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[Post Game Thread] #15 Saint Peter's defeats #3 Purdue, 67-64

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[Post Game Thread] #15 Saint Peter's defeats #2 Kentucky, 85-79 in OT

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  1. I wonder what the expected points per possession would be if the Ravens just drove to the opponent's 40 and kicked field goals all day. Would it be close to the expected value of going for touchdowns every drive?

  2. this is the second time i have covid and god i again got my whole body tingling from toes to face and froze completely what should i do this is the second time it happened

  3. I can't imagine. My left hand tingles on and off after 9 days of covid and that alone is terrifying. I'm going to the doctor as soon as isolation ends. If it's any comfort a ton of people seem to be experiencing tingling and numbness

  4. I'd check out 最凶女装計画. It never ceases to crack md up.

  5. I didn't get covid for more than two years while living my life relatively normally in Japan, but I went back to America for two weeks and got instant 'rona. Japan must be doing something right.

  6. We're literally incapable of experiencing non-existence. Given an infinite amount of time it stands to reason that the atoms that make us up will end up in this arrangement again, even if it's in a later universe. Because we're incapable of experiencing non-existence this whole would feel like an instant. I wish I could talk to a physicist about what they think of this idea, because it's what I believe but I'm not sure how likely it is

  7. Same question but I want to smoke oregano /s

  8. Funny how Japan never cared about refugees from the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Refugees only matter when they're white.

  9. More like they're more willing to accept people from countries of more similar values. Taiwanese aren't white but I can pretty much guarantee that Japan would have no problem with letting them in if a war broke out

  10. What are those values that Ukrainians have that are absent from Latin Americans? You should be honest here - by "values", you mean "race".

  11. My bad, missed the Latin American bit. Are there currently refugees from Latin America though? Haven't really heard anything much about it

  12. That's definitely a sentence no one has said before.

  13. The English teaching lifestyle should be much more relaxed than that of the corporate world. That said, unless you somehow get into upper management at an English academy chain or have the qualifications to teach at an international school/university you probably won't be able to support a family on an English teacher salary. Soooome very lucky few manage to break the 30万 barrier as unskilled English teachers but those people are very few and far between. If I were you I would think very carefully about the salary difference. Would you be able to support your family on 2.5万/month before taxes?

  14. In addition to what others have said: JP Post is also currently not issuing any debit cards and hasn't been since late 2020. I wish I was joking. They're allegedly rolling out new ones this spring and canceling their current line of cards. Fortunately I have a separate account with another bank, but still

  15. I feel much better now that we've lost to Elite 8 Saint Peter's.

  16. Nice for Golden but big RIP to SF. You hate to see it happen and I dread the day we see Matt McMahon go

  17. I would definitely like to see him go somewhere with strong support for the program and no pending sanctions. Maybe K-state or Arizona State if Bobby Hurley gets fired.

  18. I'm sure she would rather have been doing literally anything else for that game

  19. This game is just frustrating to watch and I don't even care who wins

  20. San Francisco is overseeded as a 10 seed. They got in because their NET is really good but 15+ years ago, before people really leaned on metrics, I think there is a real chance they would be out. On paper, they are nine-loss, fourth place team in a mid-major conference that lost all six of their toughest games. Davidson and UAB were the only teams they beat in the field so clearly they don't have any kind of marquee win and have an awful loss to Portland. Even this year, if you removed their NET/KP rankings from the equation and just presented the evidence in this comment, I doubt anyone would have them close to in the field.

  21. This is spicy and gives me a little more confidence about our matchup

  22. You mean we get to have Ja playing with peak Tevin and KJ? Rip everyone else

  23. When I finally stop finding new conversations/articles/speculation about the win online. Typically around 3am or so

  24. Same. Give us both a shot at P6 opponents please

  25. Serious question but what stops everyone from just ganging up on the cops in these situations? There's thousands of them and a hundred officers at most

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