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  1. In gay porn is popular fucking in front of a women rn it's disgusting

  2. José Luis si haces una broma de negros y un negro se ofende t llevas una hostia da igual la inteligencia

  3. Pues es algo de lo que sentirnos orgullosos que nuestra cultura prevalezca sobre la religión, ademas un católico español se acerca mas a la realidad k el americano

  4. Being a human wc in a trucker stop, I would even pay them

  5. I'm thinking about cruising and be a human WC and let Latinos and moroccans do everything they want

  6. As a gay left white european i support this. Enough with this lie of multiculturalism

  7. Well done a nd very good explained I think this is what the majority of europeans think, I'm not against climate change and ultra liberal, but I'm not a multiculturalism fan but everything makes u a nazi or a communist

  8. Consuming them since 14 and tbh I didn't have any problems, just good sex

  9. Sorry but those countries are disgusting, asian muslims are the worst

  10. Right? The smell of men is so good I feel like a whore everytime

  11. Ns hacerme una paja con una loncha de jamon serrano

  12. For ex: netflix does original series ut somone buys the rights in my country and i pay netflix and i cant watch an og on Netflix

  13. 12, but i always liked boys but i didnt know what gay is, well i remember that gays are guys who like other guys but when i was a kid i didnt know that thats exactly what is happening me

  14. I'm afraid of being raped by a women too they look at me like meat!

  15. People is going to hate me but I would say 90% of women have problems with fat people, that makes me sick af. Like fr idk why they treat and judge fat people so bad, ik guys do it too but damn as an ex fat boy ik the feeling and I remember being afraid of speaking with any woman about anything because all of them looked my with a disgusting face, when I lost weight it was the contrary. Ik it's not that much but u can know a lot about a person for how they judge others

  16. I don’t think fat men are disgusting but honestly would not date one. I saw that episode of 1000 ways to die and I’m scared I will die under one of them.

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