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  1. I think the “cute” name for it here in the UK is “front bottom”, that’s what my mum called it. But I agree cute names should never be used, it’s outdated and very dangerous.

  2. Yes, I have a tattoo that would go raised and itchy in the summer in the heat or sun for 3 years after I got it. It doesn’t do it any more though.

  3. Her poses are terrible considering she did a bit of modelling when she was younger. Her shoes often don’t match her outfits and her outfits look like cheap sexy Halloween costumes high schoolers would wear.

  4. Hi, I worked as a carer for residents with learning difficulties / dementia but left at about 28 weeks. I had a specialised pregnancy risk assessment as soon as they found out I was pregnant. In my workplace personal care was completely fine (if it is a client who requires 2 carers, the other carer had to do the weight bearing parts e.g turning / using slide sheets) pushing wheelchairs is fine as long as you don’t feel under strain whilst doing it and I was advised to only push wheelchairs that had our smaller framed residents in. I was advised to only do tasks that my body felt comfortable doing and if I was in doubt at all, not to do it. It may be different in different workplaces but pregnant women in my job were not allowed to use any of the machinery such as hoists or stand aids. I also was not allowed to help when the residents went on day trips into the community just in case an accident were to happen to protect my own health and safety.

  5. Thank you for the information and advice very helpful :)

  6. I do this for extra hours alongside my main job and also told my manager very early. I struggled with fatigue really badly in my first trimester and had to take a break from doing it at all. I understand this isn't an option for you but letting them know is a good idea. I stopped working with anyone who needed manual support to stand and always had another person hoisting with me. They should do a risk assement with you to make sure you are comfortable and they have put all in place they can for you

  7. Thank you for the advice I’m going to tell my manager as soon as possible, hopefully her reaction is okay because honestly she’s not a nice person and hates extra work, so I think she will just think this is a big inconvenience to her!

  8. Congrats, also met my husband on tinder, been married one year and together 6, just found out I’m pregnant 😊

  9. Why is the UK yellow, we are a lot safer than the US lol. I’d currently put the US at a level 3, probably wouldn’t go there as don’t want to risk getting shot.

  10. Some people may know me from my post “keep missing fertile window because of husbands low libido”

  11. Congrats! They are surprisingly very sensitive with a threshold of 10 miu I believe. My CB digital last cycle was positive on two different days when my beta on the same days was 8 and 3… (likely urine took a bit to catch up with blood but you get the idea). If you search my history you’ll see the post.

  12. You can get cheap tests from Poundland or Savers here in the UK 😊

  13. no, there’s no option for ban evasion believe me I looked.

  14. Ridiculous, no point banning people then if they are allowed to just make a new account!

  15. All of her accounts have probably been reported 100s or even 1000s of times already. The only platform which has done anything is TikTok which have banned her for promoting ED and twitch who have gave her a 1 day temp ban for flashing. Her mother doesn’t leach off her, her family are very rich, why would they need Eugenia’s money?

  16. There’s people in a lot worse condition than her that have survived a lot longer. Ashley Isscas for example. It’s just luck, plus her body has adapted to it since she’s been in a similar condition for over 10 years now

  17. How much do you think a child costs? If you can’t afford plan b you definitely can’t afford a child! Ask the guy to pay for it or ask a friend or family member for help. Also don’t have sex again until you can buy condoms and get tested

  18. Pointless, that money will never get spent, I bet she has a massive hoard of money in her bank account. She has nothing to spend money on except clothes, make up, hair appointments, toys and some electronics. She doesn’t pay rent or bills and never will, she doesn’t buy food, she will never buy a house or car. Why not give the money to someone who actually needs it and will actually spend it and have a use for it.

  19. Imagine the amount of smoke soaked up by the fabric and their faces are right on it breathing it in ☹️ if they have to smoke why not do it outside

  20. Yes. Ashley been looking like the crypt keeper for years now. She’ll be aight

  21. Every time I check up on Ashley I can’t believe she’s still alive, she looks like an actual skeleton with skin over it, no muscle. I think she can hardly walk now and uses a wheelchair though.

  22. What’s her Instagram/twitter? I’m intrigued by all this (no ED history) I’ve had her handle before but I lost it. If you’d rather DM it to me, that’s okay 😄

  23. I say pants, underwear or knickers. Included when referring to my husband’s boxers, I call them knickers all the time lol

  24. Okay I read all these comments and I’m kinda surprised no one has asked this…

  25. We have both suffered from long term depression. But neither of us are depressed at the moment, we’ve both worked hard to come off antidepressants a few months before starting trying to conceive. He’s not currently depressed, I know all of his warning signs and have seen him and helped him through a depressive episode many times and he’s done the same for me. We are very open with each other. He would tell me if he felt like a depressive episode was coming on and I’ve asked him too and he said he feels fine and doesn’t have any of the warning signs or symptoms. Thank you for your concern and advice.

  26. Thank you everyone for your comments, support and advice. I wasn’t expecting to get so many comments. Unfortunately I don’t have time to respond to them all but I am reading all of them

  27. Wart don’t touch it with dirty hands/nails. Give them nails a good scrub with a nail brush and soap after work each day if you want to keep them long because dirty nails are full of germs and a health hazard

  28. Woman on the left (sorry don’t know her name) in the “jungle” on the show I’m a celebrity, no proper shower, no makeup or hair done, random screen shot from the show, no plastic surgery, filter or photoshop. Nigella on the right, professional photo shoot, make up and hair done, photoshop and plastic surgery.

  29. does abyone else hate calling epidermis cut 'baby cuts' , feels invalidating as fuck

  30. Yes I’ve never gone deeper epidermis. I struggled badly with self harm from age 13-16 then on and off from 16-19 and very occasionally from 19 onwards. I’m 24 now. Thankfully I was never part of any online self harm communities during my worst times as I would’ve felt completely invalided and may have gone deeper just to prove I was valid.

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