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  1. I started re-listening a while back- it is so good! Got maybe 10 eps left, which should keep me going until C3

  2. Holy hell, 16 at DEX and 18 at WIS by level 6? That’s quite outstanding!

  3. Beast master is tempting. Make beast of the land a wolf, make it a nod to the curing of lycanthropy, me maybe taking on a bit of the curse.

  4. The broom of flying is an Uncommon item while a potion of flying is very rare. I presume that RAI the rarities are supposed to be swapped

  5. Idk. I can destroy a broom of flying pretty easily. A potion of flying… you can just fly.

  6. One is only 1hr of flying = to your movement. The Broom of flying is 50ft of unlimited flying and you can command it to go places by itself within 1 mile.

  7. I guess I’m with you in terms of the potion shouldn’t be as rare. I get that a broom is good in terms of infinite flight etc, it is just very vulnerable if an enemy wants to take it out.

  8. I posted the full story in one of the threads above, if you want to see the whole deal. It can be difficult to find to find a balance between 'oh that's powerful, let me get that' and 'i want to make a character with a cohesive fighting style using mechanics that I find enjoyable but isn't overpowered'. But I think I had found a good spot with that character.

  9. Yeah, I 100% get that. And it hurts sometimes if you do know how to optimise because you can essentially be gimping yourself to try and keep the table balanced.

  10. Oh I agree with you. Rangers are good. I just really like how sneak attack works on this character in particular. I flavoured it as part of their fighting style, ducking and weaving and making a wide, deep stab with a kama, before leaping away. Would have made sense while hunting big ass creatures with thick hides imo

  11. Yep, checks out. The thing with sneak attack is, it doesn’t even scale that well, but it is so fun to roll a bunch of dice and I think there are players (myself included) who just enjoy doing it 😂

  12. I'd go Gunner and ask the DM to use Arcane Archer with guns, and maybe refluff from magic to special bullets, depends on your taste.

  13. Sounds cool- definitely something to consider. I really have been tempted to play an arcane archer with the telekinetic feat. The BA shove sounds like good fun and means you always have a use of your bonus action- even if you hit all your shots.

  14. I tried the Gunslinger. After the campaign was over the DM and I sat down and optimized, and found a Battlemaster with gunner is straight up better in terms of damage (superiority dice add damage to most maneuvers), resources (you'll have more superiority dice to use) and stats, since there's no longer a need to balance a tertiary stat for resource management.

  15. Thanks, that is really useful :) There seems a strong consensus that bm gunner is a better expression of the class archetype, so I’ll probably go with that if I do go with this character!

  16. I straight up disagree with this. I'm fine with reflavoring an artificer, but you have to put in a lot of legwork to change an eldritch cannon into something that fits in an arthurian fairy tale world. Or at least more legwork than normal classes.

  17. I really want to play an artificer artillerist where my cannons are an animated small gargoyle who shoots energy blasts. More of a magical artificer than a technical one- you could probably make something like that work pretty easily.

  18. Honestly, I just want a party with more charisma. I really enjoyed the Eldermorne campaign, but I think it was hurt by them really struggling to get through any social situations.

  19. I felt like Bukvar kind of filled the Cobb/Balnor role of the DMPC travelling with the party, but I agree that once Spritle could talk too it was a lot (although the Smapphire bit will go down in history as one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard).

  20. Yeah, that is a fair point. There certainly points where it became took much, that is probably why Spritle chilled out after a bit. I am a Smapphire is definitely one of the greatest bits ever

  21. The poetry of it all is that the Vervaines created potions that harmed, not helped others. He committed himself to discovering the all cure elixir and, in doing so, he helped both himself and all of Eldermourne.

  22. Mentoring is a massive thing. I think it is easy to ask someone to run a one shot to give DMing a go, but mentoring them can be so helpful. Watch Jonhny Chiodini mentor Luke from oxventures. It means people feel supported and less scared, particularly if they know you know the story and have got their back. As a DM I’ve offered to mentor a few players and support running a one shot. I always just play low int/wis characters or ones that are generally fairly aloof so that my knowledge of the subject matter is irrelevant and I can play/still support them.

