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  1. Nice to meet you! Is a bit younger also good though?

  2. Is there truly no way to save this? We are very open with eachother and I can see that she truly is trying to put her trust in me, its just hard for her. Maybe if I speak with Abby or if my GF speaks with her? Or one of my other flatmates...

  3. I've found that asking works really well. XD

  4. It's hard to tell really, you're just going to have to maybe out yourself out there and let her know you're an option.

  5. No she doesn't hug me she just likes to shove them in my face when we were swimming

  6. Tell me you’ve never needed a wheelchair long term without telling me you’ve never needed a wheelchair long term

  7. Not a weeb anymore because I’m done with the phase but I actually hate people who draw my favourite characters from my favorite anime. It ruins the entire thing for me because I can’t look at it the same way.

  8. 1 always treat your partner nicely 2 if there is an issue talk with your partner 3 set boundaries 4 don't cheat

  9. Yes, she is currently my crush but i don't know what to do. I think she likes me back tho

  10. Ahem. You let her know you like her and see if she’s interested in doing things together/going out.

  11. Well i went swimming with her a few days earlier and i could say it went good. We had a blast together and we went playfighting in the water although i began starting to think she has something with feet cause she keeps shoving in my face just like her boobs. Idk though

  12. Only in a few situations. When the kid is ending up with a disability or medical problems then i support such thing but other then i don't

  13. But both of them won't be gay if you say no homo tho

  14. Discovering the power of a nuclear reaction and almost causing a nuclear explosion

  15. Yeah i had the same thing. I honestly like working at a preschool

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