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  1. Luca Brasi, the most loyal guy ever.

  2. Two hits. Me hitting you, you hitting the floor.

  3. I would never go into the water again. This includes the bathtub.

  4. This is a comment I would totally expect from a swift fan.

  5. There was a big difference between Tucson and Phx. Tucson was wayyyy more chill. Literally and figuratively.

  6. It’s been a while, but Tucson felt like more authentic desert: smaller town feel, hills, mountains, college town, more animals/reptiles. Weather was much cooler in the summer. Maybe more rain. It’s out of the way too, phx is a hub city.

  7. They can sit outside drinking a coffee or whatever and not stare at their phone.

  8. Hell yeah. Well used OG hacky sack. Might even be worth some cash today

  9. Before giving the speech make sure to breathe by pushing/exhaling all of the air out of your stomach. This creates deep breathing and prevents shallow breathing and stress responses.

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