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  1. Try two builds, full AA as it's literally best at tier. (using a BB captain with marksman) and full accuracy/DPM (BB commander again, but with aiming mod 1 and different inspirations)

  2. I tried quite a few builds on her and the one that has stuck is the bb accuracy build. I second that one.

  3. I use Lemmonier as an inspiration on my Japanese and German kiting cruiser commanders. The German and Japanese ships are already pretty quick and stealthy so I like to start fires, then dip out and start more fires someplace else. Great minds think alike… that’s the commander I’ve been ranking up as soon as I get the supplies to do it.

  4. German cruisers have the 2nd worst concealment and mid-pack rudder shift by nation.

  5. Look at this troll leaving out the 906.

  6. Humans have invented some pretty amazing things over our history. This is not one of them...

  7. Yammy has a base 30 second reload. An all in reload build with max level commanders would be 12% reload buff on main battery mod 3 (3.6 sec reduction), 10% reload buff on brawler (3 seconds), and 11% with inspirations (di revel, madden, 3.3 seconds) for a total of 9.9 second buff. This would be a 20.1 second reload.

  8. You are right! Gotta add .6 seconds back to the reload time.

  9. If I recall correctly, they have the same dispersion formula but bama's sigma is like .1 better than Mass.

  10. Was driving in Minneapolis on vacation once. Harley goes whipping by at like 100+ mph, thinking man that guy is in a hurry. Proceed to get passed by no less than a dozen cop cars much like this. Seems to be a thing to bring out the whole force when the chase is one. It's scary as hell to have them whip by you that fast and close as well.

  11. Can you contact your bank to see if you can transfer it to a line of credit with a lower APR?

  12. The beats not bad but then he hits that tongue roll at 10 seconds and you can't help but get into it a little.

  13. >I need to know how to tow the line between respecting that I don't know the full story

  14. I main BBs and CA (dabble in CLs), I don't really mind the 4-5 dd matches. The matches get a little one dimensional because you basically let the DDs spot each other and then blast them with HE rounds. I really don't mind the IJN DDs as they seem to be the least hardy and you can easily chunk 1/2 to 3/4 their life in a salvo.

  15. Venus? Sounds dangerous. Keep shooting till that sum' bitch falls!

  16. Cupid is a god from the greek period. Pretty much every weapon of the time was a long slender shaft or object so the options were a little limited.

  17. Yes it is absolutely possible. Diaper and pullups machines have multiple cut and place applications that are similar (but more difficult as they are spacing the material in two dimensions and sometimes even rotating the material before placing).

  18. The company I work for supports the paper industry, this is great!

  19. I recommend checking the sub this other guy mentioned. But natureismetal

  20. Just a heads up. As a guy that frequents combat footage and whatnot, natureismetal can be really fucked up. Like a dude getting hit by an atgm is less brutal than watching a kudo bleat while an African wild dog eats its fucking intestines.

  21. What are you looking to do? I had a good 4 year stretch in there where I played quite a bit. I was into survival making cities and playing around with redstone circuits.

  22. If I could figure out how to get a choo choo charles into his minecraft realm I'd be dad of the year. But he plays on Xbox which doesn't support mods and I'm not sure what the workaround would be. I thought I could maybe get something on my PC and put it in there but I can't even access the realm he uses.

  23. I didn't do really anything with mods for xbox. Does this video help?

  24. But what if a red DD is also spotted, who do you want me to shoot at then? Also what happens if blue also has a radar cruiser close by with a red BB shooting at him? Do I shoot at the red BB to scare him away from our radar cruiser so he can spot the red DD? I also have anywhere from a 20-30 second reload (MR and RN excluded) so what's the plan if I don't dev strike the cruiser?

  25. You realize at high level, they spot you at 10k out so if you run around a corner expecting a 6k window, your fuuuuuuucked

  26. You got this bud! It's their fault for mismanaging the company and not that you don't have what it takes. Mentally flip them the bird and look for the next opportunity.

  27. Best is subjective. Baltimore has great penetration (the heavy AP round thing) and floatier shells so it tends to be easier to hit the deck versus a beltline which may shatter the round. It isn't all that uncommon to citi BBs at range because of it. Riga has the biggest guns so highest penetration regardless of distance but has other issues. Amalfi has the 2nd best penetration but people hate the reload time (offset by mimbelli a little bit). Hipper has the highest damage per round but mid pack penetration. Chucky has the worst AP stats but the best reload with a MBRB of the bunch. Marle and Mo have good AP rounds but are much more renowned for their HE rounds.

  28. Pilot #1: You got a Bogey on your 6!!

  29. IJN (Imperial Japanese Navy) or USN (United States Navy) are your best bets. MR (Marine Royale; France) is not too bad of an option as well although their dispersion is a little less consistent.

  30. Depends on your personal view but to me, is it worth it? Absolutely. I love my wife more than anything in the world but love for your children is on another, but equal, spectrum. You cannot get the same feelings any other way.

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