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  1. Ah, yes, the hot one. The one you wanna fuck. I love my '84 despite the low power output of the crossfire engine.

  2. you wanna fuck your step child? weird.

  3. An EarthRoamer HD is definitely not a Heep, quite the opposite. Starting price of $1.9 million is bit much for me though.

  4. Waverley Border Post, Eswatini & South Africa

  5. Puente De Rumichaca, Colombia & Ecuador

  6. El Florido border crossing, Honduras & Guatemala

  7. While the vehicle is turned off check to see if the sd card is in it's slot. It should be flush with the sd card reader. We have seen a lot of people remove them or they pop out on accident. If so your going to have to bring it to the dealership to get another one installed. There is a inline fuse in the sd card that if it comes out or put in while the vehicle is on it blows the fuse.

  8. the truck has to have two keys programmed to it before it will exit learn mode. you're gonna need to get a second key whether you try to program it yourself or have a locksmith do it, there's now way around it. once you have two keys you should be able to use the procedure outlined in the owner's manual to program them, just make sure you follow each step exactly as it says.

  9. If the problem started after they replaced the part and aligned it, then they fucked something up. take it back and let them fix the mistake.

  10. You need a new connector, gm part number 13355825. it comes with a new connector and wires. IMO, it is easier and more reliable to take the wires out of the broken connector and transfer them to the new one, rather than cutting and splicing wires.

  11. 2024 All-Electric CHEVROLET SILVERADO (The Sopranos): Commercial Ad TVC Iklan TV CF - United States

  12. Michael J. Williams. Luxor, Egypt

  13. Hint: that bridge in the background has a wikipedia page.

  14. There is an updated ECM calibration and newer grill cover that were both release d in january 2022. If yours was at the dealer before jan 2022, then you dont have the latest fix. The ECM reprogramming is covered for 8 years/130k kilometers in Canada. The new grill cover would probably be out of pocket, powertrain warranty covers it, but yours is probably expired. Too early to tell if it actually fixes the problem, i installed a few last winter, will have to wait for it to get cold again to see if it actually works.

  15. didn't recognize it, but a google image search for three torches university fountain finds several pictures of it as the first results.

  16. I’m guessing 84-86 model? 4cyl, 4spd, 2wd, 146k miles, really clean truck

  17. Any idea how much they're asking? I don't see it listed on the dealership's website.

  18. Good point I thought it’d be worth more with the V8 swap. And the low miles on the chassis.

  19. The V8 swap probably hurts the value. Someone looking for a YJ with a clean frame and body, most likely also wants the original engine.

  20. That frame looks pretty bad. I would smack it very hard with a big hammer in a lot of places before driving very far.

  21. OP is a bot account, originally posted by

  22. I'm a tech at a GM dealer and often work on my TJ in the shop on weekends, so i guess a little of both?

  23. My question is how does this persons choice in car decals affect YOUR life negatively?

  24. Where in this post has anyone suggested that it affects their life negatively? OP is just asking a question and people are responding.

  25. The implication is there, don’t purposely act obtuse. I fully understand what OP is doing and it wasn’t just innocently asking a question.

  26. How many salt life decals do you have on your truck? You seem very salty.

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