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  1. That McCarthy pussy put a spell on my mans

  2. i hope they didn't charge you full price for those vein steaks :(

  3. Sony OLED A80J/A80K or LG G1/G2 OLED. 55" or 65”. Don’t look back. Sony if you like movies, LG if you game.

  4. are you insane? a 65" tv for a viewing distance of what looks to be 4 feet?

  5. i just said "oof, my god" out loud

  6. Green start was perfect. Idk what the fuck windows 11 is's not even a start bar anymore

  7. You'll be fine! Nice work, excited for you buddy

  8. looks like the entire steak wasn't making contact with the heat/oil. I pretty much shallow fry my steaks to ensure the entire surface area is getting blasted with heat and caramelizing properly. but man do you have an eye for quality, those look amazing and i bet they tasted as such!

  9. Damn. I was thinking of mounting my 55 inch Samsung Q90a. Didn’t realize it took possibly like 6 holes like seen here. I figured maybe 4 max on 2 different studs.

  10. i've got my 65" mounted into drywall using 4 toggle bolts. been holding steady for over a year now. trust me 6 is overkill

  11. Yeah august is usually right around when I stop giving a shit and just let nature take its course 😆

  12. Italian long hots! Or maybe long sweets. They're long!

  13. honestly you could probably get some really sticky tape or something

  14. how do you get them so perfect??? no cracks, splits, dents, spots, nothing!

  15. Yeah because what the hell did you cut it up into?

  16. mine's been rock solid for almost a year now, no issues.

  17. Should have found a way to keep the flame down on whatever you cooked it on too

  18. Do u hug women despite the fact you have sex with some of them? There's your answer

  19. Holy voodoo is such a unique flavor - love it. I need to try holy cow and gospel too. What's the rib candy like? I can't find an ingredient list on their website, hope not high fructose corn syrup etc

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