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Obi-Wan Kenobi - Episode 6 - Discussion Thread!

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  1. as someone with an eating disorder i can relate to this HARD

  2. fucking Akutami making me relive chemistry class by teaching me electrolysis of sea water lmfaooo

  3. i am really looking foward to this and Ironheart, very excited!!!

  4. really love how Kamala seemed more skilled and more comfortable with using her powers!! she's a badass!

  5. i might be in the minority but i actually really enjoyed multiverse of madness, its my favorite phase 4 movie so far. This movie made me a huge dr strange fan lol.

  6. sorry for the awful quality lol, its my first time handling a hottoy so i am not very good with posing it 😅

  7. Congrats on your first figure and welcome to the world of 1:6!

  8. i know i am probably in the minority here but i really liked how kamala's powers look. Its super pretty and i think it suits her a lot. Iman killed it as always, her performance was brilliant. Can't wait to see more of Ms. Marvel and the background/origin behind her powers.

  9. the fight between Vader and Kenobi is flawless. Its fast paced, brutal, well choreographed. You can feel the unbridled rage behind each and every one of Vader's strike. The way Vader uses the force to crack the ground and bury Kenobi, the way Kenobi uses the force to barrage Vader with boulders. Both are fighting with their full might and its glorious.

  10. phoebe bridgers, lorde, joji, harry styles too, out music taste is really similar lol!

  11. hakari getting his guts torn open and still being able to cast a domain expansion is the rawest thing i have ever seen. He is a fucking badass.

  12. holy shit that panel with the endeavor flame punch goes so fucking hard. What a badass

  13. such a fun and colorful show!! Kamala is a very charming character, love her!

  14. that flashback scene was everything i wanted and more, we see anakin training with obi wan. The duel was so well choreographed, anakin being very aggressive with his fighting style and obi wan on the defensive.

  15. you are definitely not alone, i have entered recovery for more than half a year now and i still cant stop myself from counting calories. If i dont know the exact amount of calories i eat in a day i will panic and get super anxious and stressed out

  16. I'm the same, honestly if you feel that way it's not worth stopping yet. Stay focussed on eating enough, but track if you feel better. I know I do, and it hasn't stopped me from recovering like everyone told me it would. Everyone is different and you need to do what's right for yourself imho

  17. yea i definitely agree, and thanks for the encouragement!

  18. imo Bakugo shouting and throwing temper tantrums has been so overused as a joke, it's getting sorta annoying for me, just like how Mineta acting like a pervert is such an overused joke and is no longer funny

  19. Wait Letitia Wright is anti vax???? wtf... man I am so disappointed, i am a big fan of her as Shuri too...

  20. thank you! and yeah, that was the hardest thing to deal with in recovery. ultimately i couldn't handle it and just relapsed a couple months ago. im happy you're trying to recover though! thats such an incredibly hard thing to do, so im proud of you <3

  21. thanks for the encouragement. I hope you can one day find the courage to enter recovery as well, I believe you can do it!

  22. thank you! but honestly im not sure. my experience with recovery was very unpleasant, i was forced into recovery and treated pretty badly by my therapist at the time who forced me into it. maybe one day i can recover, but i doubt thats likely any time soon :(

  23. i am so sorry this happened to you. Please only enter recovery whenever you actually feel comfortable with it, never force or push yourself. I wish you all the best!

  24. i really liked the opening scene where we are shown both Vader and Kenobi being in the bacta tank, with the flashback to the duel. Its a really nice parallel between the 2 characters

  25. I loved the editing of this show! its so stylish and artistic. It fits Ms. Marvel perfectly. Also i love how Ms. Marvel's powers look, the glowy crystal looking parts are so cool looking!

  26. the original one, not the replacement one. Its actually the one I liked more

  27. i am so sorry this is happening to you. Honestly I can relate so hard to this

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