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  1. The center of the 'star' is where the spar tree was located for logging the timber from the area and the 'bursts' are the cable roads where the logs were drug towards the spar.

  2. Please put a decent belt guard on it so when the belt comes apart it doesn't totally shred you.

  3. My usual suggestion is the newest sled you can afford. If your planning on doing any sled skiing, lean towards longer tracks, 163"+ for doubling up.

  4. Buy the newest sled you can afford. I'd try and get a longer track 163"+ because of doubling up.

  5. Also, the way we used to do it is drop a sled at the bottom, double up, snowboard down to the lower sled, double up, take both sleds back to the bottom, and repeat.

  6. All my coworkers rave about the Spencer tape and I think i’m gonna get one instead of a replacement tape for the cloth one. Seems like they last a lot longer and sure would be nice to not wind up the spool a million times a day, although i usually walk around with a lot of the tape wrapped around my shoulder instead of rewinding it after every tree. Thanks for the info

  7. Wear gloves when using them. New Spencer's give really bad 'paper' cuts.

  8. I'd love one but I can't have one. I use my truck for work and with it, the box.

  9. Yes it is reliable if the timing belt is kept up with. I put one through hell and it survived pretty well. They're not power houses though, pretty gutless. I like the way they sound.

  10. I would not use 7.62x39 for Black Bear unless it was a life or death situation. A cheap bolt action 30-06, .308, or .270 would be a much better choice.

  11. Local dealerships go to a club event here every year and offer demo rides.

  12. I personally like to increase the map area and then have the legend overlay on top of the map with a white background. Then you can narrow up the margin on the bottom.

  13. Pretty normal. Most manufacturers don't paint steel interior parts that aren't visible these days.

  14. Woodpecker looking for bark beetle grubs

  15. Labs are the universal forestry dog

  16. A hound is not what your looking for. It will constantly run off and doesn't have the instincts to protect a herd like a proper livestock guardian dog will.

  17. Witches broom. Caused by Mistletoe.

  18. Are you sure Witches Brooms are caused by Mistletoe? I thought it is an infection.

  19. Mistletoe can cause witches broom, very common in the PNW. The tree the OP posted is a Douglas Fir, which is commonly infected by mistletoe that causes witches brooms like pictured.

  20. For hunting you want a soft or hollow point bullet designed for weight retention and controlled expansion.

  21. Graf and sons were offering some custom loaded with either Hornady or Sierra bullets for a while but been a while since they had any stock.

  22. I’m familiar with a NRCS project up by Lake Limerick. The PCT was $250/acre in 2022. For hand crew work I’ve seen between $160-$300 or $400 acre depending on difficulty. Cutting 80 trees per acre would be on the low end of difficulty. For the lake limerick stuff they were cutting around 700 trees per acre (stand was around 1000 tpa to start)

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