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  1. Any funnel strats, it just ruins the game for everyone involved.

  2. Assassins are very hard to play in the late game. If you are playing a champ with single target damage I would focus on sitting in a sideline after laning phase. This way you can get as much xp and gold as possible before you need to contest a dragon/ baron fight. Other than that you just want to play with vision. Buy sweepers and pink wards and try to get a good flank or jump on some squishy's before the fight can even begin.

  3. Aphromoo's still got it baby! Love that you are doing this Travis I have always loved tuning in to the EU LCS quiz's.

  4. From my experience, do not try to call him out in front of the whole group in the middle of a game because that may create some animosity that could be avoided. I would just try to chat with him one on one and get his views of the situation as well. Ask him why he much prefers top, is there anything that would make the jungle more enjoyable for him to play (champs/ playstyle) etc... and just tell him the truth. That you enjoy playing with the 5 man squad and he is the best option to jungle. You want to see the team succeed and this is the best roster you can field at the moment. You should also touch on the negative attitude in game as well. Sometimes people just need to know that they are bringing the mood down a bit. Hope this helps!

  5. GG Danan, 4 years is quite the stint especially in the esports world. Wish him the best and interested to see the direction they go from here.

  6. I don't know who else to put instead of PoE, but it really speaks to how weak this position is for NA if he is on the list.

  7. You said that at POE? Pobelter the definition of mediocirty is on the list. At least POE had moments where he was legit good.

  8. Yeah the 3 time champion who was also part of the 17-1 & 16-2 Immortals splits is the definition of mediocrity. Meanwhile PoE literally has a negative win rate since joining the LCS and cant last on a team for longer than a year.

  9. Karma/ Lulu/ Soraka will be your best bet. These are the types of champs that you want to buff your duo. More importantly they can actually survive in lane and clear. Hope this helps!

  10. I have so many questions... How does having a cheerleader help you with your full clear? If everyone gets this buff aren't the "meta" champs still just as powerful? So weird to release this with just bare bones information.

  11. My respect goes out to Zeyzal for making this decision. I always liked his personality and ability to shot call for his team. Big L to not see him playing this year... hopefully he can come back for 2023!

  12. oh my god that is hilarious snow balls on summoners rift, I want to do this so bad haha

  13. Lol the name Ginger Turmeric got a good laugh out of me, gg.

  14. As far as the gameplay is related I think you are correct, I have been having more fun playing league in the past few years but that is just because I have a nice friend group who I vibe with really well. I would say that without them I would have stopped playing this game. Doombots/ Odyssey/ and the Dark Star were some of my most memorable moments in this game. They always talk about how people don't play them but I think that's wrong. People play them a few times enjoy them and then go back to the main game of league of legends. Nothing is wrong with that.... except the fact that it doesn't make them money. There are less and less unique and fun things included in league as the years have gone on and it is sad.

  15. That is pretty sick, although I wish the larger animation would stay for a bit longer on changing stances.

  16. Oh that is sick, its like Fizz x Sub-Zero I love that icey animation.

  17. Thank you for this info time to call out some teammates ahaha

  18. That would be fun, or at least allow fill players to select maybe one role they don't want to play? That way there is a little more parity because you are so right that around 80%+ of your games will just be on jng/supp.

  19. I know there are small but please don't be buffing zed/ alkali/ and lee sin on a single patch giving me a heart attack over here.

  20. I thought towers were not hitting as hard as they should have. I remember seeing people drop like flies when they first made the changes. This is actually a huge issue if this is happening in every game.

  21. There are certain timings and goals you want to accomplish when roaming, also it is hyper dependent on both the support and adc champs. Best time to roam -> you have pushed in your lane and are getting a reset with your adc. This was you can run mid and look for a gank and ward the river. If nothing is there you run back down bot. You cannot roam if your lane is pushing out and you don't have vision. Also if you have a scaling adc it is very hard to find roam timings if they are in threat of dying 2v1.

  22. Have you trend the legacy cursor? I know that was a setting before to change it back to the old one.

  23. Client working as intended I see, maybe create a new account so you can start the tutorial fresh? Since you have already uninstalled and reinstalled you could try to go to task manager and make sure there are no background apps for league running. Very weird that this problem is consistent through restarting.

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