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  1. They're not going to sue Anon - they'll sue the store (which has both revenue and insurance to pay off a settlement). The store might sue Anon for indemnification or contribution, but then the question becomes whether Anon's actions were in due course of the job, or were instead a "frolic" under the law. Because Anon was cleaning the dogs - ostensibly - the way Anon was taught by his employer, it's very unlikely the store owner will be successful in a third party suit for indemnification or contribution against Anon.

  2. It's woke unless he goes on stage and the first word out of his mouth is an N bomb.

  3. Bill and Conan are so good together. Of course bill is great, but Conan is so genuinely funny and good natured. Really the only late night host I can stand.

  4. It's arguably hypocritical for hollywood actors to glorify gun violence in their movies while condemning guns in real life. I personally don't agree but I see the point.

  5. Satire and one of my favorite Twitter accounts

  6. Nah. He should go to Werder Bremen. Then he would have played at all the Top 3 clubs in Germany.

  7. Working at Starbucks is extremely mentally taxing, as well as rough on the body.

  8. They should give them clean needles, that would do the trick

  9. Good for Tim. However a $4.5mm house in the hamptons is the neighborhoods backwoods shanty. Guy will never truly fit in the money and he doesn’t have the taste to.

  10. Nah, Russians have been banned from every other major sport already. Time for tennis to do the same.

  11. everyone else is doing it so it must be right!

  12. It depends on the sport. Football is so big FIFA needed to do it or else the WC would be a complete disaster. Is it morally right though? I don't know.

  13. IMO the World Cup is different as it’s players representing their nation during the tournament, while in Wimbledon it’s an individual representing themselves and they are whatever nationality.

  14. I refresh the page until there’s not an ad, usually just takes once.

  15. It’s actually a pretty good way. Who’s harmed?

  16. Business casual. Slacks, a tucked in button down, and some sort of dress shoes. You can get away with a polo while working, but should dress up for the interview a bit. A suit is overdressed, even a blazer likely is. You should probably wear a tie.

  17. Completely right. The 1000 level events with women and men competing need to spread out the games over main court and secondary court, thus making stadium ticketholders watch the women's final over the men's semi.

  18. Why make them watch the women’s over the men’s semi? I’d much rather watch the latter and clearly most would as well.

  19. This is someone who wants to be involved in the conversation SO badly that he will say anything in order to throw his hat in the ring.

  20. Well you certainly made a huge assumption whether it was correct or not considering I had given literally 0 indication of my belief before you asked. Either way unless I misread your comment it looks like we both are fine with Russian players playing?

  21. If ivermectin worked why isn’t China using it? Does Pfizer own them too??!

  22. why isnt china using rna vaccines?

  23. Idk but that’s a different subject. Maybe they’re not using them because they’re not safe? I can’t tell ya

  24. The guy can try a little too hard to make it work, but when he hits he hits.

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