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  1. Ahhh thanks for clarifying! So.... any idea if these dunks are legit? 😅 sorry, I'm not getting any serious input so far!

  2. The Black Keys generally produce bangers. I just picked up Rubber Factory last week. Love their early bluesy stuff as much as the fuzz-out stuff they got huge with.

  3. I'm ok to buy basically all Keys that come my way. Seen them 3 times live. They always bring it. And I dif the hell out of their more recent bent on going Delta Blues.

  4. Neat, I didnt know about the delta stuff. Stopped following after brothers, Camino didnt do it for me. I'll have to check that out!

  5. Whatever team YOU'RE a fan of OP 😉

  6. Hahahaha I was at the record store yesterday talking about how MF Doom's fan base has increased times 10 easy. Then proceeded to use the example "Grandmas be buying Madvillainy for their grandkids!"

  7. The one that always gets me is when people spell "lose" as "loose"

  8. Everytime I see "rouge" instead of "rogue" in an rpg subreddit.

  9. Have you seen Star Wars: Rouge One? Oui oui la millenium baguette!

  10. Thats an uncomfortably long way of admitting you were wrong

  11. Lol at the sookie babies downvoting the people calling it collusion.

  12. I come from a long line of record royalty. My pops opened the longest running record store in Canada

  13. After a little research it looks like Cheap Thrills in Montreal might be just 1 year older

  14. I grabbed him over a lot of these guys. I'm also patching for Capela's absence tho

  15. These look kind of boring and generic for such an exciting player like Durant. I feel like Nike has done something similar with Zion’s and Gianni’s first sig sneaker where the design is more reserved and simple. Then they follow it up with the second model that has way more personality and unique features. All this to say yea I’ll wait for the Ja 2. Still loving my mb.01 and mb.02 (Nike should hire the designer for those 2 pairs!)

  16. B'ys, you're gonna laugh at me here, but after all the driving around me and fiancé did all around town, st. John's, paradise, even CBS, so far, Mount Pearl is the most lit up, I shit you not. Da skeets really blew er outta the water this year

  17. They fucking annihilated halloween too!

  18. It’s like Christmas for the rest of us.

  19. Check out Red Garland's Walkin in a Winter Wonderland. I think the album is All Kinds of Weather.

  20. I will, Red is one of my faves.

  21. I hear you, it's just every day it's another pokemon fake. Gets tiresome.

  22. Do you think his ankles feel weird/off when they’re not sprained at this point

  23. "Butler has left the game due to a lack of ankle soreness"

  24. I got offered Giannis for Butler AND Klay. Should I take it? 9-cat 12-team.

  25. Did you take it?? Butler ankle sprain tn

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