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  1. Hey I found fretflip and made an account for my own charts. Is there a way to get more than 3 personal presets?

  2. If only Dutch could see this.

  3. FL Studio has an unlimited free trial - you just can't open saved files. That would be a good way to get your feet wet without too much of a commitment. And as recommended above, learning an instrument will also help. You can find a cheap 49key Midi keyboard for less than $200 and start learning piano/music theory. Once you have the basics the world will open up and you can buy a DAW (or full version of FL, I've been using it for over a decade), upgrade your setup, learn a 2nd instrument, etc.

  4. Absolutely zero art background. I am an entrepreneur and have a small moving business here, have a few different side hustles I believe are creative, other than that nothing. I used MidJourney AI.

  5. I was going to ask the same thing. I'm also starting to experiment with different AI art engines. I'll definitely add MidJourney to the list!

  6. Starting piano lessons in like 2 weeks, been djing for about 10 years so trying to add more feathers to the cap/brand. What sounds good I can pick up on, my ears have been doing it since I’m a kid but there was no music in my schools so now I’m learning the why things sound good and how to build and also I find the piano to be one of the most beautiful creations by man

  7. I started with production and learned instruments after. They compliment each other and you will be good either way. Piano is a good 1st instrument especially since it's (IMHO) the most visible way to learn and apply music theory. If you have a midi keyboard I would highly recommend adding a pedal (if possible), adding sustain pedal upgraded my piano playing instantly by a huge margin.

  8. I'm a producer trying to build a portfolio. If you're not particularly in a hurry I can help with the mix/master.

  9. Literally 4 out of 5 times I see a post from this subreddit on my feed it's about the same topic. It's hard to ignore.

  10. It helps if you sort by new. Active debates (and this is the topic that gets the most energy here—as idiotic as that is) push posts up in the “hot” ranking.

  11. This may help. Perhaps it's not the most in number but the most that get promoted.

  12. If either have referral bonuses feel fee to DM me (I don't use them anymore but still have my accounts open)

  13. Gigpro or instawork can help get you by until you find a permanent job. Instawork is annoying to get into but both are legit and have good postings 7 days a week!

  14. I'll second what the other guy said. Take a break from making and just listen. Not only that but listen to something you wouldn't try otherwise. My preferred tactic to find new sounds is to use Spotify and go to "Artist Radio" or "Song Radio" of an artist or song that I like and just let it play without skipping anything. Add songs you like to a Playlist (I have quarterly "new music" playlists), rinse and repeat. It's like the music version of reading a Wikipedia page on cats and ending up on a page about the WWII.

  15. On FL Studio the answer is yes.

  16. I switched gyms a few weeks ago and it has one of those body scan machines (like Inbody) so I asked if I could use my free training session to just get a "professional" opinion about the scan and talk about it. So we schedule a session and I think it was a big waste of time. The trainer said my dietician (nutritionist but with a PhD) has no idea what she's talking about, and that my routines suck (which were also adjusted from certified trainers at my last gym). I asked him why his opinion is better than theirs he said "I was born abnormally strong and I get results for all my clients" and tried to sell me overpriced sessions for routines that I know will not work for my goals. So glad it was free and the GM told me I still have 1 in the bank if I want a real session with someone else. So kudos to the GM for being cool about it, as for the trainer well I'm glad you have a job buddy!

  17. I went for some isolated tricep work on Monday. Felt a good burn and on top of the world. Tuesday forgot, and went to bench press. My arms gave out first set. I've never experienced that before. There was no juice left. Could have led to a bad injury.

  18. I hope you had some kind of safety. If not, we've all done the roll of shame once or twice in our lives.

  19. NTA for sure, you gave ample warning. He can so easily step outside. I also vape, and I have one friend who doesn’t allow it in his car. I don’t particularly understand because it’s vape, and I can certainly be subtle so it doesn’t fill up the car with smoke. But it’s his car so I’ve never put up a fight. It really shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

  20. For the car even if the window is rolled down, smoke gets in and the smell lingers. Also it fogs up the windshield and is a pain to clean if you don't scrub the same day. I do not want 2nd hand effects and I like seeing at night so I try to enforce the rule in both places.

  21. I did not see a single Asshole comment so the conclusion here is I need better friends. Thanks reddit!

  22. Could I see the source that says Islam is the largest religion? Not that it has anything to do with the core argument, but every source I've seen still has Christianity as #1

  23. My apologies. I see the comparison with Sunni Islam vs Catholic, not Christianity as a whole. In which case you are correct.

  24. Your code gave me gems and Freemasons. Not sure what your angle is there lol!

  25. Are Chick Fil A grilled nuggets really just 1g carb for 25g protein?

  26. I had this same question when I lived in a very poverty stricken area outside of the US. I said "I live with the poor and I am poor, so I am living closer to God". However in that environment I also fell I to many habits that actually kept me away from God.

  27. Looks like you keep posting comment replies as new comments to the entire thread instead of actually replying to an individual comment.

  28. I'm 23 and had a boomer moment. Thanks for pointing it out.

  29. While your post comes with good intentions, it comes off as very judgy and there are several contradictions contained within your opinions.

  30. A streetlight. The red, yellow, green lights at intersections. Bar decorations don't count, pull a real one off the wire and it's alot bigger than what it seems. 🚦🚦🚦

  31. You know what they say. It takes a village to pave a driveway...

  32. I was doubtful but curious and actually found an 8hr gig on Saturday and they accepted lol thanks for sharing! Only 2 restaurants are on it right now but with alot of restaurants experiencing a labor shortage I imagine gig-type shifts will be a resource for them (in and outside of this app)

  33. Ok real talk why do so many cars go up in flames here? I've got a sister in LA who spends 3 hours a day in her car and she couldn't remember the last time she saw a car on fire. I've seen 3 in the past 5 days.

  34. They call it smashville for a reason

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