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  1. I feel you bro, it essentially makes the session useless

  2. It's been years since I've heard such a unique, captivating and interesting rap album. Very refreshing.

  3. It’s not a rap album tho. Just an album by a rapper

  4. Not really on topic, but what camera do you use?

  5. Beating your child is child abuse, and the only people who disagree are people who were beaten as children and are in denial about the fact that they were abused.

  6. It’s not child abuse. It’s disciplining. Other cultures work differently ffs

  7. First 20 vs 1 that I actually finished watching

  8. Nah the dreads are now, I just wrote 2020 instead of 2022 by accident

  9. One of them you saw my face for a milisecond

  10. I love how committed you are to still saying "she".

  11. Bro I always big myself up to be so smart, but the same shit happened to me yesterday. So many signs that I ignored

  12. Unlikely, in the end you're talking about JJ that has 5 wins under his belt going up against Tempter that won just one match and has lost one.

  13. Temperr also won against Kenny. Although not very convincingly

  14. that is so fucked up lmao, imagine north growing up when she inevitably founds her father is a genuine nazi

  15. No, the movie is perfect. A sequel is unnecessary. However I would like to see Refn and Ryan work together again

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