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  1. She has her hobbies , I have mine. She wanted a craft room, I needed a wood shop to build her one. A few years later she was running out of room, so I took the opportunity to split the basement and doubled the size of both and needed more tools to do it.

  2. If the Cath Lab is on your list, take a look at EP as well. I work 4x10hr shifts, 7:00-5:30. No weekends, holidays, or call. I’ve been there for 22 years, after 11 doing nights in the ER and a couple more in the CCL. All the voices tell me I’m sane now…😎

  3. One of the hospitals is Cath Lab and EP. May I ask what the difference is? Is EP primarily pacemakers and ablations?

  4. We like it best when the plumbers(CCL) stay on their side of the job site and leave us electricians alone. Generally, they’re happy with that arrangement too.

  5. After I got out of the army in 1981 I worked for FasLube. One of the things I liked about it was reminding customers that we didn’t do repairs of any sort. If I told you there was a problem it wasn’t so I could get a commission. And yes, we actually checked and filled fluids as needed.

  6. Several years ago I had the bright idea to make everyone serving trays with removable end grain cutting boards in the middle. Sounds good? Sure. 20 of them. I used a 20g trash can instead of a bucket to catch the pieces. And then started cutting. Turns out I should have used a larger trash can!

  7. I really enjoy helping my wife with her scrapbook and card making projects

  8. Back in the day, I spent 3 years at a local quick oil change place. As a part of the service, we checked and topped off all fluid levels. So we did. On every vehicle. If you advertise that service but fail to provide it, I’d consider that to be false advertising, bring it up with the service manager, and go elsewhere if it happened again.

  9. My wife insists on using purpose made bags for the bathroom trash cans, and then changes them out every week even if the ONLY thing in them is spent TP tubes. ??????????

  10. I would definitely choose the 75 over the 55! They take up the same amount of wall space, but the extra depth( front to back) opens up way more possibilities for both aquascaping and livestock.

  11. Freshwater since the late 60’s, switched to marine in 1988. I use a Python Siphon for each and every water change. I cannot imagine doing it any other way.

  12. String them up into necklaces, stand anywhere near Ohio Stadium on game day and count the $$$$$$$

  13. I got a permit when I finished the basement. 100% DIY. All framing, electrical, plumbing, and drywall done by me. The inspector came out before the drywall after everything else was done. Looked around a bit then asked me who did the work. I said ME! He told me it was better than any contractor would have done and signed off. Waste of $$$? Not IMO.

  14. Do you really want to risk your livestock over a few dollars for a clean bucket?

  15. As different tanks develop different problems, I've dealt with mold, fungus, algae and dwarf gourami disease so far since beginning my journey in May... I keep buying more buckets and hoses to not cross contaminate anything and mark which bucket and hose is which tanks.

  16. And so another one is stricken with MTS! (Multiple Tank Syndrome).

  17. Because there isn’t a second shift, we’re there until the works done. We’re usually out on time (7-5:30) but probably once or twice a pay we don’t leave until 6-6:30. None of our doctors like to stay either, so that helps.

  18. If that's walnut trim, I believe walnut is more expensive than mahogany. Mahogany has an expensive sound to it, but it is by no means the priciest of hardwoods.

  19. Depends on location. Kiln dried from the local sawmill, walnut is $8/bf.

  20. I always wanted to learn to parachute. Sadly, in 1986 I had a motorcycle accident that left me with way too many pins and plates. All it’d take is one slightly too hard landing to put me in the hospital for a long, expensive stay.

  21. Good perspective, I was gonna go down this route but you nailed it/saved me the typing time (thank you!), there is a larger issue here, rather than it being a dog-centric issue...

  22. This is excellent advice. My wife and I have had discussions about our dogs, but we’re on the same page. They are every bit as much a part of our family as we are.

  23. I’ll treat you nice to til you don’t return the same.

  24. Yes, these kind of fixtures are readily available here. And I like that it is possible to change the light source, and not the entire fixture when it goes out.

  25. I’ve got a bunch of them all over my shop. I can’t believe how much light they put out. I had a bunch of standard t-8’s before and didn’t realize I was working in the dark!

  26. I feel your pain! I wear 8’s when I’m scrubbed, could wear 8.5’s but they’re too hard to find. The women I work with wear medium or small non sterile. Yet for some reason it is impossible to keep a box of L/XL in the EP Lab for more than a day.

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