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  1. through swagbucks, signed up for both chime (25000 swagbucks) and sofi (17500 swagbucks). each required a "direct deposit" of $200+ for the first deposit to qualify. pushed $301 to each through nfcu's zelle web portal by choosing the option to enter a routing and account number, it gets pushed via ACH. some 70+ days later still no swagbucks so I send a messege to swagbucks customer service for each. they reply asking for a screenshot, so I screen shot each page from each pdf statement showing the "deposits" for each account. next day, 425000 swagbacks. in the process of moving the $425 to paypal to send to bank checking account. its slow, swagbucks only allowed me two cash outs per day, the paypal amounts are $250/100/50/25, and swagbucks takes 2-3 to push to paypal. still a relatively easy $425.

  2. I think you missed out on $100 from sofi by not doing $1000+

  3. I expect to receive the $599 bonus from Sofi in the next couple days. I assume meeting the requirements for the $100 Checking and Saving bonus would be a bad idea since they issue 1099s for $600+?

  4. My 1099 from sofi includes the direct deposit bonus and SoFi money rewards points redemptions but not the loan bonus.

  5. Nah this is his brand new 500 mil super yacht biggest in the planet.

  6. They are actually building him two boats, this one plus a "shadow vessel" to carry all his assorted water toys. As someone on Jalopnik commented, even his yacht has a yacht 😂

  7. P2 opened up an account at US Bank for the $500 SUB on the last day. I am planning to fund their account since they don't have any income to trigger it. We don't have the same last name or have a joint account. Any issues with that?

  8. I don't know if US Bank specifically will get triggered but many bank accounts will. Better off transferring the money to a bank account with her name on it and trying from there

  9. If you do disney torrents I do a few at once and none for awhile. Spectrum keeps letting me know Disney is unhappy with me.

  10. This is like a shittylifeprotip lol. If you pay for a year or two in advance a vpn works out to $3-$5 a month.

  11. This topic and thread is only relevant to people who live in the U.S/Canada, subscribe to Netflix, subscribe to an ISP, own a computer to torrent on, and presumably are not homeless and have a place to put that computer. If those things are true and you can't afford $60 you need to stop watching Disney torrents immediately and reevaluate whatever the fuck you are doing with your life. Stop lowering the bar to 0.

  12. $600 irs reporting thing probably means a lot of people are cutting out the PayPal middleman from revenue streams if they can too

  13. Trinity bullet-time dodging Louis CK's nut might be the funniest thing they've ever come up with

  14. Dave Chappelle's homeless guy on the bus bit has been waiting in Jays subconscious for just such an occasion.

  15. Excuse my ignorance here, but what's the churning angle? Is this essentially if one was in need of a personal loan anyway, SoFi is a way to get it and get a cash bonus up front as well? or are people opening these and paying them off asap? I have to imagine the interest rate is atrocious on these.

  16. I did the $500 bonus last month so a few data points for you.

  17. Like most Fintech firms a lack of fees is one of their major selling points so no, no penalties. You get the $500 pretty much immediately and the dispersement a day or two later so you might pay a couple dollars of interest. The direct deposit bonus and SB both triggered immediately upon my DD. You'd have to go through DoC comments regarding clawbacks but I doubt it.

  18. I haven't heard that joke before yet I can hear his exact delivery

  19. If you’ve bought $250 Virtual VGC’s through from recent promos be sure to check your balances frequently or use them up. One of my cards seems to have gotten hacked with an unrecognized charge from “Unstoppabledomains” for $148.46 on Nov 30 and called in to file a dispute. Seems to be some kind of cryptocurrency type domain site. Ughh. Hope I get my money back.

  20. I tend to put them all into Amazon asap since they don't seem to work a lot if other places. Might be better to hold off on activating until ready to use? Not sure.

  21. Huh I still don't see where I can add PPK. Have been seeing "coming soon" for ages

  22. You need to have PayPal Cash, ie able to hold a balance and get the debit card in the mail and all that. I had PayPal for like 10 years linked to my bank account but never had that feature enabled, as soon as I opened the cash account the PPK links worked.

  23. EDIT - in my own stupidity i literally asked you guys a stupid question. Keeping this thread up as a happy holidays and so you guys can laugh at my stupidity

  24. Getting $400 for opening a bank account is pretty clear cut. The bank already told the IRS it was interest.

  25. I’m guessing that everyone’s gotta get to that moment where it’s “too much” and then figure out what to cut out to keep sane.

  26. With 2-3% general cards widely available its hard to justify getting a new card for 5% in one category unless it's a major expense. Rotating categories and monthly/quarterly limits on most high cashback cards usually limit the effectiveness. I.e the most a Citi custom cash can save you in a year is 500x12x.05=$300, if you already have a 3% card it's only $120 max savings in a whole year, if you managed to max a category every month with no extraneous spend at lower rates. Same with discover, cash+ etc. Chase SUB, referrals, targeted spending deals instead of focus on %

  27. Is this churnable? I did a Chime bonus in 2019.

  28. Haven't seen any successful DPs for such. One comment at DoC said they kept SSN on file. Swagbucks/Mypoints offers end 12/31 so try quick if you are going to!

