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  1. There’s the bitterness. Are you saying then that pwBPD who can’t play nice don’t deserve companionship in this life? Why expect someone damaged to be undamaged? It’s not possible.

  2. After she had said that I said to her that I don’t do breaks you either want to be with me or not, and suggested I didn’t want to do this over text like kids but I wanted to do it in person like adults. This is the message she ignored and never replied to, she’s since sent me a blank photo of a wall, and a message telling me what she was up to for the day. I’ve ignored both.

  3. Doing it in person isn't worth it. She'll pull out the BPD playbook and start going down the list

  4. Trying to treat BPD with medication alone is like trying to learn German by drinking Pilsner. It's not a bad idea, it's not going to hurt, and it might even help provide some motivation but it's not going to do anything on it's own.

  5. The mother of my daughters is diagnosed BPD but also has narcissistic and anti-social traits. She probably meets the diagnostic criteria for ASPD as well.

  6. All the damn time. She's so deep in denial and wrapped up in her obsessive need to control absolutely everything (that's a phrase in a clinical report from one of her many psychiatrists) that it's simply easier to lie to her than it is to get her to understand that she's her own worst enemy.

  7. Is there ever a good time to stick your bare hand on a hot stove months after getting burned by sticking your bear hand on a hot stove?

  8. Best of luck my friend, my bullet is dating someone with untreated BPD, I got out but I’m a different person now.

  9. She's diagnosed BPD, refusing all treatment. Also diagnoses with severe generalized anxiety, insomina, an eating disorder, OCD, and is possibly bipolar. She also has traits from ASPD and NPD but she's not clinically diagnosed.

  10. Sounds eerily familiar tbh. I am so sorry, I hope this can bring some comfort: I’m thinking (from my very distant view of the situation) you have a distinct advantage, you love your kids and would do anything for them while she loves herself and would do anything for herself. You probably have a pretty good group of support and she is alone. It will probably take time but you will win.

  11. BPD, NPD, HPD, and ASPD are all in the same cluster. An individual diagnosed with BPD can also have traits from ASPD, HPD, and NPD. Heck, personality disorders are not mutually exclusive. My pwBPD is a Cluster B cocktail of dysfunction; at various times she is a wounded child that needs to have her hand held in order to enter her own house, an entitled brat, or a screaming psychotic lunatic.

  12. This is colloquially called the hoover. She's trying to suck you back in and avoid abandonment. If she treated you like that for 15 years she sure as shit will continue to treat you like that.

  13. Mental illness in general, but mostly personality disorders like BPD.

  14. BPD in general is just plain terrifying. There's a stigma around it that is 100% deserved and the entertainment industry needs to knock it off because there's absolutely nothing romantic about it.

  15. I'm in a "relationship" with someone that I hate for the sake of two kids that I love.

  16. No, but the behavioral patterns are textbook for someone with BPD.

  17. I don't see any legal issue here. Grooming is very, very different from this.

  18. Yes shes on the title, ( big mistake ) shes the one who initiated the sale of the house, got her own real estate agent, gave me the ring back. Today she told me i worked hard to buy the house and i deserve it and brought up a buy out again, i tried that. She couldnt make a decision. Shes unstable cant make any rational choices

  19. My worse half is diagnosed BPD. I wouldn't give her the time of day... but we have two kids.

  20. When I started hoping that she'd actually follow through on her threats to kill herself.

  21. Mine told me she has cancer as part of a Hoover. Sounds harsh to say this, but I know what these people do while they’re sick, so be very wary that they are probably lying to you.

  22. It's not a ruse. She has a very swollen lymph node; I've felt it myself and it has been confirmed to me personally by her doctor after 3 ultrasounds. CT scan is coming up in the next few weeks

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