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  1. deep breaths my guy...they'll get there when they get there

  2. this is how i have mine. looks good!

  3. It sucks so much to see such premium expensive products to come with issues on people:/

  4. how many people post to these forums when everything is working properly? just some food for thought

  5. yes - send it to me for disposal

  6. imagine typing an entire post rather than just googling this:

  7. It will if you install a linter that formats on save!

  8. Dude get a hobby or something Jesus Christmas

  9. Congratulations - this inane question is the straw that finally made me leave this dumb subreddit!

  10. This is an extremely small sample size to base any claims on. 100 men?

  11. What odor should I be smelling for? Is it pretty noticeable? How much odor is too much? (I realize these are some difficult things to explain in text so thanks for trying.)

  12. You'll just...know. kind of hard to explain but it's some hardwired shit

  13. Yes it's a trap. LG has been tricking people for years.

  14. Wall-size TV is a goal. She'll get over it, I'm sure you've let her have a few things too :)

  15. in before people start flaming about watching sports with static content on an OLED...looks great man i'll look into that too :)

  16. It's not worth 5x the price of a Roku 4K Stick no. And this is coming from an Apple fanboy.

  17. i'm still waiting for the price to come down on a panasonic plasma that i've had my eye on for a decade now

  18. So you've wasted 10 years of your life not enjoying a beautiful TV that you've wanted to badly?

  19. Arkansas trouser snake smothered in white sauce

  20. For $27/lb? Sign me the hell up

  21. Breast should be 150. Huge difference.

  22. Set a timer for 4 hours every time you turn the TV on. Make sure you turn the TV off at the exact time the timer goes off or your TV will explode

  23. This is Schermerhorn Street in Downtown Brooklyn. They installed this big bike lane a few months ago, and since then it's been used regularly as parking, loading, unloading, and traffic skipping by cars/trucks/buses

  24. it's been an absolute disaster - has made traffic so much worse too

  25. I don't own a car you clown. Have you ever sat in traffic in an Uber for 30 minutes just to go 2 blocks when you're trying to catch a flight?

  26. Every TV has an expiration date. The more you use it the sooner that day comes. You’ll never know when that day is. That being said, you should never stop using your tv just to make it last longer. If you want to watch something or play something, do it.

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