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  1. Great except for the fact you've created a patch on the road that will be slippery AF.

  2. and as soon as it freezes the asphalt is going to squeeze it out like a pimple and you’ll have a hard object laying in the middle of the road to drive over!

  3. Bad bot you didn't fix the spelling on installation

  4. Crab spider. They wait in flowers for pollinators to some by and then they strike.

  5. Yup, stopped buying dulse after seeing driveways and public side roads covered in it…so gross.

  6. You'd be surprised how many things we eat are just left out, exposed to the elements and animals.

  7. Nope for safety and consistency the language of air travel is English. Everyone is required to be fluent in English.

  8. My buddy got a job at one that pays 20$ an hour plus tips two weeks ago so imma call cap

  9. He works at the lower deck but I hear Mccarthy’s in the mall is also having such a hard time to find people they are closing mondays and tuesdays. It’s very possible, not rare

  10. I've worked at multiple restaurants in Halifax. The average staff member at a restaurant is not making $20 an hour. They're lucky to make $15.

  11. Yep I've found rhyperior in the wild area desert of the dlc

  12. Don’t spend you money folks; let the economy reap the benefits of pressuring the poor and middle Class.

  13. Lol poor and middle class will get the money back every year when they do their taxes. Stop spreading lies and misinformation.

  14. Maybe take your own advice and don't jump to the conclusion it was another cyclist. It could have literally been anyone walking by.

  15. They submitted one. It just doesn't happen to include a price on carbon, so the feds won't accept it.

  16. I'm pretty sure I just recovered from this. It was pretty rough.

  17. Get over it. I, like a lot of people, didn't see it yesterday so it's nice to get the chance to see these videos. Just scroll past and stop letting the little things bother you.

  18. No one checked the statements don’t you have to give recites to the accounting department?

  19. Receipts*. An yes you would have to give them to the accounting department.

  20. Cool meme. Could have changed my title.

  21. It's not easy getting to the airport without a car. Bare minimum I would say is $18 an hour.

  22. I managed to find a few bottles at Shoppers in Port Hawkesbury lol. I haven't seen any otherwise. Maybe try Shoppers Drug Marts outside the city.

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