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  1. Ok, I've also seen that you're no longer able to do any modding through bananahackers in version 3 right?

  2. Not at the moment, since the 2780 4G is released only in the US and most of BH team is outside the country...

  3. You are the reason. I meant E280S. Is H280S debuggable? If H280S is debuggable for development, E280S must be it too.

  4. We don't have the H280s as well, but we doubt it.

  5. Oops, I might have misremembered it. But I think the H280s one runs KaiOS which is easier to debug, no?

  6. If you still have the 'Debug' menu, open it, then Override ABProps, scroll down and tick the box next to reactions_receive.

  7. as far as i know the only v3 devices are in the US at this point (have you seen them in India yet?). none of them allow for jailbreaking yet.

  8. This is correct. Farooq and arma7x, members of our Discord server, has been contacting HMD/Nokia Mobile and KaiOS Technologies for information on KaiOS 3 device releases outside the US. HMD said that they currently don't have any plans to release one; while KaiOS Technologies promised that there'll be one 'soon'.

  9. Privileged factory reset is only effective on devices running KaiOS 2.5.1 and earlier, or rooted KaiOS 2.5.4.

  10. A search of the subreddit tells me that this phone is unable to be jailbroken, so unfortunately you won't be able to sideload Google Duo or any other apps via ADB and WebIDE.

  11. I believe you can use the mouse to interact with those, no?

  12. Oh boy — judging from the photos you've taken, it looks like that is the case. The technologies to replicate phones get so advanced now: I could tell nothing of the hardware apart, it took me only when you showed the odd-UI design to realise that was a fake.

  13. I believe HMD/Nokia Mobile hasn't released any 'KaiOS' versions for the Nokia 6300 4G, and WhatsApp just got updated a few days ago. Agreed with most people here that you might have got some kinds of counterfeit. But just to be sure, do you mind taking some pics of the phone?

  14. Unluckily, I dropped the phone in the store already. I only took one of the phone in the back to be able to tell if they swapped the phone.

  15. It's the font on the sticker that gives me questions—looks like the IMEI and the model number have been tampered. Everything else is well-replicated.

  16. I just found out the [Debug] menu in chat window, where you can send and remove reactions. If you select remote message and chose three dots menu and then [Debug] menu, you can Add reaction, Remove reaction, and even add and remove remote reactions. I have tested adding reaction (this works, my friend sees it), removing remote reaction (this works partially - my friend still sees it in his chat, so it only removes the reaction from my chat history, not the remote one).

  17. There's an option to notify you of reactions under the settings as well. Also I noticed a few options for polls in the debug menu. Is that a feature yet?

  18. @biminhc1 dumb question but could I sideload any android app? Or just the ones on the master list above?

  19. The list above does not represent all apps that you can install on a KaiOS device – I specifically specified in the post title that they're apps that I have on my phone. There may be tons more (although most of them are games) that I'm not interested in or not compatible with my phone that you can check out in the KaiStore and BananaHackers Store.

  20. OP uploaded the image using the new Media in Comments feature that we just released for testing. Please try visiting this thread using the new Reddit website or the official Reddit app.

  21. To add, if the notification count doesn't go away even if you've cleared all notifications, try clearing the memory by holding down the Power/End call button, then select Memory Cleaner > Deep Memory Cleanup.

  22. I liked it for a while but the biggest issue for me is that THE DAMN THING WOULD TURN OFF RANDOMLY. I could not rely on it and missed a number of important calls / texts

  23. I believe it's more of a battery issue. Maybe take your phone to service and get it checked?

  24. Interesting… but it does void warranty right?

  25. It shouldn't void the warranty, and can be reverted with a factory reset or a software update.

  26. KaiOS does have ads, but only in apps you downloaded from the app store, where the policy of mandatory KaiAds is applied.

  27. OP of the post you linked here. Before updating, make sure to check out the update's

  28. I hope the same . Really i do. Its like the palm os never got any backup. With Kai Os i tought this was the moment. Some support from firefox, google, meta or a smart investor ( f.e. Yahoo, this could have been their comeback) that. Google knew the 2.5 os would never take of. Even a better quad core and 1gb ram wouls still havent been enough. With os 3.1 you see what 1 newer version of the allready old gecko engine can do. So google and other companys want it dead like linux. Why sell a phone with 2gb ram and a quad core lets say 1.8ghz thats as fast as an android with a octa core and 12 gb's of ram. Sad but yeah. I hope not i bought 2 kai phones allready and i crave the day they sell one here in Belgium with os 3.0. But honestly i think the 3 biggest os in the world will not survive much longer with support they dont have.

  29. To further extend your point, the performance improvement isn't only coming from B2G kernel's major upgrade, but also from multiple factors including the deployment of updated technologies such as new ECMAScript, enhanced Service Worker and WebAssembly, and an overhaul of RIL leading to better utilizing device hardware.

  30. That with the 2gb of ram stuff was comparing with that the performance on a Kai os 3 system would be very capable while android phones barely work with those specs. A 3th system like kai os would be perfect. Instead of every other company using its own system. But who am. I do believe that 1gb ram would give benifits. Some sites i load on my phones run out of memory while it shouldnt. Some sites let me stream, others cant even load fully without going back to the home menu. Thank you for the extra info i didnt know of. Can i give you a thumbs up or somerthing like that. Or good karma or so. Greetings gio

  31. To address some of the questions, I believe the Music and Video apps on your device and KaiOS 2.5.3 devices in general are not built-in/core but coming by default from KaiStore (aka bloatwares). And KaiStore has a policy that apps must have ads (even arma7x's K-Music), with exceptions for those coming from big companies.

  32. Not quite a bug, but it's more of a KaiStore QA & management team's fault. To be precise, KaiStore showed a feed of internal testing apps for your device.

  33. I'm sorry, but I had to remove this comment due to being off-topic and out of this Help post's scope, despite your efforts to mention KaiOS in it (violating Rule 2).

  34. I regret that Assistant and dictation no longer accessible are part of the Google Assistant removal on KaiOS. There's no way to revert the update back once you've done it, sadly.

  35. Check out the FAQ post for details on which KaiOS versions support WhatsApp voice calls; but to recap, some devices that are available near you may already have this feature available.

  36. There is no software solutions, yes. And it's not actually a hardware problem, but TL;DR you bought the wrong version of the phone.

  37. AFAIK there's KaiMFA, but it's 2.5-only & its dev hasn't made it available on KaiOS 3 yet. I'm not sure if there are any others in KaiStore.

  38. Is KaiMFA open source? It shouldn't be too hard to repackage for KaiOS 3.0

  39. No, as far as I'm aware. On the other hand, there's

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