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everytime lmao

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I'm in this with you.

  1. just reset it. it's perfect already in handheld mode

  2. there should be a reset option if you made any changes to calibration

  3. As long as they're on the off-weeks and not in Seasons Passes, I agree. Otherwise anyone who already owned this loses money if they buy the pass.

  4. been a long time since we've seen an RB3 rewind. Also a long time since I've seen an official RB video blocked by a copyright holder

  5. att is letting the copper rot. cell phone towers are way more reliable

  6. Why hide it? I'm sure the other girls would be cool with it if you let them know your poly

  7. In my case, my boss would 100% say "no".

  8. I just rub the little piece on the next bar, and it quickly gets attached

  9. you're the one who wants to talk to me lol. I never asked for you input.

  10. You are free to say whatever you want, but that doesn't mean anyone's going to agree with you.

  11. wrong, you know how many subreddits I've been banned from?

  12. I prefer this model. thin cushion so my thighs don't sink, making it difficult to move

  13. Body dismorphia is a disorder and a hell of a mind fuck. It may well stay with you forever.

  14. think god I still think am as skinny as I was when I was 12

  15. No, just download the xfinity app on your phone, go to set up new device, and it will walk you through registering your modem

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