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  1. And she’s right about modesty not protecting you from disrespect!!

  2. Literally. I've seen comments on videos of women who are almost entirely veiled talking about their "seductive eyes"

  3. I remember that.. Something about watches being a huge scandal... and of course Labour would never defend themselves against a corruption scandal, they'd rather turn on the person they appointed who's trying to actually improve things than face a MINOR accusation. Then the LNP can get away with it rampantly of course.

  4. Yeah as I recall it was something like 20k spent on designer watches to reward a handful of staff for closing a deal worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Nothing out of the ordinary in corporate, and probably a fraction of ScoMo's annual luncheon expenses

  5. Could you sublet in a sharehouse? (The entire system is completely fucked, just trying to assist with a potential option for you right now)

  6. 1 housemate does not a sharehouse make. Could save $100 or more a week moving into a bigger sharehouse

  7. Don't need to like him to see he has incredibly successfully financially. Can't say I agree with him on much but good on him.

  8. Have a look at his history. He has a long history of dog behaviour, dodgy dealings and poor decision making, including fraud, delaying to pay or outright refusing to pay employees and contractors and running a prestige resort into the ground.

  9. In Australia there are two kinds of SPF - primary and secondary.

  10. Nars does recommend their foundations to be applied with fingers. I am a mong and just use up too much foundation/look streaky whenever I try to apply it with my fingers

  11. Omg I always look streaky if I apply with a brush, and I hate how sponges suck up product. I am 100% a fingers application person hehe. I use a mixture of swirling and tapping/dabbing it into my skin

  12. Can you buy a big tub and have it in a bowl every day? I found this way cheaper than individual serves.

  13. Not very convenient if you want a snack for work etc. I've trusted Tupperware too many times and ended up with a foul yoghurty bag

  14. You need to invest in better tupperware. Or get a container with a screw on lid.

  15. Honestly she gives her fans so much — constant releases, a THREE hour concert, countless side-projects and collaborations, loads of fan engagement. The Swifties receive in abundance. It’s plentiful but also polished — even her Taylor’s Versions aren’t half-assed, and she consistently includes enough new or substantially reworked material (like All Too Well 10 min.) to hold the attention of people (like myself) who otherwise wouldn’t give a shit about old Taylor Swift songs. It often gets her labelled as desperate or greedy, but she has the same motivations as every other musician out there — she just puts in near unparalleled amounts of effort and energy. I struggle to think of other musicians with as crazy of a work ethic.

  16. I remember reading an interview with her years ago when she was describing the start of her career and how her manager advised her to take a fan-centered approach. The quote was something like "You want to sell a million records? Get out there and hug a million people."

  17. In her Rolling Stone interview with Paul McCartney, she tells him about how one thing she really took to heart early on in her career was going to one of his concerts and seeing him play all the greatest hits, even though, like most musicians, he's probably super sick of them by now. Yet he played them all, because it means so much to fans.

  18. I love that, and it definitely makes sense. While Taylor didn't come from a working class background like Paul, she definitely understands her fans and how much the concerts mean to them, and she always delivers. There are massive artists where you hear even big fans complain that they were a disappointment to see live (Drake comes to mind) - lazy production, come on really late, short set, don't finish any of the songs, don't play the hits etc, but I've never heard a bad review of a Taylor concert.

  19. Sarah Snook just radiates joy. I'm so happy for her announcing her pregnancy - seems like she's really enjoying it!

  20. Arian Moayed channeling Ernie from Sesame Street vibes.

  21. Looks like he's awkwardly getting his passport photos done 💀

  22. Yeah, that's Andrew Tate's brother. He's just as much of a fucking weirdo as Andrew, as exemplified by this tweet of his:

  23. Ah yes all those 15 year old "women" in 9th and 10th grade

  24. Didn't Depp recently do a show with Rihanna?

  25. He had a short cameo in her lingerie show (like Victoria's Secret Fashion Show) - not really a "role" as such

  26. Due to the rental crisis I’m currently living in my car and so far really holding me back from getting jobs when I explain even if I say I live in my van they think I’m there temporarily when I am actually in my Mini Cooper with two dogs imo it sounds better to say I live in my van it’s decked out and still I struggle to find work since not having a house I pay for a gym memebership for acess to health facilities, water toilet and shower it’s fuxked

  27. Any friends in the city who would let you list their address as yours and have mail sent there?

  28. He’s not in the business. IDK his name but someone over in the bridgerton sub said a while back that he’s a lawyer involved in the racing industry which tracks because Simone said they met at the Monaco Grand Prix.