  23. I personally like the idea of it. An issue I've had in previous editions with multiclassing is that your ability in that class stops. But that doesn't make sense. Continuing to grow in some way (since you're still actively using those abilities) is more sensible

  24. Fair- I think that is the reasonable counter argument that I came up with in my head too. I think it is probably more designing certain things around pb rather than pb itself that is the problem

  25. Old UA twilight druid X, Arcana cleric 1, fighter 2.

  26. My 3 year campaign had a 3 player minimum per session, but I dont think we ever dropped that low, except during party splits.

  27. I’m in a Curse of Strahd campaign atm and I feel like we are having the same problem. I think it is so dark/bleak that it can be quite mentally fatiguing to focus on for a whole session sometime.

  28. I have the exact same problem with my 2009 Fiesta. Did you find an answer to the problem?

  29. In the end we called a Ford garage and they out our number plate into their system and told us what colour it was

  30. Find familiar and concentration interactions. Player was trying some shenanigans. It sounded wrong. It was wrong. That whole interaction is overly complicated.

  31. So are you thinking Martian is a subclass, new class or race? :grin:

  32. For me PC power is generally fine. I think the issue is how hard they are to kill. For me, I think the death saves/as much damage as your hp instakills is just too high a bar. I think generally power is okay, some spellcasters are super powerful, but that doesn’t bother me (coming from a guy who likes his martial). The idea that everything needs to be balanced is unnecessary to me. Yeah that wizard can change the world, but in a fight, he still will need me to protect him. Yes, spells can do a lot of things, but my rogue can just genuinely convince people of stuff with his +17 to persuasion. It is just a different experience.

  33. Last week in our Curse of Strahd campaign, a certain guard captain tried to grab a certain integral character. We ended up surrounded by guards. We have a light cleric who used their channel divinity, rolled high and, in one turn, 13 of the town’s guard were dead and the rest were extremely wounded. It left me and a few other players baffled, and a lot of charred corpses in the town square.

  34. Tales from the Yawning Portal and Candlekeep Mysteries are "episodic" modules - they're just collections of adventures that you string together however you wish.

  35. Wow- thanks for this, that is really useful. Salt marsh is one I know very little about, but sounds promising- I’ll have a look at it!

  36. Thanks- interestingly it has zero colour changes down. I guess it could have been sprayed prior to being registered?

  37. 7F ford Europe would be Maratine blue I believe.

  38. Right- that is what we were wondering. We hadn’t been told it had been resprayed or anything, but that seems like the likely explanation.

  39. Go for it. Everything you need is in there to get playing

  40. LH99 says:

    Although I don’t favor it, blitz bowl may be more up your alley. It’s a cheaper investment and can be played as a one off.

  41. Thanks - I’ve bought the starter now and will see how it goes. A few people have talked of starting a local league soon so might just give it a go and see. If it isn’t for me it isn’t the end of the world. I don’t mind the one off cost of starting or little bits here and there. It is more the AoS /40k situation where metas change or you want to try something different and that can cost you the best part of £100

  42. you can buy the starter box with 2 complete teams :) should be enough. Im also planning on buying it hehe

  43. I mean, swashbuckler is just so goddamn fun. You're a rogue, with all the damage and utility of a rogue, but black leather edgyboi can take a back seat because this campaign's going to be goddamn fabulous.

  44. About to play CoS and it is between inquisitive, mastermind or swashbuckler. Really not quite sure what I want yet- swashbuckler seems to stand the best in their own, followed by inquisitive, whereas MM feels like it supports the team the best.

  45. So... how do warlocks count here... cause great old one is my fav

  46. No parameters! If someone turned around and told me they loved hexblade because of flavour etc I’d have no problem with it. I just am interested to see what people’s views are beyond “I love hexblade for the 2 level dip”

  47. Thanks! I will do! I tend to think loads about stuff, maybe with normally being a DM I am used to making so many decisions, making them for one character feels wierd XD

  48. Soul Knife will, presumably, have been balanced to the point where it should be applicable in any existing campaign for 5e without throwing anything off to such an extent that it ruins the game.

  49. Thanks, appreciate it! I’d argue there are a few subclasses that aren’t applicable in some (or maybe any!) campaigns, but appreciate your feedback on the soul knife :)

  50. i’d love to see them go back to their origins with pathfinder or D&D 3.5, but if we’re taking about an entirely different system, i’d go for savage worlds. undeadwood was amazing and i’d definitely like to see a full campaign in what has become my favourite system

  51. I’d be keen to see them do 3.5. I think the concern of any non 5e system is that the game is so simple and accessible. And their fan base is built around it.

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