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  1. Oh, already sold out? I was checking eventim on like Saturday and it was still full of them :O

  2. I mean on Eventim they didn't offer ticketdirect/pdf (only printed and mailed by post), so maybe they just disabled selling it as it would be hard to receive it before gig. Also I haven't seen anywhere that concert is actually "sold out" so there's always chance that tickets will be available at the door.

  3. Like others said it's completely normal to commit unfinished work. Depending on how you want to have it structured in repo, you can do it on separate branch and squash merge when it will be ready or when working on single branch just rebase commits after finishing (assuming you are the only one working with this repo).

  4. I think I love you! As a newish female dev I was so scared to come into dev because the whole bad culture stuff and how unsafe is being a woman in tech that you see on internet, tbh I have too much anxiety to fight against that, i just love QA and coding and want to do a good job! Then, I started in my company and some the guys are a bit clueless in some stuff and joke in their own way (obviously you should be able to tell between something innocent or something completely awful that makes you uncomfortable and call it out!), but still have the best mentors (all of them are males) that I could ever have and they do not care if I have a vagina or not, just teaching me the technical parts and the dev ways. It is true, it's not great to be the only woman in most of the meetings, but have not experienced in my company the stuff that made me scared of going into the field and I acknowledge that this is not the case for other females. I am just happy to hear that i am not crazy that I like to think that a lot of guys devs are my allies and not my enemies like other females made me feel when I started to work on this field!

  5. Most if not all modern devices with wifi support transmitting miracast - on Windows 10/11 you can "Connect to a wireless display" (Win+P shortcut), same in Android from 4.2 under Screen mirroring or Casting screen name.

  6. I was a huge fan of this guy, but something happens around The Good Flight, when That's Love really took off basically going mainstream. Then like big invisible wall between him and fans risen, communication changed with a lot of "premium vibes" and, of course, tickets price went noticeably up. Personally have mixed feelings regarding his recent work and now we get message like "I had to do it to justify going on tour" (yet cancelling European dates). I will wait, I will listen, but I'm not hyped anymore. Well, probably I grew up.

  7. Idk, i feel like it was 2012/13 when he really started to differentiate and grow from his revivalist / boom bap / ‘real hip hop’ lore type stuff and started transitioning into more live instrumentation and different sounds. Not to say his output before that wasn’t good, but I don’t think he could’ve sustained his success if he continued with that trajectory. To each their own I guess

  8. Completely agree! Everyone matures and I wasn't saying that his old works are better or something (still got sentiment for Diamond District stuff tho), I even personally think that mentioned era was the most interesting honestly (like The Beauty in All with Tangible Dream releases, and People Hear What They See is my favorite one from his whole discog) - you could hear that interesting evolution in his music and that was awesome, form of his beat tapes etc. Today I feel like it's more form over content, lacking organic passion for music where he had actually something to say.

  9. Awe why all the cancelations? I mean I know Ukraines a thing but is it entirely from that or are there other issues?

  10. Most of them are described as because of personal reasons so we never really know (which was what happen for mentioned Princess Nokia and Yung Lean shows), Megan Thee Stalion and Dua Lipa were already on site ready to perform, but hurricane-like weather happen and organizers had to cancel that night and evacuate people from area (Open'er Festival case, and that was responsible and good decision honestly). shygirl also was on site of OFF-Festival and 40 mins before show decided to not perform (blaming staff and ghosting fans wanting explanations), and that was the same festival where Rina was announced - in this case her managers couldn't communicate with each other and guy responsible for EU booked her when she had a few dates planned in US...

  11. I'm in the same boat and the funny thing is how organizers sent placeholder name in email about Artist change on that Unsound gig:

  12. Meanwhile in 2028... Here, at Apple, we'd like to present you this amazing, brand new, cutting-edge feature called... Sunken Island, or Atlantis for short. Our hardly tinkered and precisely made group of under-display camera and sensors. Available on every iPhone XX model, starting from just $1,999.

  13. It's called "the drip", especially with Yeezy Slides

  14. I guess I forget how weird I am, that ffmpeg at the command line is my immediate go-to for this...

  15. There's more of us! But from what I remember, real issue was codecs available in default build as the better one for m4a (libfdk_aac) couldn't be distributed with ready-made binaries, and you had to find one or compile it by yourself...

  16. I get an error saying command not found : yt-dlp

  17. Replace it with youtube-dl (or better, download a mentioned binary from

  18. I've checked it on Win10 and in my case both F8 and F10 opens notifications bar, but also flip the switch - however you actually need to have buttons for Bluetooth and Airplane mode added to this panel. Otherwise shortcut does nothing more that sliding it, as you said.

  19. Great news! Yet coming from 0.62 I kinda miss that nice gui for read/info screen of RFID.

  20. So it's $55 for a tshirt and $125 for crewneck/hoodie? It's not cheap, to say at the least. What's else, is that some kind of poster for $30?

  21. Probably because he asked Hoovie to do one for him, it's on Cars & Bids channel -

  22. Oh, it seems that reddit added backslash to link and broke it for mobiles. Fixed it, should be good now :)

  23. Great news! New album will be released on October 21, tracklist and description can be found on its

  24. So that's the real reason why Weeknd cancelled the show!

  25. You can find a few reviews of this charger on one of its offers on (it's kinda Polish Amazon), for example

  26. Do you have a git repo setup there? Maybe try adding node_modules to .gitignore file?

  27. Seems like an answer for KEYS, yet I have mixed feelings for it. His latest songs lacks something, they're more like a generic songs to be put on some urban contemporary music Spotify playlist where people are not really interested in music per se. Well, we will see. But also I might be super wrong and we get another DJ Khaled album.

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