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  1. "poki" means "brick" because bricks are "box" shaped

  2. mi kepeken e nimi pi toki pona ni: kala kasi. taso, nimi wan taso la, mi kepeken nimi kala.

  3. Having to draw the New Brunswick flag in elementary school was an absolute NIGHTMARE

  4. this is what I thought, but I put "la" because I wasn't quite sure. thank you

  5. I think it would be cool to see a short passage written with this

  6. I just used one of the toki pona vocabulary apps on the app store. There may also be flashcards online. Other than that, buy pu or watch jan Misali's videos. Memorizing the words is the easy part, using them effectively is what matters

  7. guys, I know there’s supposed to be “li” between “loje” and “olin” but i kinda went without it because I thought that with li it would mean “The Red Woman is Loving the Blue Man” and without it it would be “The Red Woman Loves the Blue Man”

  8. I get your thought process here, but I want to explain a little bit why we can't do that with toki pona.

  9. Practice make master (idk do u say it in English but it's translated from my language)

  10. In English we say "Practice makes perfect" but this makes sense too. It is interesting that both languages have a similar saying.

  11. I agree the syntax is a bit clunky but DAYUM look at that perfect spelling and punctuation! I'm so used to mangled French even in French-speaking Quebec and New Brunswick. This is so refreshing.

  12. A lot of the French here in NB gets mixed in with English so it makes sense lol. I agree that this is nice to see

  13. Love this, it looks so pretty all together ❤ it reminds me of secret text in video games, or the runes that appear in a lot of sci-fi media. I'd like to see how this would look if you tried to write it down on paper

  14. o weka e mani la, jan li kepeken e nasin pana anu seme? ni la, jan nanpa wan li pana e ijo tawa jan nanpa tu. tu li pana e ijo pi sama suli tawa wan. o weka e mani e nasin ni la, nasin ante li lon ala lon?

  15. eeshlor borglar arsclo sclar, plorcly gly scly glarngbar spwarng.

  16. soweli sina li suwi mute la mi wile pana e moku lili pona tawa ona. kin la nimi pi soweli Kopi li nimi sama lon toki Inli anu seme?

  17. I think of this when I read it: "The flower places my big dog to the side" Though there are obviously many ways to interpret this as evidence by the other comments.

  18. "To dismiss the importance of virginity is foolish" this dude DEFINITELY never laid pipe. He probably thinks his virginity is a gift

  19. jan Juko o, sitelen sina li pona mute! sitelen ni tan nimi jan, utala, kala, en o. nimi utala li pona tawa sina anu seme? sina wile e ni: sina pakala e kala e jan anu seme? a a a

  20. Maybe, I was thinking "person of knowing toki pona" and didn't know a better way to put it. Maybe could also use "jan li sona e toki pona"?

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