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  1. Dumb thing is, even thought the whole market is down, when eth and BTC go back up, doge will barely follow

  2. I don’t understand why people always pull for it to dip and go down, like tf? I want it to rise. I’ve been in since Nov, not a new holder, and want to see it successful, not dip everyday it’s annoying af

  3. hi, I have found these consuming thoughts run rampant at night and I am right here with you. you are not alone in how you feel, I promise. you have all of us.

  4. Thank you. Been a very tough time in my life. I neglected and left my freinds and family for a girl who i thought I could fall in love with and be with forever. However, she was very manipulative, dishonest, disloyal, and did not provide any value to the relationship. Meanwhile, i helped her with all that I had, which was alot because I have spend a great deal of time and energy building myself up before I met her and now she is on a good path in life rather than her self destructive patterns of random hookups and attentino seeking behavior on social media along with lying to everybody in her life including herself. I feel forced to leave her behind because she cheated on me and lied to me about it for so long. This is not even scratching the surface. She was a big impact on me losing a great deal of my money and am now in a very difficult place in life. I am dealing with trouble finding affordable housing and am struggling with a psychotic roommate. My best fried was the ex of my now ex and it has put a huge hole in our friendship and all of our mutual friendships are now so complicated. I have been very aware this entire relationship and continued to neglect my self care and recognize the red flags and stop reasoning with them. I want to die because I have done such stupid things being with her and I want her to feel pain like I do. The only thing keeping me here now is my amazing family as I do not want to cause them pain. I am toying with the idea of revenge. All she cares about is her nursing career and shes in her last semester of nursing school. She is on thin ice and I could easily report her to the head of nursing dept and get her kicked out. I know revenge is not a great thing most of the time but right now it seems like the best option.

  5. That pain must feel uncontrollable and extensive, I’m sorry. That is a lot and I relate heavily on wanting revenge and wanting someone to feel the pain you feel. I don’t think that will ever make you feel better though. People have told me that time will make things better but time feels so distant and worthless to me. The relationship is doing more harm than good. It’s crazy how your mental health and outlook can change by who you surround yourself with. I hope things positively change for you. Don’t lose hope, you are adaptive, you will overcome

  6. Hi, I relate to this a lot. I have completely normalized suicide and don’t even think it’s caused by a mental illness. With so much pain and suffering in the world, I understand it. My brain cannot wrap my head around that people don’t have these thoughts because they’ve been present for as long as I can remember.

  7. I am a little better now, and I can see that maybe there is a form of mental illness, there has to be a reason. If we really think about it, humans do not kill themselves because we're not made in that way. I think suicide comes from consciousness, from acknowledging the self you want to kill. Once we're conscious we make choices, thoughts may not be choices though, they are mostly chemistry, I've observed this myself, with the medication my thought patterns are much better. I think brain chemistry is important but also your relationship with others shape the way you view yourself, and even if apparently you've had good relationships maybe they weren't or maybe you were never thought how to respond to relationships properly. If you liked yourself more maybe you just wouldn't want to kill yourself.

  8. I hope your medication keeps working and you find it in yourself to enjoy your life. Make sure to let us know and give us hope if it does

  9. Don't know but down $1400 today. Back to 0$ profit. Hopefully dont go negative again.

  10. Down $5k today and panicking and I’ve been in it since nov

  11. Just like that, my monthly earnings have gone red. Down over 10% today. 1 month chart of ETH and BTC are still up but not DOGE. DOGE barely grows with them but crashes harder. Wow

  12. Not what I'm seeing. On the one month, Doge has seen the highest % increase. 3 month, Doge is definitely behind. 1 year, Doge is wayyyy ahead.

  13. at this second doge is down almost 10% one month while ETH and BTC are still up on month

  14. Lmao and everyone just thinks it’s a dip or ask you if you’re new to crypto. ETH and BTC can hold but DOGE can’t, it really is a shame

  15. Teefens, that’s what I call my pets teeth m but the name just sounds so cute

  16. Omg me but with my job, they ignore me and are excommunicating me from the office!!! We will get through!!

  17. This isn’t a dip, it’s been a downward trend for months. Is it ever going back up? I want to get out while I still have profit but I have lost so much already I want to keep holding…

  18. How long have you been studying?

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