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  1. Nahh man, I read comments from certain users here and I'm convinced disney made this show just to spit in our face, kill our families, and humiliate charlie and vincent in the process /s

  2. you guys hate this because its Sandler getting an award, I hate it because it isn't Conan getting the award.

  3. It'll be in the super mario movie all stars, a cartridge that contains super hornio brothers 1 and 2, the super mario bros. movie starring bob hoskins, and available as a download code: the super mario bros movie by illumination.

  4. Easy, Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return Abridged

  5. whatever happened to truth, justice, and the american way? or superman vs the elite

  6. So you’re saying that we should just blindly accept whatever Disney does to this character?

  7. So you’re saying that we should just blindly hate whatever Disney does to this character?

  8. who tf is ISOM, and why does he sound like a shitty character from the 90s?

  9. props to the colorist for adding that circle pattern to the kiss it really sells the idea that both internally shuddered while kissing

  10. how did you do that effect for the armor? is it painstaking etchwork? the right kind of painting? it just looks cool and catches the light really well

  11. "You have a nasty habit of surviving."

  12. "well, you know what they say about the fittest" (underrated line, btw)

  13. those are rookie numbers, we gotta pump those up so the indie devs get that sweet youtube ad revenue

  14. "Canceled" Snake: a man banned from social media

  15. Yes, and the ending theme's just as good if not better

  16. because these people like to latch on posts that make japan the bastion of purity from "woke" ideals

  17. I remember I use to see him on YouTube. I was like “who is this dumbass?” They bitch about politics in their shows but go crazy about it regarding their shows

  18. Because hate generates clicks and profit for them that's why they overinflate the danger of "woke"

  19. "Just shut up about rlm opinions and consoom next rlm video"

  20. drinking cold water got me to quit drinking sodas for a year

  21. where is underrated gem witcher 3? I know not everyone can appreciate 19fps gameplay, but everyone deserves to experience the definitive way to play witcher 3, as god and nintendo intended

  22. Damn I recently turned 18(last November) and I'm somehow more mature than a 30+ year old grown ass man. That's sad

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