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  1. So wait if Mario is a plumber then what is wario

  2. Hanging out in my room full of turkey and regret. Now I'm feeling sorry for you all in Florida, hope things turn out ok.

  3. Happy Hump Day everyone! Well things are mostly ok. My mom is in a grumpy mood still. My son and I were acting hyperactive with each other so that was too much for her I guess. Ah well, I'm in my room and he's going to do his homework. My dad made Thanksgiving food for dinner, so humpty yumpty!

  4. Hi psycho! We're really tired of your dogs hurting animals and people so kiss our butts. No one to blame but yourself for falling for the propaganda. I'm so proud for standing up for the right thing to ban the breed.

  5. I call it the interwebs but that's because I'm a moron

  6. Looks great! What's in the white cup by the pumpkin?

  7. The Jewel Box, an art deco building that has tons of flowers and a reflecting pool

  8. St. Louis, not sure what the original purpose of the building was

  9. Best of luck! Maybe ask to talk to the managers and show them samples of your work

  10. Brookdale Farms, Stuckmeyers, Grant's Farm, Legends and Lanterns St. Charles

  11. I really don't like my family today. We celebrated my mom's birthday and later I overhear my son telling my mom her hair smells better than my hair and she told him that's because I wash my hair everyday and she, meaning me, doesn't. Pretty hurtful, I do so wash my hair everyday and you're not even supposed to. I want to pitch her gift but whatever

  12. Danse Macabre by Saint-Saens is my favorite

  13. They're so sweet and are just big babies

  14. Does it really? I'm afraid to try, last month I had a soy hot dog and it was awful.

  15. Janelle would actually be a tad more tolerable and relatable if she didn't act so smug all the time. As for the body shaming, yes it isn't actually that weird shaped but again she acts like she's a supermodel.

  16. Based on all the problems with the Tesla self driving car, for example, I don't think we have to worry too much right now

  17. Young Conservation Area, Unger Park, Minnie Ha Ha Park, Watson Trail Park

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