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  1. The first window of challenges in petition process involved

  2. State of Oklahoma pays the vendor Western Petition Systems $300,000/year to verify signatures electronically but due to inaccurate text, the signatures were counted manually. Ironically, the new process took 7 weeks to manually count signatures compared to the previous signature counts, which only took 2-3 weeks.

  3. Based on where she was last reportrdly seen and where her body was found, it appears the distance was a good 30 minute drive. Did she happen to know anyone who lived or around the Deer Creek area?

  4. [Here's the popping of the second one] (

  5. And EA sports used to be “In the Game”

  6. "In pride and accomplishment" is more like it

  7. I mean, this is the obvious answer.

  8. Was introduced to this guy through mutual friends and found we clicked almost instantlym The weekend came & all our friends went out dancing. He not only couldn't handle his liquor but would make snide comments about my ex boyfriend at random. So I guess it was a mixture of lack of self confidence and not being able to control his liquor that caused me to lose interest. Needless to say, I made his ass sleep in his car that night instead of letting him sleep on my couch.

  9. Pelletized Gypsum will help but make sure you use other soil amendments to help repair. I used peat moss, perlite, bone meal, and compost. Garden soil is 100% better.

  10. "Higher" by Creed or really ANY song by Creed. 90s Nostalgia at its finest.

  11. Biggest suggestion is to plant companion plants next to tomatoes (basil, borage, yarrow, asparagus).

  12. Damn. The resemblance is uncanny...

  13. Other than a larger rug, and headboard, maybe a new/updated ceiling fan will help pull it all together.

  14. I painted the fireplace black and it looked awful

  15. Maybe paint the fireplace an emerald green color? The room overall lacks color and looks completely sterile.


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