  29. Good find. When I clicked into the Soylent store on Amazon (app) yesterday some of the cases also had a 40% off coupon available which I used. But I'll buy a case of these ones as well! And Walmart/Walgreens/Publix have their ongoing discount through Swagbucks until next year. Lots of good deals.

  30. The last two businesses were a titty bar and a porn shop, sounds like it was a classy place

  31. I mean...the bar he owned in college got shut down after an underage girl won the wet t shirt contest so it's pretty much in his wheelhouse

  32. Thanks! I was approved last night, about an hour before the cut-off. I also signed the loan agreement at that time. Now just waiting for the funding to clear. So it's definitely been more than a few hours. Hopefully the bonus posts soon.

  33. Yes. Or leave a small balance and maybe it raises your credit score. When you go to pay the loan it asks for routing and account number, no option to select "from my SoFi money account obviously". You just enter the SoFi account details like any other.

  34. Here in CT our energy delivery rates are routinely double to triple the cost of the actual electricity used. It was just announced that our delivery fees will go up by at least 21% in January and our utilities provider has asked us all to conserve usage on our end. It’s pretty bad. I voted against him, but my district’s representative is the corporate lawyer for the utility company.

  35. My last bill from Eversource here in CT: $26 for supply and $57 for delivery. 1 bedroom apartment 5 miles from a nuclear plant lol. This spring/summer I was routinely hitting $130-150 before the Governor made them undo the rate hike or whatever which is crazy considering how little electric I use. The town right across the river from me has its own municipal utility and my bill for a 2 bedroom there was usually $40.

  36. Visible was great for me when I switched in February but recently it cuts out a lot in semi crowded grocery store parking lots. Considering going back to Fi or switching to T mobile. The deprioritization is just getting too bad. But for $25/month it's hard to complain.

  37. 100% chewy. If you know you’re pet’s eating habits you can subscribe and get a discount. Only shitty thing is it’s free shipping at 50 dollars and of course the pet food I buy is 49.99. I’ll make up the difference by getting a clearance toy or something.

  38. You can get 8% Cashback by going through Ibotta currently. Probably stacks with subscription discount but you'd have to cancel and restart each time...I think. Not sure.

  39. I mean, once frozen things are pretty much good forever despite what labels might say. Ibotta app was offering free turkeys up to $15 this year at Walmart.

  40. I don't know what credit cards you are using but:

  41. Did #1 before. I think they flagged me for churning. I made ~3k/year but found it difficult to get accepted for cards after a while…

  42. 2. There are several options for 3%+ Apr checking accounts but they almost all require you to jump through hoops like $1000 debit spend etc that would negate the benefit. I feel like a large cash stash would be better spent in a brokerage or getting bonuses for accounts that require you to hold money for a certain length of time.

  43. Actually AOD (the place with the 3% Cashback credit card) offers this as well. Don't think they mention it anywhere but they started sending mailers about it 6 months later, $2000 must be the standard coverage for free.

  44. Fidelity push ACH transfer was FAST. Like saw the money in my destination account within 2-3 hours of pushing.

  45. Do you use the brokerage or CMA to push? I can't say I've noticed Fidelity being especially fast with ACH but it probably depends what time you put in your request as all the transfers from each institution are processed in a big batch (or several) per day as far as I understand.

  46. Thanks for sharing. I was surprised one time when I offered to return something, and they said just to keep it lol

  47. Same happened to me with an over the air tv antenna. But think about it:

  48. Not interested unless Kohl's Cash can be cashed out.

  49. It seems like a good deal for everyone. Amazon gets readymade drop off locations, Amazon customers get convenient returns process, Kohl's gets foot traffic (and presumably money from Amazon).

  50. Coinstar let's you redeem as Amazon credit for full value. For most people that's as good as cash, if not maybe sell to a friend/relative. Depending on location it can also be more convenient, and is definitely more efficient than rolling them yourself. There's a coinstar in the grocery store I go to anyway, so I just take the bucket when it's full.

  51. Definitely a thing. I've had accounts where the trial deposits have remained. I'd call it 3-4 accounts. The majority of the accounts I've had do return the trial deposits.

  52. This happened to me with Chime, although what ACTUALLY happened was the two banks I linked sent the test deposits and immediately tried to debit them back, but the debits failed due to insufficient funds. Could be because in that particular instance I was linking to an account with zero balance whereas normally it would have been funded in some amount by credit card already. Or maybe the deposits were slow to settle. Been a few weeks and they haven't tried to debit again though.

  53. Decided it was time to try my hand at bank account bonuses. I just signed up for a Chime account through My Points and had a couple questions. Hopefully someone here has experience with one or the other. The deal was 44,000 My Points by signing up and doing one DD within 30 days. My Points should post after 60 days. As far as my research could tell me Chime does not have an early termination fee. If I DD to Chime can I then transfer those funds to my everyday bank account or should I wait until the my points post? Can I close the Chime account as soon as the my points post? And when will my my points account show that it is a pending deal? Just opened about an hour ago. TIA

  54. You can transfer out once it shows as available. But I don't think Chime is "churnable" so it might be more beneficial to keep the account (and maybe try for referrals). I just opened it recently too and they have some nice features.

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