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  1. Why would you NOT want to be educated? If you can spot similar behaviors in other people and prevent a crime why would you not want to help? Mental health is a huge issue that should get more attention.

  2. If you spot similar behaviors in other people (shooting drivers, stealing cars, abandoning cars with infants trapped inside on sweltering hot days) you can prevent them from committing crimes by locking them away from drivers to shoot, cars to steal, and babies to bake.

  3. I’m not trying to force them to have empathy. You missed the point. It’s understanding why he did this, what led up to this point. Is it a genetic neurological problem or was this trauma induced behavior? If we don’t take the time to educate ourselves then how can we move forward in a positive manner. This is looking out for the world. I feel like the mf should rot for the crimes committed. I am not agreeing or making an excuse for his behavior. But I wanna know what caused him to snap. The more educated we are the more people we can help.

  4. Never knew it was "eye to eye". Thought maybe "I do I" or something. "Eye to eye" makes more sense. Probably. Thanks!

  5. To do what? I was really hoping you'd save me a click...

  6. Spiders' legs don't function like our fingers or limbs do. Instead they push liquids to make it go straight. So when they die, this liquid stops flowing to the legs, so that's why their legs curl up whenever they die.

  7. LOL, thanks, I already clicked anyway, but I appreciate the effort.

  8. But it does matter, society must understand determinism and conditioning if we are to effectively elevate people who are suffering.

  9. This statement seems like a non sequitur to me. How does working to relieve suffering require believing determinism?

  10. My point is you can’t find the most effective solutions if you don’t really understand the problem. A non determinist perspective on human behavior will not lead to the best solutions.

  11. It sounds like you're assuming determinism is true, so any solutions that aren't based on it are by default unmoored from reality. Not much different in principle from "solutions must be based on God's word" for those who think that's the authoritative truth.

  12. As long as we're doing nights, Into the Night is definitely an LA movie. Not my favorite, and I haven't watched it again since I saw it in the theater in the mid 80s, but it might be interesting now just as a slice of time for those of us who lived through it.

  13. A part of The Terminator was filmed in La Fayette and 3rd! Near the park

  14. The truck in T2 jumped into the LA river from the intersection at Plummer and Hayvenhurst. There's a "big dog" topiary on one corner.

  15. You should invest in a Berkey Filter. It’s around $300. It will save you tons on bottled water costa and doesn’t require electricity.

  16. Berkey has chosen not to offer their filters in California. Too many hoops to jump through, they say. Seems sus to me, but that's what they say.

  17. Does a candle flame exist? Yes and no. Contemplating exactly what a candle flame is makes a good study of consciousness and the structure of reality itself.

  18. This could be a useful metaphor. Have you written more elsewhere?

  19. I'm in my sixties, and I agree that "thoughts just appearing" is an opinion, probably a useless one, possibly a counterproductive one.

  20. Look through the source docs. The particularly relevant stuff is from page 88. Do you honestly not see how laden with bias it all is? If you want specific examples, start with how unscientifically they're talking about sex, e.g. their framing of "assigned sex".

  21. If you don't want to answer the question, that's okay.

  22. So I answered the question, and even in a way which you agree with (ie that there's some unscientific nonsense in there), and you still think I haven't answered the question? Not only that, but you accuse me of a strawman, then go on to strawman my beliefs? lol fuck off with this shit.

  23. LOL yeah, those "source docs" were just brimming with Noble Savage talk. Sorry I said that was a strawman LMAO.

  24. What's with the ass kisser acting like these clowns wrote Citizen Kane? "Started so many conversations" LMAO. I think he just wants that girl's number.

  25. In this hypothetical, you might not know with certainty which comedian had stolen it.

  26. Even if you wrote it yourself. I can't count the number of times I'll think of something clever and then google it to discover that I "stole" it from somebody somewhere.

  27. Let's change gears for a second, how would they phrase "I have diarrhea and my anus is burning"?

  28. Montezuma in the water, his rocket flames

  29. Tied for worst with Skin of Evil. I honestly don't remember Matter of Honor, but reading the synopsis it sounds pretty bad too. Another one that I'd nominate is that one where the video game gave dopamine hits and turned the crew into stoners -- that's right up there with Sulu peeling his shirt off in TOS.

  30. One update, I read online that someone was using a micrometer to crack the seed coat, so I bought a set. That works very well, and I was able to get the embryo and endosperm extracted with no visible damage and no visible trace of the seed coat. It looks like a little beige seed inside the shiny black seed. I've put a dozen of these in starter tubes. I seem to recall reading that germination took 3 weeks, but maybe I'm conflating 20 days with someone who said germination happened at 20 degrees centigrade...

  31. I wouldn't regard it as immoral. Who's to say that a diamond isn't happier if it's faceted, or crushed to dust? We'll need to navigate "eating vegetables" before we start worrying about minerals' feelings, and for the record, I don't regard eating vegetables as immoral either.

  32. LOL no. It's the kind of BS creationists make up for fundamentalists who home school. Sulfur is not a standard element in DNA, and someone who thinks it's spelled "sulfer" isn't someone you should be taking seriously in the first place.

  33. These terms are still a bit amorphous, and I haven't seen Black Panther myself, but the only "woke" viewpoint I (classical liberal) would reflexively oppose would be the one that seeks to silence free speech. I'm not familiar with everyone on your list, but the ones I do know don't seek to silence free speech, as far as I'm aware. I believe those on the left who DO seek to silence free speech are a "tiny fraction" of liberals, yes. Yes, I do.

  34. I disagree with the claim that the Post story was "suppressed". Failure to breathlessly repeat the story 24/7 is not the same thing as suppression.

  35. Twitter blocked links to the Post article for a time, a policy that they reversed a full two weeks before the election. The Streisand Effect meant that policy actually boosted the visibility of the story, the opposite of suppression.

  36. AFAIC, it's bullshit. I have no idea what Sam means by 'free will', and don't regard myself as a passenger who's just along for the ride. I make choices, which affect my future and the future of others. Reason and emotion inform those choices, and I try to make them as deliberately as I can.

  37. Hello, if this is not the right place please suggest alternatives.

  38. Between the moon and the sun right now you'll find Mars and Venus. Mars is red-looking, and closer to the moon. Venus is white-looking, and closer to the sun.

  39. Here's how I regard it as a classical liberal.

  40. Should a holocaust denier be allowed a speaking gig on campus in your mind? Is being a speaker on a college campus just an open-mic night?

  41. If a group of students or faculty or administration wants to bring a holocaust denier to the campus, and has jumped through the hoops required to reserve a building and host the event, then yes, I think that holocaust denier should be allowed to speak.

  42. I’m quite curious why this comment is the only comment this account has EVER made.

  43. Mr. Ed will never speak, unless he has something to say.

  44. I don't know what he means, we also have our bodies, and if we choose to we can offer them to others too.

  45. I'm guessing that he means that the only way we are aware of anything is through our minds. Our awareness of our bodies occurs as an activity of the mind. Do we really know whether or not we even have a body and that we're not a brain in a jar being given inputs that provide the appearance of a body interacting with a material reality? As far as we know, our very consciousness itself may emerge entirely through simulated biology held together with stimulated physics on some computer that only has the processing power to crank out one "frame" of physical interactions every ten thousand years of "real" wall clock time. We don't know anything about what gives rise to mind or body.

  46. From the picture it looks like there is plenty of parking available. If that changes as the day progresses, I agree with the majority of the comments here. If not, give the guy a break -- he's obviously concerned that his oversized truck will be dinged by someone's door, and is parking to minimize the chances of that.

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