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  1. Well it certainly is interesting ngl

  2. This’ll never turn into a romance manga, but I love the little dynamic they have going on 😂

  3. $120/day = do some gigs that pay $15+ every day for roughly 8 hours/day. tbh getting hired for a quick job might be easiest.

  4. Is it me or are Apple getting even worse at making it clear what's changed between versions of their products? You really need to dive into the tech specs, sometimes keeping a copy of the old product tech specs as Apple removes them, to find out and even then it can be hard.

  5. well from what I understand, this product is actually worse than its predecessor in certain areas, so one can see why they have chosen not to highlight what’s different

  6. it’s pretty cool, but the input delay on a screen like that is probably bad

  7. An interesting question is to what lengths he would go to maintain his status as Kira. For example, would he draw the line at his sister or mother or use them as pawns too?

  8. I don't think he would, creating a NEW world is his main goal. He's made it clear that he won't abandon that goal for anyone. After all, he almost killed Sayu, he didn't end up doing it because he thought it would cause too many problems.

  9. yeah it really seems like Light would go to any length to achieve his goals no matter how morally reprehensible the means are

  10. I definitely think it has become more boring. Used to be a lot more fun to hear about new products, now I’m almost always just like “meh”.

  11. Narcissism, lack of empathy, lack of reciprocity

  12. sorry this isn’t “most unattractive”, but everyone already said the ones I thought of, except: having fake blonde hair

  13. born into money, high level job via nepotism, their race

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