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  1. Yes, they should nerf it next league instead of now

  2. Maybe. I, personally, sold my HH and bought The Squire. It's still nice item, but I don't like how it works - very conditional, not reliable, and definitely not worth the price and also sometimes it can fuck your build up. I was first time using HH and expected more tbh.

  3. I was using mageblood + squire + mirror wand combo, it is much more consistent and the game feels like easy mode. But the feeling hh gives me when I reach 30+ buffs are different, running maps in insane speed

  4. I saw this on trade while searching for a +1 Power Charge ring. Pretty nuts.

  5. +1 Power charge ring is at least 50 ex lol

  6. Last league got mageblood, squire, mirror wand, explosion chest, power charge ring.

  7. If memory doesn't fail me, GGG already said they would review the rare monsters from past leagues prior to the PoE 3.17 (or maybe even 3.16) release, but in the end they did nothing about it. They only really balanced some of the worst offender monsters related to Conquerors, but things like Harvest or Heist were left completely unaddressed and I feel that they will continue to be despite what GGG said in their newest comment.

  8. Yea, review later = ignore the problem and hope you can buy the supporter pack before you find out.

  9. I’m glad GGG don’t just follow the echo chamber of reddit complaints. Even if 100% of players hate something it’s their game and they should be thinking about the pros and cons based on their own direction.

  10. There's a good mix of feedback in this thread that's appreciated. It helps us get a well rounded picture of people's views about this. Rare monsters in past league content is something we'll review for 3.19. In the meantime, we'll continue to review the individual balance for Archnemesis modifiers.

  11. How about review it next year or the year after?

  12. And GGG thinks reducing 50 % damage is going to solve the problem LOL.

  13. GGG please reply to this , stop hiding from us !

  14. Like every other league :) Most build one shot any basic rare and magic and normal mob , but nemesis mobs and league mechanics like blight and legion rare are still tanky and can deal high damage

  15. and that's what they are trying to change, and I support that. rares should be more different and difficult than normals, content-specific rares should be even harder. you should not be able to run 5 offensive auras, do not invest into defenses other than a jade flask and then cruise through t16's. I think their rewards can be criticized, but I would wait until the next league for that as we basically have a "empower rares, give them more loot" bot this league.

  16. I agree with that, but the problem is that they didn't test it :) Also the there should be a better balance between difficulty and rewards. If they buff rare so that we need 20sec to kill, it should give meaning full reward, rather than just dropping few more trash rares and say the new rare drops more.

  17. I still think the best solution is to not only get rid of immunities, but change each mod to have a defense, offense, or CC focus. As it stands, basically every single mod makes them far stronger, far more tanky, and have a cc & immunity of some sort.

  18. All archnemesis mod itself is already strong than the old rare with 3 affixes. And they are allowing maximum of 3, is like buffing the old rare 3-9 times stronger.

  19. Or at least have a system that dictates If mod A is present then it can not have C and D, etc, to avoid some of the most wonky boss melters rares we have seen so far.

  20. Maybe they test it with a build that has 30m dps and all mirror gear with mage blood :)

  21. They disappeared after the 5th day of the league.

  22. GGG thinks they can just create a handful of archnemsis mods, use their RNG system to mix and match.

  23. Agree, people who like it are either playing OP build like DD necro or build with expensive gear.

  24. Hard disagree, although I can appreciate the feeling nonetheless. I'm in SSF and the only build I've ripped this league was a DD necro. RF and ice trapper both still going strong. Ice trapper was my starter too and he made it through the pre-nerf Archnemesis no problem.

  25. RF and trapper are both count as a meta/op/strong build right?

  26. Please don't judge the extensively tested content :)

  27. Last league was far too generous when it comes to map drops........ you should not expect it to be the norm. GGG wants you to be forced to play other maps, rather than be able to oversustain.

  28. I am just curious is this intended or it is just a bug due to the archenemies mod change

  29. I would say this league is much worse in terms of map sustain. I use the same tree, same scarabs, same atlas strategy and I am getting much less maps.

  30. When is the change for archnemsis mod in league mechanics?

  31. Check your priviledged, it's a free game and the fact that they fix issues almost day 1 of a new league says something.

  32. Thats the NEW league mechanic, not the CORE game itself, is totally different.

  33. Bex meant you get one more scroll of wisdom for the new rare :)

  34. LOL they are not even testing stuffs that cost real money.

  35. Clearly this guy is trolling and lying LOL.

  36. Please remove archnemeisis mod on league mechanics rare!!!!

  37. We reviewed the rewards being dropped by rare monsters and on average they drop more rewards than 3.17. Once we're done with the balance work on the mods, we'll review the rewards to see how they feel with regard to their difficulty, with a particular focus on rewards for rare monsters with multiple modifiers.

  38. While it now takes 1 min to kill, it gives 1 more scroll of wisdom, thanks for that.

  39. Is funny that the trickster mod is better than the whole trickster ascendancy

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