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  1. I guarantee you they only tipped that much for the 69

  2. I’m 30 and I’ll tip more then that to hit 69.69. Gotta have our lucky numbers

  3. Have folded aces playing zoom 😢

  4. I accidentally folded kings twice in the same night while multi tabling zoom (I was in a really crazy spots and tanking/ trying to fold that hand both times). The wierd thing is on of the hands went to show down and I would’ve for sure lost a big pot, the other didn’t go to show down but it was an ace high single suit flop that I didn’t match the kings suit so my equity wouldnt have been great in that one too either.

  5. Best in terms of game selection and promotions and available snacking is Tampa hard rock. Best in terms of better (more profitable) player pool is derby park. This is from when I lived there before the pandemic, things could be way different now. Either way, check out derby at least once, it’s a dog track too, so it’s fun to see them race. Side note, when I lived there I would go to derby about once or twice a week and Hard rock about 3-4

  6. Yeah, "Fuck the Sean" the city, dislike the team, but fuck that guy.

  7. You definitely made some mistakes with the way you played (really just the flop 3 bet and turn shove), but your opponent also made mistakes as well. He limped in under the gun, a proven losing strategy long term. This hand he got lucky but rest easy knowing he lost all the money he won off you the very next orbit.

  8. I thought that according to interviews and such, Rick was the clear winner and obvious Jury threat anyways, regardless of how strongly he was edited. Sure the edit would’ve probably been a little less obvious, but I don’t think they changed his actual threat level.

  9. Tyson, I hated his attitude so much at first. I didn’t start liking him until I understood he was playing a character. He’s one of my favorites now!

  10. I dont think weve seen any players in s30-40 call other players dumbasses to their face so I disagree. If anything modern gameplay is far more respectful and kind (with the exception of s32) so I see Russell having an even tougher time.

  11. Jason and Scot are hated by the other game-players in the game (who need someone to hate for social reasons) and great villains, but they are not that bad. Especially compared to 30 or even 34, with Jeff Varner

  12. I once served a couple that ordered an old-fashioned and something else I can't remember and they both warned me that they're trying to watch their sugar intake. I went extremely light on the simple and whatever sugar was in the other drink and they complained that it was too sweet. After a couple rounds of this and them complaining about the drinks, I asked my boss (who usually makes their drinks) how much sugar she puts in their drinks.

  13. Had a similar experience. Three girls, wanna be instragram model types come in. Can we get 3 skinny margaritas please? I made them 3 regular margaritas because if you actually care about the extra 10 fucking calories from the simple syrup, you shouldn’t drink at all. They start flirting with me awkwardly and and say these are the best margaritas they ever had. My bar manager angrily comes over and says he’s had them 4 times in the last month and wants to know what I did differently, I told him, I made them margaritas, that’s what they asked for. They still come in every other week asking for me and annoy my favorite regulars in the process, and they still get their “skinny” margaritas.

  14. Miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Also missed this shot but hey you took it

  15. He’s said some pretty racist stuff on tik Tok so…maybe not wholesome

  16. He casually dropped the n word and made some transphobic comments. He was talked about pretty negatively on this sub for a week or so, don’t see him mentioned very much anymore. Definitely really liked the guy before I found out about that. Even if it was just a joke, it was in very poor taste.

  17. My cousin’s wife’s former military leader’s wife is Sandra.

  18. I always thought he said “To the Game” ngl

  19. I mean that was the nuclear option so it’s kinda tough to go anywhere from there. At this point the best option is probably to just say something like, I’d rather just take you on a nice date or whatever. Best of luck

  20. She definitely gets the votes of Jon, Josh, Reed, Alec, and probably Wes, Keith and Jeremy as well, while Natalie probably votes Baylor. It’s actually shocking to think in retrospect how much of a sweep Jac would be.

  21. This is all assuming that Kieth doesn’t win final 4 immunity which yes Jac did win but when changing how things happen other possibilities change too, for example she’s now really only competing against Keith instead of against Keith and Natalie, does this change her mindset? If kieth makes that finale, he probably wins because he was well liked and had allegiances on the jury. No he would not be considered a top tier winner tho lol

  22. Eh, white collar was mostly brains, Blue collar mostly brawn, and no collar mostly beauty, with just as many shoehorns as the official BBB seasons

  23. For the no collars, Joe was the biggest challenge threat the show maybe has ever seen, Nina the deaf lady maybe had inner beauty? Will the chubby black dude doesn’t fit any stereotypical form of beauty.

  24. You could say the same about any of the actual BBB seasons as well in that there's quite a few people shoehorned in. Was Tasha a stereotypical brain? Was Tai a stereotypical beauty? LJ a stereotypical beauty? And so on.

  25. Sure those are one offs tho, also isn’t LJ a model? literally half the no collar tribe doesn’t fit under the stereotypical beauty umbrella. Same with white collars. Obviously you already made your mind up, but it’s a huge stretch for me to consider those themes the same

  26. Definitely not the worst move in survivor history. We saw that Xander would not have won anyway. The worst move ever is moves like Woo’s or Colby’s, when they could obviously either have beaten the other person. Xander bringing someone to the end who he wants to win when he wouldn’t have won anyway is not the same as bringing someone to the end so that they can beat you when you could near-unanimously beat the other option

  27. From what I’ve gathered about Colby’s move in AO, since I didn’t see it live, is that he made the decision that maybe cost him the game but would garner him more fame and positive notoriety in pop culture. At the time survivor contestants were 10 maybe even 100 times more famous then they are now. So he very well might’ve made a good financial decision even if it didn’t appear so to the audience at that moment.

  28. I was gonna say Courtney, but then I remembered, she won an immunity... did Jean-Robert win immunity?

  29. the difference between Aubry in the first episode of Kaoh Rong and the finale of Kaoh Rong is night and day

  30. I thought she would make it far that season, but the irony is I thought it would be as a goat. She played a good game, still think Michelle deserves the win but it was close both ways

  31. You’ve 100% got the right answer with George. He had to play one of the craziest and flashiest and brilliant games I’ve ever seen played, which got him to the end. And since that season was so crazy, I actually agreed that he deserved to lose even after he played the game as good as he did. I mean what the fuck was that season?

  32. Only because he stuck to his “shtick” at the end of always needing to appear smarter then everyone else. If at the end he admits that he was doing it to get ahead and claims hey I did it and it worked, I played a strong game. Plus if he brings up Haley getting voted out and saved. He could probably win. It’s his FTC performance that lost him the game in the end.

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