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  1. Nah I gonna disagree with this. To me, both plot points are kinda flawed but Revice handled it better imo. Revice introduced the plot point fairly early into the show but did nothing with it until the last 10 eps. Then in those 10ish episodes that's when the show finally started to expand with it and gave a satisfying yet bittersweet conclusion. Donbrothers on the other hand came out of nowhere and only was a thing to add some sort of stake for the last episode. I really wanted to like it, especially with the scene where Sonoi was reintroducing the Donbrothers member to Momoi at the oden stand but, I couldn't really get invested into it. If Donbros gave the plot a proper build up, then I would 100% agree with your take. Idk if this is a hot take but that's how I feel about this topic.

  2. From what I've checked, Prodessor Lando is a youtuber that make videos explaining various weeb internet culture such as: explaining the Twitch culture, why Pokemon cards are expensive, using science to explain tomboys, and opening a class to teach about milfs.

  3. Peak rider for giving us my favourite ship Godai x Ichijo and not because of the show's amazing world building and character development πŸ‘

  4. My man tries his hardest all his life to be a good person then a warmongering twink comes along and ruins his life.

  5. I for one, am glad a lot of people appreciate Archchiimedal's character πŸ‘

  6. First Amazon Italy leaked the dlc for MK1 (or 12) and now this πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€What's going in with Amazon lol

  7. Eternal vs Eden: I was going to give the win to Eden but I then remembered in Zio, Eternal was able to destory one of Swartz's another world/universe thingy via his Maximum Drive. If we're only including feats just from their respective seasons, then Eden wins.

  8. Gundam and Vinland giving me emotional damage back-to-back 😎

  9. My apologies, I stole this video from Twitter πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  10. Watched it both and both sucks

  11. If the guy was complaining about how Rintaro won via his upgrade, they watched the show. I don't really see an issue here. Sure it may not make sense to you, but it's their opinion.

  12. I honestly feel like Revice's second half and the entire season in general could've been much better if it decided to stick with the Igarashi family's drama and shenanigans and the Weekend stuff being the B plot.

  13. The interactions between Vice and Michinaga was lowkey cute

  14. They deadass gave a literal who a suit over Ben and John 😭😭😭 Hopefully they will get their own v cinema copium

  15. This community when a guy who doesn't want the one piece, decides he doesn't want to pursue the one piece: "FRAUD!"

  16. Sorry but agenda > understanding a character's motivation, personality, goals, etc πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

  17. Nah we just gotta wait, his named move will appear soon, hopefully😭

  18. My boy's going through too much chatacter development rn

  19. Mihawk bros, not like this... At least Buggy was amazing in this chapter tho

  20. I mean just wait?πŸ˜… It seems like the latest ep is a set up for Keiwa's arc, kinda similar to Buffa's "death" arc

  21. Ryuki > OOO > Den O Ryuki is one of my personal favourite show of all time and made me appreciate character focused shows way more. I really like how 90% of the characters are either morally grey or just jerks and how the show uses this to challenge the characters viewpoint. Also the concept is pretty cool with how anyone can become a Rider and join a game where they can get one wish granted. How would they wield their new rider powers and wish? Would they use it to help others, for selfish needs, or to satisfy their twisted fantasy. Of course there are some issues with the show such as it's weird pacing, a rather unsatisfying explanation of the mirror world, and the ending. Oh and Shinji can be a dumbass at times too lol.

  22. My biggest take away here is how Golden Kamuy managed to be in the top 20 despite only airing 6 episodes before going into hiatus

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