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  1. She'll get over it. Just live your life. Going forward tell her your sex life is none of her business and if you want advice, you'll ask.

  2. What is your protein intake like? Has your endocrinologist checked protein levels? If they are low, or even low normal, I would try to consume 100 grams of protein a day.

  3. My protein intake is probably closer to 75g on a good day. I'm in pharmacy school and work nearly full time on top of that, so I oftentimes forget to eat/don't eat protein-rich meals - I'm really trying to change that. My endocrinologist hasn't checked protein, at least that I know of. She usually just does a routine thyroid and hormone panel.

  4. The only reason I am asking about protein is that I've been having issues with my hair as well. My doc checked protein and its low. Just found out yesterday. My issue is due to menopause and hormone imbalance but the low protein contributes to hair loss. Next time you have a blood panel done ask for a protein check as well as testosterone. In the meantime, try to eat more lean meats or other foods high in protein. Greek yogurt, eggs, nuts, grains, seeds, avocados, there are a lot of healthy and high protein suggestions on the internet, many you can eat on the go since you have a busy schedule.

  5. Agree, but excluding DFW and Houston areas, skirting around those to the east.

  6. Its a mindset. With loose geographic borders from Paris to Trinity to Beaumont, skirting around the greater Houston area.

  7. They are really pretty. I'd love to see them on your earlobe for size. Don't know anything about Judith, though.

  8. I really enjoyed it. Like you, I thought it really showed him as real life person and not just a Hollywood face. He's had extreme highs and lows in his life. It was put together very well. I'd l like to see more documentaries like this.

  9. 50 lbs is a lot. She probably is uncomfortable because it might look like he'll gain another 50, and so on. If he doesn't change his diet and habits, he'll keep going until he's morbidly obese. He needs to man up and take care of himself.

  10. It's only a year. This is not a big deal at all. Its not like she is 30 and you are 20.

  11. ENM - ethically non monogamous. Means: I'm not going to stay faithful but I'm going to tell you and who ever I want to mess around with before hand.

  12. As a old woman and ethically non monogamous, I pity your need to put other people's choices down.

  13. Where did I put it or you down? You are the only one putting someone down here.

  14. I deleted Facebook a few years ago.. Didn't have to worry about pics or who friends who or when to friend the new person. Its refreshing and I don't miss it.

  15. That’s nice. I’m a musician so I felt forced to sign up for networking. But now I also rely on it to be alerted of so many events, festivals, shows, etc. There’s a lot of fun activities I’d likely miss if I wasn’t on social media.

  16. My grandpa was a sailor in WW2, this was taken on leave to see his family. My mom was about 19 months old at the time of this pic.

  17. Your goal can be accomplished by limiting to leftists. I don't know any conservative who owns a Subaru. I'm sure there are some who do and they're perfectly good cars. Its just my experience.

  18. I bought an Outback in Dec 2020. So much Subaru love and hate in this thread.

  19. It’s rare in where I live, don’t have to be mean. First time seeing it and not allowed to be amused?

  20. Sorry, didn't mean to come off as mean. It was more directed to the numerous posts in this sub regarding the same banana cone. Please accept my apology.

  21. Thank you! I was thinking something similar earlier. In complaining posts by men they say why do women do such and such when men do the exact same thing. I'm sure men read posts by women and think women do the exact same thing. Can we stop pointing fingers at specific genders? Men and women behave similarly and experience similar things in the dating pool. Maybe say "why do people do such and such".

  22. I see almost no difference between too much butter and too much sugar. I would destroy a tray of each.

  23. No difference and nothing wrong with either. A dozen down the gullet in no time!

  24. Thought: subconsciously they want to hear their self worth. They know what theirs is but want to know if you think that as well.

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