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Ahmaud Arbery verdict: three men found guilty of murdering Black man as he jogged

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Judge dismisses weapons charge in Kyle Rittenhouse homicide trial

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Steve Bannon surrenders to FBI on contempt of Congress charges

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  1. He shot people in self-defense, as found by a court. Just to be clear, I'm not justifying his political opinions. He might be a total piece of shit and hang out with white supremacists, that doesn't give us the right to kick him out of school just because of that. That's not right. You want to start going down that route and anyone who hangs out with a 'terrorist organisation' (ANTIFA) should be kicked out of school.

  2. Just to be clear Rittenhouse is a demonstrable piece of shit, and people don’t want him around. Womp and womp.

  3. Sure, they don't get to remove him from his education because 'they don't like him'. And to clarify, they don't want him around in an online class? That's their problem that they need to deal with.

  4. Nope. That's Kyle's problem. Because they run the school, and neither you nor him have any power to do otherwise. Womp, and womp. :-D

  5. Their open trench latrines and junk vehicles they used for their blockades threatened a water source far more than a pipeline does. And it’s not the Wet’suwet’en people by in large doing this, they agreed to allow the pipeline. So try again.

  6. That's new in history and not the qualifications of nations. Go argue with the Supreme Court.

  7. Passports and border checkpoints are new in history, lol. Okay, son, why don't we go get some coloring books and let the adults talk.

  8. Supreme Court ruled it is unceded territory.

  9. So, where are the passports and border checkpoints then?

  10. She is ethnically wetsuwetan and Gidimt’en and regardless of her abrasive personality her movement is a valid one, not a grift. It is shockingly opportunistic to cast doubt on her very culture because you disagree with protesting infrastructure.

  11. She may have a small percentage of Wet'suwet'en heritage, but she does not have any sort of standing to make decisions or speak for the Wet'suwet'en nation. Or maybe you think Great White Mother Molly knows what's best for the indigenous people.

  12. I think that it’s pathetic to invoke somebodies culture as an insult to their character and it’s no small percentage but I’m not going to argue about Molly Wickham’s DNA and blood with you. The wetsuwetan nation is an organized body and your ignorance with its laws is a means to your end.

  13. Molly is not a Wet'suwet'en leader. I am not insulting her character, I am saying she is misrepresenting herself and her status. Which she is. The majority of the Wet'suwet'en voted to allow the project, why is it right for someone who does not speak for them to act like she does? Because she's pretty and white looking? Is that why you give her power that she doesn't deserve? That's what I was getting at with the "Great White Mother Molly" comment. A good portion of the people of the Wet'suwet'en territory voted to allow the project. But Molly with her miniscule ties to the Wet'suwet'en people comes along, bats her pretty eyelashes at you, and you automatically give her a voice that none of the others get. You want to talk about white people oppressing others? That's you and her.

  14. Wouldn't say nothing (looks out window) ya it's nothing or at least nothing worth mentioning.

  15. It says a lot that you consider objective assessments of your life to be an insult.

  16. They don't have jurisdiction in reserves.

  17. Yeah, they really do. They are a federal police force. They have jurisdiction in all of Canada. Some reserves have created their own police forces, which is great, but with the wait for it... advice and consent of the RCMP.

  18. To anyone who says RCMP have no jurisdiction here:

  19. Because it takes a lot of effort, work, and study to be able to play chess, and leisure is what you do when you're not working and/or studying.

  20. I guess losing embarrassingly can be something of a past time, lol

  21. Either lots of bots downvoting or dumbass Proud Bitches supporters lmao

  22. Probably both. The Proud Bitches do love their bots.

  23. I’m confused, wasn’t he an undercover agent or something?

  24. He was an informant to the FBI. He says he was only passing information on about "Antifa" and, lol, the Proud Boys believe him.

  25. I think Disney could make an advertising campaign based on their cruises being an escape from anti-vaxxers. Hell, they would sell me on the idea...

  26. Yeah, they've also trapped over 500 workers in place without access to food, water or medical care. We call this "hostage taking," and I hope those responsible are duly charged.

  27. Well, when you take hostages, the police tend to take notice. You have no moral high road when you imprison others against their will.

  28. You took hostages. I hope the RCMP brings the perpetrators to justice.

  29. I get the sentiment, but, wouldn't you also NOT want your worst enemy to have a cushy, rewarding job? Just saying.

  30. All that's missing is the book "Setting Synagogues on Fire and Me: This Sort of Thing Is My Bag, Baby" authored by the accused.

  31. It was the credit card receipt that pushed me over.

  32. The “distant part of the country” part. Not only does he live 15mins away with his mother, but his dad lives where everything went down. He spends most of his time there.

  33. Ah. Okay. Missed that part. So if its 15 minutes away, allowing your underage son to grab an assault rifle and run around in the middle of a riot is normal parenting.

  34. while he maybe a cheap frustrated wannabe incel, he is still a 17 year old minor. The fault, in my eyes ( and in surprise surprise, every single non westerner who i have spoken to that is aware of the case), lies 100.00% with the parent.

  35. You got me wondering, can his mom be sued civilly for his actions? I want to say yes... I remember when OJ was acquitted he was still hit with a civil charge.

  36. And we’ve never seen less accomplished by an admin than we are now

  37. Infrastructure bill? The one the former guy tried to pass but couldn't? Yeah, okay...

  38. Don’t let your hatred for the last guy get in the way of this current guy being a failure. Both sides of congress and had to pare down this bill like crazy to get it passed. Everything is expensive as fuck and covid is raging. This crazy old bat tries to speak and fails. This admin and the last are absolutely pathetic.

  39. CCW only has to do with he guy who claimed to be a medic. He was illegally carrying a concealed gun.

  40. I use "CCW Kids" as my catch-all for the angry suburbanite consumer set that go buy a gun with a credit card, take a two day course, and then really believe they will be able to draw, aim, fire and score neurological incapacitation with the confines of the law.

  41. Nobody has been charged for the purchase. Black was charged under 948.60 and he'll be acquitted for the exact same reason Rittenhouse is going to be acquitted.

  42. Uh, so no one has been charged for the purchase, but Black was charged, and will be acquitted. Got it. lol

  43. why should i take your advice? are you a doctor?

  44. I work in the health care industry and I give vaccines, that's why I know these things. Is there anything else you want to lie about? Perhaps a super-hot girlfriend who lives three towns away?

  45. You were lying when you said "alot of doctors are saying." You, Cool1Mach, have not spoken to a single physician on this subject. On this statement I am willing to wager a significant sum of money.

  46. I see the Discord Nazis are brigading this thread.

  47. Whatever excuse you need to tell yourself for these little Nazi punks.

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