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  1. agreed. acadia holds such a special place in my heart. my boyfriend and i had such an innocent intimate moment there. nothing like holding & kissing the love of your life on cadillac mountain.

  2. Stay hydrated and get good sleep maybe some mediation too !!

  3. definitely need a good sleep. i was up for 23 hours and only slept 4. and definitely dehydrated. i think i need medication. i just hate meds

  4. i asked myself the same question earlier when i got obliterated by one in my car.

  5. So does that mean we need to live to our fullest potential to gather as much experience as possible for the universe, before we die?

  6. i think i get where you’re coming from? i’m not sure if i interpreted this correctly- forgive me if i didn’t.

  7. I see you. It’s awful having the people you depended on for validation and support treat you that way, like you’re only acceptable if you’re meeting their expectations.

  8. hi! i’m so sorry for my late response- i’ve been camping!

  9. yeah, i get it. my boyfriend’s type before me was petite girls with a big ass and small tits. i’m the complete opposite. he says his type changed. but he still loves big asses & is an ass man and i get mega self conscious. granted, i know i can go to the gym. working on that. and he’s not obsessed with big asses to that extent & doesn’t make comments buttttt, i still understand the insecurity. especially knowing how his type was before me. i go through super tough days where i don’t want him to touch or see my stomach because i have a lil gut.

  10. Most auto parts stores will read the dtc for free. Start there

  11. i would take it there but i can’t drive it at the moment

  12. Maybe they have a loaner program. Or you’ll have to buy a better obd scanner. Just guessing at which sensor has an error is going to take way longer and be more expensive in the end

  13. i'm male, me too. i love candles. 🕯️ gives my house a good mood and vibe.

  14. yup. except i’m going to try to go for the job i want. photographer. i want my own business. might need to serve/bartend for a few extra bucks but whatever

  15. Beauty is stupid. Be weird instead, it's fun.

  16. this got a lot of comments! thank you for all the kind words. too many to reply to- but i’ll upvote them all <3

  17. i see you replied another comment- not sure why it showing up on here (i see the preview thru email.)

  18. how am I upset? I'm simply saying you're one guy your experience is very small and only applies to you so why would I care what makes you horny?

  19. so i’m not mature enough because i have a different opinion- got it. yeah, cause that’s mature.

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