  29. Appaz its Tino Klein and he is a CEO

  30. Still one of the most hilariously unexpected celebrity friendships

  31. Omg I see it. To me she looks like a blend of Jennifer and Elsa with a touch of Noomi Rapace

  32. Some issues you can't tell unless you're living there. Stuff like plumbing leaks for example - they often only show up if there's running water for a few minutes. Nothing if you're doing a "respectful" and unobtrusive inspection, definitely an issue if anyone's using the shower, taps, dishwasher, etc.

  33. OP said they kept the rent low for a decade- a leak left unattended for 10 years would absolutely show up, surely? Mould and damp, visible water staining, tiles coming away, carpet damage, floorboard damage...

  34. It doesn’t make you unethical to make money on your investment 😂 if you wanna retire into it I’d suggest you look after it and don’t get someone off the street living there.

  35. It's not unethical in a vacuum, but this person is talking about renting out a property while we are in a housing crisis. They are trying to live according to their own personal values, and in the current environment, feel it would not be aligned to their values to pursue profit in this particular area.

  36. I'm not sure that's accurate - do you have a source? Historically the death rate per birth was ~1%, so are you saying that 30% of all the women who gave birth at least once died in childbirth?

  37. I remember learning this in health class or something, but don't remember the details. I looked it up. Maybe I'm mistaken.

  38. I can't see a 30% figure on that graph?

  39. Lol, makes sense now - you’re one of those people who wants others to suffer because you had to.

  40. No I'm one of those people who helped my working mother

  41. Yeah that's what I'm saying in my comment - I hope OP was a little kid when they were "waiting for mum to come home and make us dinner" because if they were a teen of 15, they should have been making dinner. Mum is working til 8pm, she shouldn't have to then slave away in the kitchen for another hour.

  42. No one will ever list working hard and sacrificing going out with friends as an option. Bought my first home by doing so. At 19. Worked my ass off working 80 hour weeks for 9 months and had 90k saved for a deposit. Yes I was living with parents. An opportunity almost everyone at that age has but don't take advantage of.

  43. Will need a few more details- what year was this? What city do you live in? How much was your first property (assuming apartment)?

  44. If Kylie is a good model, it proves that any of us can be good models if we pay for new faces.

  45. It's not just the appearance, there's an element of body control and the ability to convey emotion that needs to be there in editorial modelling.

  46. Really? I think they're both boring AF. But I do like this The Ring movie vibe. It suits her.

  47. Kylie is actually quite a good editorial model- her shoot with TMRW in particular

  48. Unfortunately a lot of people are ignorant of these things. I've never even heard of the company (I don't drink)

  49. De Beers is a diamond mining company, it's not alcohol

  50. See I had no idea. Also mining come on most people don't pay attention to those companies. But now I'm questioning why she would support a mining. A jewelry company sure a mine where poor people are exploited and paid little no

  51. So De Beers is end-to-end, they have their own line of diamond jewellery and they also operate the mines themselves and sell diamonds to dealers/wholesalers.

  52. I have never understood Wes Anderson (very pretty, do not get the humour at all) nor Paul Thomas Anderson (I really really hated Phantom Thread, didn't really get Punch Drunk Love, why do all of the characters in his films happen to be the worst people I've ever seen?) films that I have seen.

  53. My partner loves PTA, his favourite director. I like some of his films but others are just too weird for me. Licorice Pizza was unwatchable, even without the icky love story between a 15 year old boy and a 25 year old woman.

  54. David Lynch is a class unto himself, say what you want about his movies but he is NOT pretentious, he’s so folksy and wholesome irl, like he will admit to watching Veronica Mars and when asked by critics or journalists to explain his work he will just straight up be like “no” but he’ll be super polite about it.

  55. "In many ways, Eraserhead is my most spiritual film."

  56. I can't stop looking at the location tag "Duabi" lol

  57. I am the same age as Brittany Spears and remember all the guys on tv commenting on when she turns 18 and is ‘legal’. If I remember correctly Carson Daily was constantly doing it on TRL.

  58. Her entire image was predicated on her being a virgin 🤢 🤮 Justin Timberlake even had a magazine cover (I think it was Details?) after they split up and the COVER LINE was "at least he got into Britney's pants"

  59. The classic. My church told me sexuality is a choice, and bisexual me was like, "Well, looks like being straight is easier..."

  60. It's crazy, isn't it? "Everyone is tormented by gay urges, but you can resist it and be straight!" They genuinely do not realise that straight people don't have attraction to the same sex, so they don't think about it. There is literally nothing to resist.

  61. Blau is definitely a known German and European Jewish surname - there are quite a few well-known people with that surname (it has its own Wikipedia page)

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