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  1. This mirrors the issues I have. Occasional drop while driving but the main issue is that sometimes after a short stop it doesn't connect again for a few minutes. (not always, just sometimes) overall the apple Carplay experience is wonderful, and I love that when I use Apple Maps for navigation the directions show up in my heads up display.

  2. Whoah, didn’t know about the HUD integration! Does this work only with Apple Maps or also other nav apps?

  3. On my 2021 There are settings for the HUD and nav where you can have the nav show up in the HUD. I am not using the Apple Car Play or Maps just BMW’s default.

  4. Yeah, the built-in nav works like that for me on my F06. But the level of integration to pull this off between CarPlay (Apple Maps) and HUD is something I did not know existed yet!

  5. Squinting beaver in front of a cool house.

  6. Nice! Didn’t know they can be converted to zigbee. Valuable content!

  7. Lol they’ve never driven them. I’ve had a C7Z51 for about four years and test drove the Audi RS3 and BMW M2 Competition before buying it—the latter two were not even close. The M2 comp may be as fast as a base C7 in a straight line but felt much heavier, with softer suspensions and softer braking. Not to stereotype too much but I think most people upgrade to BMWs directly from Nissan Altimas or VW Golf’s and mistake a sportier commuter car for a real sports car. A BMW is a better choice than a corvette for a “fun” daily driver but from a driving experience standpoint it’s just not a purpose-built sports car. Also BMW shifters feel like toys compared to their heavier American counterparts.

  8. The original proposition was better car overall, not an ultimate sport (track?) car. For that purpose, American brute force approach doesn’t even come close to German… for me.

  9. It was better “driving” car. BMWs are cool RWD sport coupes and sedans that are pretty good at everything but they’re heavy, even compared to muscle cars like mustangs and Camaros.

  10. Agree to disagree. The dual personality, versatility, comfort, quality, refinement wins in my books for the better driving car.

  11. Dude, it’s been 5 years for me and I’m still loving my 640i GC 🤩👍

  12. Don’t know about Amazon, but I bought my G1 from Best Buy specifically for the Geek Squad to mount it on the wall. They did a wonderful job!

  13. Honestly your only hope is to probably look at previous generations. ICE M cars, especially ones with a manual transmissions, are ending with this generation. Unless you don't mind all the electrification it's not getting any better. The swan songs of internal combustion, manual transmission M cars all look like shit.

  14. Once the electrification is complete, perhaps they won’t need to uglify their EVs to protect the ICE sales. Then again, new ICE vehicles of theirs are also ugly AF so my theory is probably wrong.

  15. Holly f, they actually released that abomination.

  16. But that's the thing... Nothing is stopping you from buying the 4K option outright when you are getting the TV, and people just don't seem to understand this. And it literally is a software on/off, I paid the $150 for the Drive Recorder and it was activated in my car within a minute.

  17. And “base” cars being identical to the “fully loaded” cars means that BMW will pick up the difference in cost, right?

  18. You do realize that producing say, a bunch of hardware identical 330is is cheaper than producing a bunch of different custom 330is right?

  19. That… depends greatly on the definition of “hardware identical”. I get it that you meant from the production perspective. But that is not taking into consideration the cost of the added hardware. Granted, if they are “cheap”, it may be justified by the production unification savings.

  20. That's easy to say, but we often assume that strict punishment is much more of a deterrent than it really is, so I'm curious if it really makes a difference here.

  21. It’s how western society is set up. Why wouldn’t it work in this example?

  22. Because it often doesn't work elsewhere in western society. War on drugs, etc. Enforcement has to be near-universal for people to stop assuming, or even just hoping, that they won't get caught.

  23. It’s almost as if… laws need to enforced, right?

  24. Lol again tell me you’ve never worked in the service industry.

  25. It’s a tough job. But you’re barking at the wrong tree. Will never understand how the consumer is the bad guy for already picking up the tab (that $10 single beer is $10 for a 6 pack in a store) and NOT paying you your salary on top of that while your employer is just shrugging shoulders. In a capitalist society where paying less for more is the name of the game. Sorry not sorry.

  26. I’m not in the industry so it doesn’t affect me. The best part about that $10 beer is that no one is forcing you to buy it. You are welcome to buy a six pack at the store and not go out. There seems to be this weird entitlement that we should be able to go out to dinner and be served for an hour by a server and then not tip because ~ insert all these excuses and reasons why.

  27. You do realize that I am not complaining about the $10 beer? It’s an upfront price known to everyone. I am complaining about the fact that $10 is not enough for the beer! Tax, fees, tips,… you never really know how much that beer really is.

  28. Yes. That is the model in the US. The dealership model is a requirement for distribution regardless of brand. (Tesla is disrupting that but that’s outside the scope of this convo).

  29. My point is the stealership of a given brand is part of the overall brand experience, regardless of the ownership and the business setup. That is really nothing but an implementation detail of how the business runs. You go to a BMW stealership to buy and service a BMW, regardless of who owns it. For most, the stealership is the only point of contact with the brand, other than the car itself.

  30. Two different dealerships managed by different orgs can both have BMW branded locations. One has good service the other doesn’t. Go to the one that you like.

  31. Again, how they are manager is an implementation detail. It’s irrelevant. And it’s not an excuse. BMW brand should have a certain standard for any stealership, regardless od where a consumer goes.

  32. If this is was in the States, I would expect the shop to say that they didn’t drive it. They also would not know how the car ended up outside their shop…

  33. Ugly cars are always better in darker colors.

  34. I don t see geo switched in the description.. I also use another plugin for dummy.. maybe u use the dummy with a location automation? It this that u mean?

  35. Nah, it’s a regular dummy switch. The geo functionality comes directly from the HK.

  36. The current X5 is the best looking SUV amongst all.

  37. It’s sad that X5 is more attractive than X6.

  38. Why do they insist on making their cars look like they should be in Tron.

  39. My theory was that they still want to make EVs mildly unattractive to push the sales of ICEVs, but new BMW’s ICEVs are ugly too ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  40. Why do people still complain about it? I find that part much more annoying...

  41. It looks great because black paint hides that hideous black grille.

  42. When I was buying my TV, HomeKit was an absolute must. It turned everything I needed was already possible through an Apple TV. I ended up not even hooking up my LG TV to wifi...

  43. Bahn means more like Train but CarBahn is English-German for Autobahn. I love the obsession for our Autobahn from the Americans 😄

  44. Obsessed with the Autobahn, yet the concept of a passing lane seems like such a foreign concept on any American freeway… 🤷

  45. Mostly on the west. Once you are east of Nebraska people start getting out of the left lane for you to overtake

  46. Yep, definitely more common in the west.

  47. It's the nightmare of the 21st century.

  48. Absolutely not true. Social media has been fucking with politics all over the globe.

  49. What’s absolutely true is that most countries have laws dictating how long a campaign period is, while the U.S. does not. Perpetual election cycle? Yes, but in the US only.

  50. Depends. The old money types by me buy E class wagons exclusively and that’s great taste in my opinion.

  51. No data to back this up, but my observation is that true old money wants to blend in more (Volvo, maybe Rover). Flashy stuff is mostly leased and barely afforded.

  52. Trucks on the west side, BMWs on the east side. Similar driver profile.

  53. Yeah, truckers and BMW drivers are a definitely very different breed.

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