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I guess this is 'patriot' logic?

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He do be dancing though

  1. This thing I just learned existed and literally has never mattered before is a crucial part of American history!

  2. Late to answer, but Lizzo is a musician who twerks and is a skilled, classically trained flutist. She was allowed to play a crystal flute owned by the 4th president and some conservative twits are complaining that her playing it is an insult for increasingly stupid reasons.

  3. Trump's plan is to delay it all the way until he's president again. And, this being the shittiest timeline, that's what's going to happen.

  4. In this specific case, I'm really curious what delaying is gonna do.

  5. Going to space is just an incremental upgrade to jumping. Try again.

  6. Assuming you mean something like Medusa, why not the ability to partially animate statues as a lair action?

  7. Figured you meant the one out of the book, but thought I'd cover that base anyway.

  8. If you ran a business where every time you raised prices, everyone yelled at the guy saying to not raise prices, what would you do?

  9. One of the only downsides to TSS is we can't really have Idris Elba as John Stewart now.

  10. the biggest issue is the characters just dont age properly, like you can create all sorts of fan theories like Xavier was lying when he was speaking to Wolverine or whatever but i dont know how you explain that Storm was a child in the sixties, a teen in the eighties and her in her twenties in the 2000s, Or how William stryker ages like twenty years in the space of three

  11. Are you starting at level 1, or the DM bumping you up a bit higher?

  12. Oh, no way the case gets dropped. Basically the DOJ is stepping in because Trump's lawyers tried 4 or 5 doc review companies and none of them would accept the job. The thinking is that a company is more likely to accept if approached by DOJ instead. It's possible they will require at least some portion of payment up front; but the Court (ie, special master, or the FL district CT) can force Trump to pay through fines and threats of contempt charges. But either way, the case doesn't get dropped just because no doc review co wants to work with Trump, so don't worry about that.

  13. Oh, I wasn't worried about the DoJ's case getting dropped. If anything gets dropped, it's Trump's civil case.

  14. Being a Trump supporter doesn't mean you're a racist.

  15. Player death happens, and as long as you aren't going out of your way to fudge rolls or homebrew things to force it to happen, you did nothing wrong.

  16. "Why are people talking about the former president that never left the public eye and is presumed to be the next Republican presidential candidate?"

  17. Look over symbols and things associated with her and draw inspiration from there.

  18. Do I want a second one for customizing like I did with Spiderman and Black Panther? 🤔

  19. I'd recommend the starter box and the Lost Mines of Phandelver adventure.

  20. Just pretend you played 3.5 with one of your uncle's. That way if you do no t know the rules. You can say "Ohh it worked differently in the edition we played."

  21. "Oh, the version I played is from Canada. You wouldn't have heard of it."

  22. Would people be less angry if ectopic pregnancies were exceptions?

  23. When there's 1000 holes in the ship, patching a single one doesn't do much.

  24. So the ban stems from a law that was made in 1864 before Arizona was even a state. How is that even legal? They need to allow abortions for rape/incest victims.

  25. So AZ basically decided when we became a state that all territory laws were still valid, but you just pretend it says 'state' instead of 'territory'.

  26. "For the man who has everything"

  27. Only flaw is it doesn't show Mongul winning for a few seconds before cutting to him and the Black Mercy.

  28. Please let me know what unilateral power Biden has to get health care for everyone.

  29. Much like gas prices, Biden refuses to turn the Healthcare dial to increase the amount of Healthcare in the country.

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