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  1. i don't think one gets it/the 'confidence' or any feeling of security right away. It's just trying to fake it and plow with it at first fighting to be 'brave' about it day to day , and hope the normies don't judge the shit out of the new hire (detecting their past neet vibes often, and depending on how many pricks are at a particular workplace that go out of their way to harass neetish or (too) introverts), and hoping just hoping, it works/lucks out better after the first few weeks, then month, then next months and so on.

  2. plenty of times just wishing I was , just gone, that simply or having never existed. of course, actual going through with suicidal something I was too afraid of years ago and now, and worried about the afterlife.

  3. Yeah I don't disagree with that. We're not fit for it for sure but wouldn't it be cool and a bit fulfilling?

  4. it sucks less for normies who can handle it or even find as aspect of their career life fulfilling working with others. Some even have great careers and happy enough working where some save up and retire early (ala

  5. The worthwhile wfh jobs often need acquired skills and training, or having worked in some firm that transforms a job position into remote. I had a hs classmate female that has worked as an accountant from home for her firm for decades. I've a relative that does work from home (using zoom and other related tools) for corporate clients for a top tech 500 firm. It will probably need 10-20k hours of (self)study , relevant uni degrees, and/or company training to get qualified for these legit pay wfh positions.

  6. You already have some self-development work, skills, and education done which is good and helpful in your fight to escape neetdom. Maybe a better place to ask is

  7. I don’t know if most people’s parents are still around to support them by that age. Maybe if your parents had you young. Generally past 40 it becomes hard to stay a NEET.

  8. Japan's current neet mass is a prime example of now about estimated a million neet/hikkikomori now in their 40's and 50's having been neet for decades. (

  9. I'm 50. Normie life just isn't for everyone. Some of us simply can't do it. I tried. I couldn't do it. Every try turned to dust and slipped through my fingers. Nothing ever took hold. Eventually you feel as though the universe is trying to tell you something. Telling you to stop trying. Oddly enough when I stopped trying I felt so much better. Will I pay for how I am? I may. Some days I wake up with "The Big Doom" looking me in the face. But look around. The world is literally on fire and people are worried about their 401k(which is also being systematically stolen). I think NEETs are ahead of the curve. We see the writing on the wall. We understand scarcity. We embrace simplicity. We are the future! We are the ones standing on the edge of the abyss that all the normies are jumping into and we say "something doesn't seem right about this".

  10. I would agree also being an old (social inept for life) neet, that today's spoiled and socially deteriorating western civilization is straining apart in multiple ways. Even entertainment and some news is used as corporatized politco minded propaganda. Nowhere it seems now, as more simple and sane as during the 80's and 90's. Even far dirtier where the homeless rot and grafitti miasma has never been this bad. Some say, the societal unrest , and desperation for some eerily repeats aspects pre-nazi germany , or examples of other countries that became communist oppressive tyrannies in the 20th century. Or the irresponsible overspending for decades and risking hyperinflation hearkens back to the failing days of Rome.

  11. not for me. I became stuck neet, because I'd been social inept autist my whole life, never having real friends, and now no friends so i'm same as a social zero as a mental outcast homeless in physical danger of dying, except I'm not homeless yet. Otherwise, I wanted to be in a (non wageslave) career where I could handle getting along with co-workers (normies can handle it) and whoever else that it seems most any job requires of social functionality. And it was my fault and mistakes I fell to gaming my critical years away and failed to (

  12. not any more. my original town went from 130k to 500k where the entire county is probably over a 1 mil now, since I was in gradeschool several years ago. of course likely thanks to the illegal immigration generationally, so one can likely guess which socialized welfare state with an 'open' international border, my city is in.

  13. one of the 'growing' cities/counties in a 'little mexico' western state.

  14. for neets with the conditions you mentioned. mentally disabled or development disorders with no chance in life of ever effectively improving enough to seriously matter. otherwise , it's like lotto luck to be born in a rich family or extended family that can afford to setup a trust fund for a mentally or socially disabled dysfunctional neet family member for life.

  15. Would a parent making a salary of 250-450k a year be enough?

  16. maybe with that considered decent salary. (maybe harder to tell with the runaway 'tard gov'ts of the western world becoming like falling past rome and spending away teetering on hyperinflation in the past years these days.) I'd suggest checking out

  17. It's possible. Acquired set of habits continually doing so at least remembering to do so weekly multiple days a week. It helps to also do less gaming (

  18. I sometimes dream or wish I was brave enough to do something like this

  19. I think you're confusing the accepted derogatory overall basket definition of being a neet with some other term. A neet is a loser for sure like many of us are here. Sure, some may whinge more about the 'system' than not, or wise up and accept having severe shortcomings , loss of self-discipline, and come to terms with too long denial and bad habits (

  20. How does a neet even find a women to become pregnant with him?🤔

  21. These are more normie social bums. Not "involuntary" challenged mental and socially outcast neets.

  22. Sorry where I'm one of probably many neets here who can't help much with your particular issues posted. Where plenty of us (male) neets are also completely bereft of any relationship experience or already

  23. Surprised to find out there was that much filtering by the automod in the past. So far this past summer, I think this sub has been ok. There seems to be more activity by more members and with decent comments and concerns.

  24. Of course, it got worse and worse after 21, struggling to try not to be neet, then neet again, then again, then seemingly for good, and having to be accept being such a pathetic pos loser from my hs generation.

