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  1. If Pepa was displeased about Bruno’s return, there would have been a little storm cloud forming…like when Mirabel simply mentioned his name. I think taking about him upset her because she missed him and was sad he was gone. Maybe she treated him harshly for “ruining her wedding” and felt guilty for him leaving. She was the first to rush over and hug him the minute she saw him!

  2. I liked those shirts John and Paul had in every color and wore every day

  3. And Lenny, without the dental plan, you wouldn't have that diamond in your tooth!

  4. Banish dirt to the land of wind and ghosts

  5. Nelson’s laugh. I do it all the time when someone screws something up. It’s automatic.

  6. I do the Edna krabapple laugh involuntarily.

  7. Can't sleep. Clown will eat me. Can't sleep. Clown will eat me.

  8. I got “You are 14.2% evil, 14.2% lawful, making you true neutral.”

  9. As Canadian I learned jow many Red Stripes and White Stripes there are on the American flag. Oh, and a hell of a lotta Stars!

  10. But why does the American flag have precisely 47 stars?

  11. That a peninsula is a an island connected by a strip of land. That an animal with a pouch is called a marsupial.

  12. And if you want to escape in their pouches, it’s not like in the cartoons. there’s a lot more mucus.

  13. This is a genius move by the Committee, because PumpkinHead will vigorously deny any mental issue, prevent his (BEST) Attorneys from using mental fitness as a mitigating factor and paint himself even deeper into a corner.

  14. He will rely on the old Person Woman Man Camera TV defense.

  15. I freakin love Italian bomba, I put it on pizza and pasta!

  16. Him being drawn into the mystery of the box is just great

  17. Good chance it was better than the washer and dryer

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