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  1. “Simply” adding a collar and buttons requires extra work and materials. Try sewing if you want to know how much.

  2. I saw a video about this, I think by Half As Interesting, and basically it's because it's so easy to imitate the flavor. One of the first imitation flavors to really work and take off I think. As other comments have mentioned, real vanilla is still pretty expensive

  3. You're thinking of "raspberry" I think, or else this has already been a popular and debunked myth that crops up for lots of flavours.

  4. Woke up to see a lot of doubt so I quickly googled like I should’ve last night. Turns out I remembered correctly. Beaver glands, yep.

  5. Companies did not used to cater to their workers, they used to treat them like animals. Companies were forced to improve conditions by the rise of the labor movement starting in the early 20th century.

  6. Apparently GE did before Jack Welch was CEO. A book was just published on this and I listened to a long interview about it on npr recently

  7. I have a HEPA running 24-7 in most rooms. Not for microplastics in particular. Inhaled particulates are just really bad for you. The less you inhale the better for many health outcomes

  8. Lol. I meant “in particular” because I meant it’s for pollen and stuff too.

  9. This verbal trick of “some people think” or “some people say” is the new go to used to rile people up while the person saying it can stay on the sidelines and gleefully watch the chaos. “I didn’t say TikTok was ruining society… some people did”

  10. It’s so insane how the ground starts smoking immediately after. Not insane, just trippy.

  11. He did the 4th grade kid version of asking him to overturn the election… he said “if you don’t, I won’t be your friend anymore”

  12. Policing in America is institutionally corrupt and they are constitutionally exempt from coming to peoples’ aid. I’m glad to hear you’re personally won the “actually, the cops have helped me lottery,” but there’s countless millions of brown and black people (not to mention 19 dead kids in Uvalde) who haven’t had that luxury.

  13. If you agree that the police are institutionally corrupt, what method do you believe will make them adopt “good” policing practices?

  14. Hmm. I don’t know enough to say whether all police departments are a single “institution” versus multiple institutions. But even if it were a single institution, that does not imply that the institutional corruption present affects every aspect of the institution. But even if it did, that would not prevent individuals from acting with integrity within that corrupt institutional framework. It’s not monolithic

  15. I had a friend do this actually and purposefully would go after cougars. He was routinely lavished with expensive gifts and the women he always said were very sexually active so he enjoyed the lifestyle.

  16. A lot of women are peak sex drive (and comfort/experience with sex) in their 30s and can be a good match for younger men, if they aren’t too immature emotionally

  17. Yikes. Looks kinda brutal. I believe OP saying the dog is good with kids but this clip doesn’t give that impression at all.

  18. I’m sure there are times from your own life that don’t give a good impression. Like this moment when you’re judging someone’s whole life based on a seconds long video.

  19. Um, yeah. Your first sentence is exactly what I’m saying when I said I believe the OP even though this video doesn’t give that impression

  20. To be fair, he just said he would no longer be Pence’s friend if he didn’t overturn the election. So, it’s like the 4th grade mean girl version of asking to overturn the election.

  21. RIP to a smart person. I’ve had the fortune to know many nuns due to my mother’s friendships with them. I wish the nuns would break away and make their own church because I’ve found them - generally speaking - to be wiser, warmer, and closer to enacting the Sermon’s philosophy than anything the male clergy has done (generally speaking).

  22. They must be, because they’re definitely not drawn to the job for power and clout

  23. With no great reason why. It costs nothing and instantly stimulates the economy.

  24. So the government (we, collectively) paid tuition for all these people and did the budget going forward with repayment in mind but it costs nothing? That’s like saying you can lend your buddy $100 and when they don’t pay it back it costs you nothing.

  25. That repayment calculation is less than 5% of a single year's GDP, which originally would've been paid back over a decade per individual dropping that number into sub 1%/year

  26. You must be used to talking to economic illiterates if you think it’s convincing to say it’s no big deal to toss away income equal to “only about 1% of GDP” per year. GDP is like $20 trillion. Heck it would be a big deal to me to lose around 1% of my annual income. This is not the argument you think it is.

  27. Ha! When they brought up the x-ray of my kid's mouth I took a picture with my phone. Thought it was cool as hell to see all the adult teeth still inside to jaw. The human body is wild.

  28. They did a big wide angle xray on my kid when his baby teeth were just starting to loosen and it was just as disgusting as this. I wish I never saw it

  29. Going thru all those steps and use plastic shift on two part stone grinder? Oh well...

  30. Looks hot there. I’m sure that feels great irrespective of the risk of getting crushed

  31. Yeah, like people who expect everyone to say Merry Christmas (including Starbucks). Because tolerating all that Christmas stuff as a non-Christian is very different than celebrating Christmas! I totally agree!

  32. Then you are inherently treating trans men as a lesser and aberrant form of "man". That's transphobic, bud.

  33. Except that's not what you wrote. You wrote that cis men should just be called "men" whereas trans men should be specified as "trans men". That inherently treats them as an aberrant form of men. You were never a potential ally if you're one of those "I'm not cis, I'm normal" style transphobes.

  34. My scenario in all of life where anatomy and chromosomes are irrelevant (99%+ of the time): “man”

  35. Personally I could not be happier that the housing bubble is about to pop, because it means I might actually be able to afford one some time before I'm 50

  36. Will it pop? I think it will deflate slightly unless people start moving into dying industrial cities and rehabbing old houses (which is happening in my hometown, but only by immigrants)

  37. Not just farts from above, but bad breath and body odor from randos you’re squished in with below

  38. ... Then sit on the top row?

  39. My take is that being able to stretch your legs is very different than “you must stretch your legs and keep them that way with no possibility to bend them for xx hours”

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