  25. People who are in school/ college or working are far more miserable so no I'm not ashamed I'm glad I got the opportunity to be NEET.

  26. It's a different perspective and frame of reference being an older neet. Like over 32.

  27. Not really on all those specific points for me. I'd failed to get "several advanced degrees" or learned to truly code well. But in the general sentiment of being advised to progress and take opportunities that many normies seem to do and can do it socially functional and stable, sure.

  28. OP, unless you had some congenital condition or disease that makes you look older in your 20's (like "Sebastian" in blade runner who looked over 50 when he was 25) you probably don't look even 25. It's one thing to fret at not being where one wanted to be at 21, 22, etc.. All of us other older neets had been there with likely the same feeling at your age, having feeling wasted and screwed up years (or months) and behind then same age peers, and everyone else at that age especially.

  29. I'm the opposite. I'm 31, but feel like I stopped maturing at age 15-16. Ever since then, I've been stuck in arrested development, and I can't relate to other people my age since I have no career/friends/romantic experience/etc. I find it hard to view myself as being as old as I am.

  30. I'm same, but more opposite from OP being older than 31. It's like I mentally didn't grow up but regressed in mental ability and self-image. wishing a life redo-over, or half-wishing I was dead, but fearing the afterlife consequences at the same time. It's a living nightmare.

  31. I'd given up. I don't meet anyone new or try to avoid it. If cornered I just make up some bs, and hate myself for doing it, again, and it's been too long and I'm getting to old to pretend anymore. And i try not to have to keep in contact anymore if I had to meet someone.

  32. At the end of the day, this world wasn't designed for autistic people. It was designed for normies. We're always going to be at a massive disadvantage in life and have to fight and claw for everything we want. we have to put in 200% effort for something a normie only has to put 100% in for. This is why so many of us kill themselves around 35 or so.. The pressure keeps building and we have no way to relieve it because we're often isolated and have nobody to talk to. I hate how we're just expected to fit into this society and live "normal" lives when we're far from normal. The thing that pisses me off the most is that nobody gives a fuck about us, and tries to understand or see things from our viewpoint. They just say some stupid abilism shit. The fact is once we turn 18 as a autistic we're left for dead and all the help dries up.

  33. It really is insidious and a curse for those of with this for life. Literally no real friends, never any real friends, or acceptance since preschool and for life. Pretty much disrespected or mocked by most everyone throughout life, with a sole exception of a parent or none at all. I've had a few times throughout my life, a normie would tell me straight to my face someone should just kill me , particularly when they see me all stuck by myself or not able to say anything coherent or appropriate for my age group in some forced bs meeting or gathering among peers.

  34. You’ve got to reach the point where other ppls opinions of you don’t hold much weight.

  35. I think a lot of us stuck with this neet problem in a severe way still or have struggled with this for too long, otherwise we could presently handle a lot better working with or being around others from similar age peers to other adults, whether at school, in a dorm, or on the job on a higher or more "regular" normie social functioning or at least stability needed for many workplaces and more regular social situations. And need to find ways to progress on this issue somehow, someday for the better.

  36. The homeless morass are doing it, but it's not really that safe. Better check out current videos , plenty of yt channels and videos showing how they "live" where it seems like hel- on earth. And plenty are now 'camping' in most cities in whatever dirited lots or infringing on public or private spots. and check

  37. Plenty of us can't, or are likely too cowardly to find a way to do it (or afraid of the afterlife, or have a moral belief against suicide or hurting their parents or any relatives left that may care with a suicide). But sure, plenty of us in this neetdom situation if prolonged, have that "wish we were dead" and feeling depressed and awful about it as more months and years pass in this hel-, where every day can become a living nightmare we don't want to wake up to. (

  38. I'm in a crappy hot area of a state in the western states area (not at the coast) under current heat wave records. Can't even think. Stupid air condition (with gouging utility price jacking) too expensive to run at normal room temperature now. Fans don't help. Stupidly have to keep drinking water, or waste water showering again multiple times in the day, and not cooling enough down at night. I think I'm going to have to try keeping a small ice cube in my mouth every 10 minutes. It's like the end of the world now if the temperatures stay this high from now on, like that old silly twilight zone episode of the earth spiralling closer into the sun.

  39. It's ruined my entire life. And I'm an old fart. I isolate and no longer care trying, because I never made any real friends nor was respected in any group my entire life. Never had a gf or spouse or any real friends. Like being a lone animal pretending to be human. And I never improve socially even with exposure. just end my life already sometimes or wish I never wake up again.

  40. It's spoiled , maybe middle or upper middle-class suppport, but not a true 'trust fund' neet setup in my opinion.

  41. True. But i guess managing all their assets or foundations, donating or spending their money to support business etc is a job so maybe they arent a neet.

  42. true where I think many wouldn't or even consider these ultra-rich wastrels as examples of regular 'neets'. However, I would think they can optionally manage less and have or hire others to run their businesses, manage estates, collect rents (there are local rent property mgmt businesses of services where one can just pay them a fee to manage and collect rent from tenants), etc., and then just count or collect their 'earnings' on their books and spreadsheets, maybe not taking more than a half-hour or hour a day, while the rest of their day they can fool around in their luxury cars, game at home, or take trips or whatever.

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