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  1. And what Bedrock achieves. Or what A1+++ zfsbootmenu with snapshots and clones even better. Or what ventoy can do, if people have to go make their own squashfs images anyway Is Darch new? Because never seen it. Looks like a lot of effort, I could be wrong easily.

  2. I can't parse this in English... Would answer if I could.

  3. Man, I don't know why every 5 years we pick a disability to stigmatize . What have schizophrenics done to you?

  4. schizo has been stagmatized for a long time because we're supposed to think they're 100% insane and can't see some things the rest of us cannot.

  5. Especially with AMD's Phoenix Point coming next year: Zen 4 + TSMC N5 + RDNA 3 will make for quite the ThinkPad.

  6. Totally. And Lenovo should let us have ECC since all of the Ryzens they're using already support it! Also would be nice for the T-series to have dual M.2 slots, considering the E-series has them! Always some annoying compromise :|

  7. What a coincidence, I’ll be out there. Do I point and laugh at them before or after?

  8. You're using energy to create force too - you just don't cultivate it in the same ways. I hope you decide to attend!

  9. No because the ways I do are proven by science. Levers, angles, potential and kinetic energy. Not only is chi not been proven to be real, every Claim when tested by science has been false

  10. Did you end up being able to find the clip? I can't find the claim anywhere from Shaw.

  11. Sucks because the T14s has the best aspects in most ways, but the x13, t14, and t14s all just have 1 NVME slot - so the only way to get 2 NVMEs properly is with the L14 and E14, which have a lot of downsides... 0_0I guess it is back to waiting unless anyone knows better?

  12. I just got my T14. I ordered it with the 128GB SSD option, with plans to upgrade it myself. The SSD it shipped with is a WD SN520 2242 drive. I opened the case only to take a look, as my ram and replacement SSD have not arrived yet, and decided to try swapping the SSD from the 2280 x4 slot to the 2242 x2 WWAN slot.

  13. Any news on how fast one can how to achieve using the WWAN slots in the latest T14 models?

  14. Anyone mind posting their main NVMEs performance vs the WWAN slot's NVME performance? I'm curious how worse it is - or how good NVME performance can be in the WWAN slot.

  15. I ordered the Z13 with an OLED and the screen looks great. I don't see any PWM issues. Unfortunately that laptop had stability issues and the trackpad kinda sucks so I'm keen to get the T14s Gen 3 with an OLED option once it's available in the US.

  16. You tried with the brightness all of the way down? I don't know why laptop OLEDs would have PWM issues when every phone I've owned for years has been OLED and I've never seen PWM issues despite using it at the lowest brightness setting available about half the time.

  17. well, as far as I know it only supports UDIMM, not registered modules. A real bummer.

  18. I don't think it is that big of a deal to have ECC with unregistered modules - is it?

  19. RDIMM modules can be way larger than (U)DIMM memory. There are 256GB DDR4 RDIMM modules on the market, while the largest DDR4 (U)DIMM memory is 64GB. So if you need massive amount of memory for your workflow then RDIMM is the only way.

  20. Ya but we're talking laptops, so they're fine. Such a big missed opportunity that Lenovo won't support ECC on the motherboard when the AMD CPUs already support it.

  21. I get where you're coming from. I don't like Windows as an OS but unfortunately I can't get some games working reliably through Wine/Proton, so I'm stuck using it. If I use then telemetry on what I do in the OS is going to be sent one way or the other, so minimizing usage is the best thing I can do. The thing about "portability" of Windows installs between machines has to do ultimately with Microsoft's lisencing model for the OS. So, minimize your usage of it. Not even the VM, if you activate all performance options in QEMU, is really portable between machines.

  22. Downside of passing through NVMEs is you have to deal with backup/redundancy/snapshotting/bit-rotting in the VM as well as the host. If I can get 95% the storage performance without passing through, then all of that is greatly simplified. Tho I'm not exactly sure I can get 95% using ZFS on the host, but I will try :)

  23. That should not be a concern in a gaming VM. The OS install is mostly automated, and the only thing that's running on a VM is games through Steam, and the save games are stored in a cloud. That means worst case scenario my VM is down for something under 2 hours.

  24. Ya if there was another fast NVMe slot to use for "just a gaming VM" - then I follow. But I use the windows VM for pro audio/video mostly, not games as much. And so I already have both NVME slots on the motherboard taken and a dedicated one for just games wouldn't make sense. But I understand what you mean.

  25. First of all, Lenovo's main focus are corporate customers, which are buying devices in bulks. They can fight for even $1.00 off the price, as they are buying devices in thousands or ten of thousands and each $1.00 off can result in a big savings. Now, when you add ECC support, which most likely increase the price, advertisements and efforts in convincing customers that it is better and increased cost of the ECC modules itself, then there are slim chances, that someone will buy it. Bulk buyers like performance increase and price decrease in each new generation. They would rather cut some features (e.g. less RAM or smaller SSD), than pay few bucks more for a new device. ECC memory is useful for e.g. simulations, calculations and systems, which operate 24/7. Other office users will most likely see no difference.

  26. I told you how live and business are working. This will not change no matter how much you will disagree or how loud you will stomp with your boots. Big companies don't care about complaining miniority - especially when they are complaining about products, which were not designed for them. Your voice means nothing unless you'll buy tens/hundreds of thousands devices per year. But, even then they may completly ignore your opinion.

  27. Your comment is about a world view and has nothing to do with my post besides trying to drag it down. I'm not going going down there with you

  28. So it isn't a hardware limitation and their website specs section is basically wrong:

  29. In real life from someone with skills! Best to find a school or workshop to attend at least once or twice.

  30. That means you're leading with your preferences. Why not have some clear goals and find a teacher that has helped other meet those goals. Then do what he says...

  31. I’m sorry but if you tried to do any of these moves in the street you would get fucked so hard 😂. I’ve only been doing mma for a short while but against this phoney master of tai chi I know for a fact I could whoop him 🙋‍♂️😴. Don’t be fooled because you could get really hurt trying to do Kung fu hustle moves in real life 🤦‍♂️.

  32. Next one is coming up January of 2023! Very few people in the world have these skills. Even fewer care to demonstrate them on video and teach students publicly...

  33. You clearly have no clue what you're talking about. This is exactly why you shouldn't be posting and leading people wrong. This is not at all tailored to "two people martial arts aspect" - but if you think you're too good to be taught by another person, then you'll have the same fate as 99% of the deluded Taiji practitioners today.

  34. This is why very few people practice tai chi now. Such a welcoming attitude.

  35. "Change Taiji or else we won't feel welcome" is way beyond the pale.

  36. Yes they have bugs. Visit the Lenovo forum thead about this. Use the latest Linux kernel (which are you on?)... Use the TLP service to save power. Check dmesg.

  37. More stable than Ubuntu imo - and many non-rolling distros.

  38. The "real benefit" is something that is relatively impossible to pull off otherwise: putting the root-of-trust within the user's hands. If they can pull it off with regards to their own hardware, then using a reproducible distro allows them to pull it off with regards to hardware.

  39. I bought an $80 top rated one recently - and efficiency is the least of the issues.

  40. Are you a Mizner affiliate, a closed door student or someone who took one of his seminars? Whats the deal with this sub and all the non-tai chi Mizner fluffing youre posting?

  41. I see you've made up your mind already, so I have no need to fuel conflict. Cheers to our training.

  42. Approaching 15 years of this shit, 100's/1000's of strobe lights to the eyes every day. Same nut jobs that pretend to care about health.

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