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  1. Pretty sure that the 180 credit limit you're referring to is only for the purpose of determining your financial aid eligibility. After crossing 180 attempted credits, you will no longer be eligible to receive any more federal or institutional financial aid in the future, including federal student loans, but you are welcome to continue attempting to complete your degree at your own expense.

  2. That is good to hear. I am okay to finance myself, as long as they let me enroll in classes.

  3. yeah, had a pretty chaotic first 2 years and only got my stuff together recently. triple majoring is gonna put me near 200.

  4. Call the umd police. They have a key for everything. As long as you have your UID they should be able to help.

  5. That is true, but it is not like they can scan the MacBook in? I will try that though.

  6. This might be the biggest cope about losing hair I've ever seen

  7. I've recently started reading this subreddit quite often, and while I generally enjoy reading the posts and the replies debating who is at fault in the various scenarios, there is something that really bothers me. I feel like a great many posts on here are phrased in ways that seem like the OP is just trying to get validation for their side of the argument that and they are not actually trying to fairly present both sides. Like an OP will spend 2 paragraphs listing why he believes he is right, and then maybe 2 sentences dedicated to the other side's POV/something the OP potentially did wrong. And then the replies, predictably, all avalanche on the OP's side. But shouldn't posts on this subreddit generally try to present both sides of point of view fairly? And for situations where it's clear that the OP is in the right, what even is the point of posting? I feel like a large proportion of posts are people trying to make themselves feel better by having the internet agree with them in a dispute they are having, instead of actually presenting an issue where there is a real potential of them being wrong in.

  8. A lack of a positive emotional support system. Whether it be after a breakup, or during a bout of depression, men are expected to go through it on their own and seek minimal help. Either that, or when they try to reach out for help to their other friends there is a level of awkwardness because they simply haven't been raised for emotional vulnerability.

  9. Bro, any time a women shows me unsolicited attention/hits on me I think about it for a week. And it has happened like twice in my life.

  10. If he didn't know she was married/taken? I accept his apology and move on. At the end of the day while I will still feel great anger toward him as a natural fact, it really isn't his fault. If however he knew, I would tell him to get the the hell out of my face as I do not want an assault charge.

  11. I have a gay friend who is a bit "rapey" towards me. Super into me but I'm not into him, or any man by that matter. I should probably not be friends with this person if he doesn't respect my boundaries right? To imagine if I did the same to a female friend, I'd be in jail for sexual assault before the end of the day.

  12. Yep. Its the exact same as the classic scenario where a guy acts creepy toward his female friend that he wants to sleep with her but she doesn't feel the same. If your friend cant respect your boundaries as platonic friends then he shouldn't be your friend.

  13. As sappy and movie-esque as it sounds, it really is "you'll know it when you feel it". Falling in love is an emotion that is almost indescribable in words - but it takes over your mind to a degree that you will have no doubt what you are feeling.

  14. Yes, it provides a sense of closure and allows me to move on with my life. It also serves as motivation to be more disciplined at the gym.

  15. There’s nothing wrong with being gay. Instead of freaking out about your sexuality and feeding into your anxieties, take a moment and just step back. Maybe this is just your brain messed up from porn temporarily, or maybe this is a deeper change in your sexuality. Before coming to any conclusions, just wait and see.

  16. You probably cannot make an decent estimation your career prospects without the sub score. How high is your verbal IQ? Spatial? etc. For example, if you had an extremely high mathematical IQ but a below average verbal IQ you could probably still graduate well with a PHD in Math. Same in reverse, high verbal IQ but average/below spatial/mathematical IQ can get a prestigious law degree or be a professor in the social sciences.

  17. I failed in math back in highschool (13 years ago), but I got As in all the social sciences. I guess that kind of answers the question.

  18. Lol I had the exact same experience. Growing up I would always struggle with math and science and my parents, who strongly expected me to do some stem career, would always implore me as less intelligent than my siblings, who were always at the top of their math classes. Completely ignored was how I was always at the top of my English and history classes and routinely won writing awards.

  19. My ex did that. After we broke up she blocked me on everything but instagram and proceeded to post a bunch of photos and stories. It probably is 1) she wants to get male attention again since she's single, and 2) she wants to almost in a way "show you what you lost". I recommend you block her as to allow yourself to move on.

  20. Really? I also thought she wants to see how I am doing.

  21. That probably is another reason. Its up to you honestly, if you wanna keep somewhat of a connection with her/allow yourself to check up on her once in a while, then I guess you could keep following her.

  22. Exactly, which is why while I favor a capitalist system, I think we need heavy regulations and strong unions to prevent corporations from engaging in theses immoral practices.

  23. Lol I’m actually interested in socialism and Marxist theory, I just haven’t learned enough about it enough to declare it as my ideology

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