to do the math there. Generally, when you have to put something in the air, it will require significantly more energy than wheeling it around. Like orders of magnitude more. But the drone itself is lighter than a truck/car and can take a shorter route, so maybe... who knows.

  28. Yeah, they should get more bike lanes to/from school so they can bike or walk. Really, by 3rd grade, somebody should be able to bike themselves to elementary school. If we're only busing k-3 that should get rid of a lot of the issues.

  29. Yeah, Cheryl is a bitch. Don't talk to her.

  30. lol that's literally my ex-girlfriend's mom. Cheryl works at Harborview and yes ugh. nobody ever needed that judgmental fucking tone.

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