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May Confirmed Trade Thread

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  1. I keep hearing dinner time. Who has dinner time?! Don't you eat when you're hungry or when you want? O;oBut I agree, the island time are stupid af. They should be available all day every hour like every other event. Why is it like it is, I will never understand.

  2. Hold on let me tell the wife and kids to hold off on family dinner until I get some rewards doing a video game daily

  3. Bought Bomber Fox Pokémon cartridges Gen 2 keycaps from

  4. The big tip I learned the other day was you could dismantle Argos Blood and the shards you get from the abyssal dungeon (forget what they're called) for more great honor leapstones. I instantly got like 200 leapstones from all the ones I was holding on to.

  5. Whoa didn't know that, how many great honors do they give when dismantling?

  6. Pushed him so hard from behind that he fell backwards even !

  7. Sure, but I just don't see John Wall walking away from 47 million dollars. He's coming with that price tag, and there's no way Houston can make a deal with anyone that isn't full-on tanking.

  8. A buy out means he's getting some if not most of that $47 million

  9. No chance Miami does this. Probably only 1-2 years away from Herro being better than Beal straight up.

  10. Question is how many more years of butler and lowry do they have to win a title if that's what they are pushing for

  11. I have not watched Tyler Herro to know, but based on my limited knowledge, his ceiling is probably less than Beal. He can be as good as Beal, but probably won't get there.

  12. It doesn't matter if his ceiling is lower than Beal's, what matters is getting out of having to give Beal his 5 year/$240 mil contract. Giving Beal that contract would put a hard and low ceiling on this team's ability to compete for the next few years

  13. Yes they did, but many things changed since that championship and not only those 3 players for westbrook.

  14. I don't even know where to start with this comment lol. Wizards traded Russ's gross contract for 3 tradable contracts in Kuz/KCP/Harrell + a first round pick.

  15. I wish Spencer and Davis the best, but I'm so glad they played like they were still on our team tonight. Mavs fans have been pretty obnoxious and we never would have heard the end of it if they popped off tonight

  16. Glad we shut Kuz down, Rui needs this confidence booster

  17. Genuinely worried about KPs health. He’s had it rough the past few games

  18. Hoping we shut him down for the season once we get mathematically eliminated from the playoffs tonight

  19. Just realized I pmed you the same question before lmao

  20. Gooden/JK are already bad, but them continually talking about bold predictions around when nobody cares is the cherry on top

  21. good loss for the tank, Rui/Deni developed some more. Wish the Lakers would stop getting pounded though

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