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  1. it simulates racing and does things quite well but the physics, especially that whole tire model is nothing representative of a car at all. and its something deeply entrenched in it because ams2 suffered from alot of whats wrong with it, and kinda still does but a lesser degree

  2. it well be yeah because theres nothing that actually says police nor is there badges

  3. Instructions unclear I am now stuck under my PC

  4. He kept qualifying ridiculously well that season though, he's sixth here for example when Red Bull, Ferrari, Lotus, Mercedes and McLaren all had cars quick enough to challenge for wins.

  5. It’ll be forgotten because memes but on his day he was really good.

  6. Pretty sure they were a Suzuki swift. And the gti was a nifty little box

  7. Multiply by 3 and minus 4 for llamathrust numbers

  8. I turn the fan on and I close my eyes and go to sleep. Lol. Breathable pants is the trick you can take a short off but with out pants I have 1 but stuck to my belly button and another half way up my back and when I was younger I’d have silk boxers and wake up in puddles of sweat.

  9. 5Y3 says:

    I have a number of Warmoth-based partscasters. Most took a few pickup changes to nail down a great sound, but eventually they got there. My latest one was all constructed of off-the-shelf parts (i.e. not a custom-ordered body or neck) and it instantly became one of my favorite guitars.

  10. If they did a firebird I’d go all in custom 💀 Looking as a jazzcaster with star caster neck 🤤 😋 maybe give it a little Jim root vibe

  11. The warmoth neck that I got had 5 high frets. Kind of annoying for a $300 neck.

  12. You gave the guy that did the Kim kadashian sex tape, money, Expecting good earphones.

  13. There’s one correct answer and we all know it. Though a burn in rig is useful for seeing if something is on the edge of dying after a huge international trip. Like vibrating the driver for a long time to see if glue lets go

  14. If you're breaking the glue seal on your IEMs you're playing way too loud m'dude

  15. yeah... or its broken.... and had about an hour of life left

  16. Yes I know. But song had a huge impact on the sonic soundscape for the next 2 decades especially back in Britain.

  17. I’ve got one. They work. Cant remember what it is though

  18. Have you noticed any difference and do you think it is worth doing?

  19. It’s a lot more responsive but we also tweaked the auto aswell. It’s the same auto in the c4 aswell ;)

  20. The most wholesome place on the internet sometimes

  21. Imo Rockstar is to blame here. They tried to outsource the project for a quick buck and most likely only provided a low budget. Porting the mobile version was probably a lot cheaper & faster than basically remaking the original code for modern platforms.

  22. Considering the time and the people power involved on grove st games side. I’m amazing it was even able to get out that soon. But it’s clear mismanagement

  23. That looks like the wrong Phillips head for those screws anyways. You’re lucky you only stripped one

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