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  1. Backdoor will be your only option if you’re looking to contribute to your Roth. Keep in mind your max for each year is still 6k tho.

  2. so would I need to withdraw the amount I contributed this year into a Roth, Fund the Traditional IRA, then do a backdoor roth conversion and resume investing under the Roth?

  3. They're the biggest east coast promotion. Former Champs from there or bigger names include: Aljo, Felder, Burgos, Lyman Good, Jimmie Rivera, Julio Arce, Merab, Jim Miller.

  4. Unless you know the quality of the work, it may be worth trying them out on a project even if it ends up costing you slightly more by breaking up the first project seperate from your whole house project. This would ensure you know the quality of their work before getting completely involved. And if you end up liking their work on the first room, you have the rest of the house to use them on.

  5. I hate that Barcelos and my boy Merab are fighting. Love them both.

  6. He’s a D1 wrestler or he wrestled in college I believe so at least 9 years

  7. I believe just HS wrestler. Nothing online about him going to college

  8. shouldn't it be assumed other fighters he fought were also injured? why he is granting himself the caveat while not acknowledging it for his opponents.

  9. I remember Marlon saying that Jimmies trailer trash mother spat on him after this fight. will Always root for Jimmie to get knocked the fuckout after that.

  10. Unfortunately You may never forget this moment, but take solace in the fact no one else will ever remember it.

  11. Charles Oliveira has some pretty well know sight issues, the guy walks around with some comically huge glasses and in their fight Jimmie hooked his finger tips inside Charle's eyes like 3 times and then took a fucking huge ass whopping.

  12. Dude, for having such a strong opinion, you might want to get your facts straight. They've never fought eachother. They're not even in the same weight class. And if anything, Jimmie has had one of the more serious eye injuries in the UFC via Faber.

  13. I know this is mostly recency bias but I don't see Rivera being a problem for Yan at all. I would have much rather seen Yan against Munhoz or Assuncao.

  14. But Rivera beat Munhoz, and Munhoz lost to Dodson who Yan and Rivera both beat. May be MMA math but I think Rivera/Assuncao pose a bigger challenge than Munhoz.

  15. The Rivera/Munhoz fight was 4 years ago and Munhoz was a victim of Adalaide Byrd against Dodson. I think Yan beats Munhoz but I'd rather see him fight against top 5 guys than a guy whose stock seems to be fading.

  16. Fair enough. It's a huge fight for both Jimmie to see if he can get it together, and Yan who has potential as a rising star.

  17. Sounds like you've done your research on this. If you treat that basement just like you were building a really big bathroom, you can't go wrong.

  18. thanks, I was surprised too by FEMA leaving out rockwool. I already have it in the ceiling

  19. One trick I saw on a basement remodel blog. They only drywalled down to like 4-5" above the floor, then covered the gap with baseboard. Only have to replace any damaged baseboard, and not every sheet of drywall if it floods. Pretty crafty hack, I'd say.

  20. Nice call, I was considering something like that initially. I strayed away from the idea of doing any drywall in the basement because of the potential for mold, and my wife and I wanted walls to look different and not have a distinct baseboard along the entire basement. Also, that would entail a removal process and reinstallation process that we are hoping to avoid entirely.

  21. It'll be pricier than doing drywall, but you can get things like composite plastic/fiberglass panels in a variety of textures. You can make it look like a normal wall but there would be nothing to actually be damaged by water ingress. (similarly, consider something like vinyl plank for flooring, just not peel-and-stick or gluestrip, since the glue might fail after being submerged)

  22. Will look into composites. I heard vinyl plank flooring isn't suitable for flood environments...something about hydrostatic pressure pushing up the planks. I'll have to look into it thanks.

  23. is Lymann Good the only fighter to face Askren AND Maia ?

  24. Both these guys are pretty active, hard to believe they haven’t fought

  25. they also came up in the same East Coast mma circuit

  26. The thing is.. he's a lot like Jimi Rivera, he's got power and can drop people pretty reliable it's just that he's usually not chasing the finish.

  27. Rivera vs Assuncao is possibly the most technical matchup boxing wise, at bantamweight

  28. Why lie? It’s clearly photoshopped. The white outline around the tongue is a give away. It’s also a higher res image than the dog.

  29. It’s photoshopped. You can see the white outline from the original photo on the right side of the tongue. People that do this bullshit need to be exposed!

  30. Will Good be the first fighter to have faced both Maia and Askren?

  31. Not in the UFC anymore but I think he had a fight recently in Atlantic City. He trains out of Jersey and tsmma. He's associated with Jimmie Rivera's and Nick Pace's fight camps.

  32. Ideally, this list should really count fighters who were ranked when defeated, even if they are no longer active or in the UFC. Urijah/Anderson Silva/Belfort/Bisbing were relevant when they were beaten by fighters like Rivera/Cruz/Weidman

  33. Most pullups in 24 hours probably wasn't that hard of a record to beat, considering that nobody (except apparently David Goggins) is crazy enough to spend 24 hours doing pullups.

  34. According to Guiness that record was broken in 2016:

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