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  1. While you are right that it is unlikely to have happened, I think its not impossible. We just don’t know enough about Rocky's ship, Xenonite and Taumoeba to say definitively this is a plot hole.

  2. It’s not impossible, and we only have the information we have. But I’d still argue that based on what we do know it would be astronomically unlikely.

  3. Yeah, Rocky does warn him, but I think there was simply no concept of Taumoeba being able to traverse Xenonite.

  4. Extremely bad luck is the only explanation… but for such a major plot point and with Grace’s absolute certainty that Rocky would be in trouble…

  5. As long as the thermal conductivity of your housing is good enough to transmit the heat before it vaporizes, you're good. That's how rocket engines don't disintegrate in flight. Their coolant channels built into the bell take the heat out of the system before that can happen.

  6. I see what you’re saying better now! I think you have it backwards though… the fuel is already enriched. You’d do 4 first, let it divide, pass it over the heat exchange… “skirt” I’ll call it… than put it back in the tank.

  7. Ok yup. You'd use the same steps in a different order I guess.

  8. That’s really not a bad idea. Use the side blasted heat to breed. Again on the thermal stabilization, wouldn’t want the skirt to melt, but that’s at least an interesting upgrade!

  9. I understand how it works but I can’t articulate it well. Any physics professors around?

  10. There were direction, performance, and editing issues. She just needed more takes as the series went on. They kept on choosing ones that made her appear timid. The scenes were structured in ways that didn’t highlight her. TLDR: replacing her wouldn’t have changed anything.

  11. If there were a malfunction with the ball, wouldn't he just open the inner door?

  12. After thinking on it, I think it is if Grace for some reason can’t operate the airlock from his side. The controls are on the outside of the airlock.

  13. That doesn't seem to match the description in the book. In the next paragraph, Grace opens this valve and has to "slam the airlock door behind me" because he's being sprayed with Rocky's air. If the controls were on the human side of the airlock, why wouldn't he have closed the outer (human air) door first?

  14. There was a set on his side, but they were destroyed.

  15. You know, I hadn’t picked this one up. I must have switched it in my head. Wow.

  16. It’s never stated. He only opens the bag-o-vodka. But, for the same reasons I stated before, they wouldn’t have loaded the personal kits until they boarded the ship. They had no way of confirming the crew until launch. If they weren’t pre-loading something as basic as uniforms, they sure as hell wouldn’t have been pre-loading personal kits. You combat load a ruck, not a space ship. 😂

  17. You do make an interesting point in another sub thread about confirming the final crew before launch.

  18. 😂 I’m being facetious about the combat load, just pointing out that it wouldn’t have been as big a deal in a spaceship as on a fob. You’re spot on about the macguffin, and I was sorely disappointed that the heroin and the gun never came into play… That you could explain because nitrogen might be preloaded with the other lab supplies.

  19. In the CD version, there is one line of Rocky that's missing the music and one "question" that is missing the music. Unless audible fixed those...

  20. they recycled the oxygen yes. they infure it afther the power outage the system mentions he is usung a none renewable filter.

  21. That was the CO2 chemical absorbtion backup, not O2 (Ch. 22). They only mention water recycling directly. They had O2 tanks ("copious oxygen reserves" Ch. 27) because after Grace does the full ship N2 cleanse, he refills the ship with O2. Couldn't recycle what you don't have.

  22. Disagree, but bully for you standing on your opinion.

  23. I had precisely the same thought in that exact language (thank you theatre college). I thought he’d use the heroin on his burns at first (at least it was brought up as an option) and the gun would somehow come in handy, like he’d have to shoot through some weak part of the Blip-A to save Rocky, It ticked me off.

  24. Been here and did it. It's a switch, people have questions. But it's not as big a deal as I feared it would be.

  25. You’re not the hero we deserve, but you are the one we need!

  26. He is a coward when there are other options. Even though he was the best option, Strat had other options. When push comes to shove, she was right… he was always going to do the right thing.

  27. He says he is going to write up papers about his experiences. I figured he did and I Clyde’s the xenonite in the Beatles when he sent them on.

  28. The name is a perfect fit. This was their last ditch attempt to try and find a solution. And probably unlikely to lead to anything. Hence "Hail Mary". Plus having the MC named Grace, the first line of the prayer is a fun little Easter egg. (Hail Mary, full of Grace)

  29. O.M.G. I spent my entire career working in religion and I fucking missed this… #EpicFail

  30. I think that answer will depend on many things… and I think the main thing will be if we are time traveling or not…

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