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Devoted mom (39) leaves behind two young children. She thought she was protecting her family by not getting vaccinated. The goal of this post is to draw attention to the terrible and tragic impact of medical misinformation, not to celebrate this lady’s death.

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  1. Happy to report no further updates. No news is good news.

  2. with all due respect OP, you don't have to use all 20 allotted slides.

  3. No I really do have to. You’re lucky the limit is 20.

  4. Unfortunately, I've been exposed to her much more than you, but that's not her husband. Her husband is a surgeon (heart, I believe), and the co-host is just some jag that's been working with her.

  5. Holy shit. That’s wild. I had no idea who she was. I’d love to hear what he has to say about all this.

  6. These guys are public figures - especially that white dude in the middle.

  7. I know, but the rule is they need to have a “verified” check mark next to their name on Facebook / Twitter. Annoying, I know.

  8. I don’t understand this award winner’s use of the first slide; he obviously doesn’t believe in vaccines from the other memes he posted, but how else to interpret slide 1 except in support of vaccination?

  9. It was before vaccines. Posted during lockdowns. He was an essential worker.

  10. There were 34,582 cases in the week ending 25 Dec. A 1% mortality rate would have 345 deaths from these cases. We're tracking well below that (of 50 per day)

  11. My boyfriend thinks JP Sears is hilarious. I know he makes fun of libs too, which is fine, we deserve it sometimes. But is he anti vax?

  12. He’s taken a hard turn to “full retard” since the pandemic started.

  13. Hashtag #protectyourfamily on slide 14 goes to posts by people who think they are saving their families from the vaccine.

  14. But you can see it in the screenshot. It would not say “1 wk” under the comments when today is 1/7 and she posted he died on 1/4. Screenshots just appear to not be fully in chronological order.

  15. Good catch. It’s possible I accidentally mixed up the comment slide and it was supposed to go after the announcement that he was sick. Oops.

  16. Did anybody catch the friend wishing her well and asking how hubby was doing AFTER he'd died? Ouch.

  17. Ha. That one didn’t even register when I was redacting. No wonder the next comment was extra curt.

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